Weir Prepping To Become A Lakorn Producer


Interview: July 14, 2013

Open for the first year and it’s the first curriculum in Thailand and ASEAN, a Master Degree, Master of Arts in the field of Entertainment Communication Management which opens for people who are interested to study at Kantana Institute. Hot actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot is one individual who didn’t wait, quickly seizing the education opportunity that interested him and will help to improve his work in the future. On the other day he already applied to become a student.


“I studied Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at Khon Kaen University and I consider it an accident that I was given the opportunity to become an actor which I reasonably absorb the work in the entertainment field and Thai television. I think the future of Thai television is growing quickly all the time. Right now there is a new television station auction for many channels. For sure there will be producers who produce work for these stations. Especially in the digital age communication entertainment of various formats is expanding quickly. Sometimes I feel I can’t follow it so I decided to apply to study at Kantana Institute in the field of Entertainment Communication Management…because it’s a program that is in line with what I want and is a good fundamental that can be used to further advance my job.”

“I think people who are interested in this field but don’t have the fundamental, if they wanted to learn they can come in and study as well. Because looking at the curriculum there is a study plan offer for [people] to choose in accordance with their interests, which is in line with my interest as well. When I know that Kantana Institute is accepting application I wanted to study very much so I fill out the application…Right now I am excited to be able to return to living my life as a student again. As for anyone who is interested in becoming a studying buddy of mine come quickly and apply, you can take a look at the details and download the application at I think there is no such as being too late for education.”


P.S. He’s so busy, businesses, lakorns, and now this. Does he even have the time to eat? Lol Well, by studying at Kantana Institute he is one step closer to his dream. Most producers didn’t even go through a direct study and I don’t think it’s a requirement either. I think Weir is just the type of person who if he wants to do something he wants to go all the way with it and have full on knowledge of it before he attempts anything. But don’t become a producer too soon because I still want to see you act for many years to come.

And starting next year channel 7 will probably start to introduce their new producers, most of them are actors turned producers. As for the auction for digital TV, Thailand is so behind; South Korea, Hong Kong, China, etc have all started using HDTV ages ago. Digital television is planned to launch in 2015 in Thailand.



  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Omg thanks for this news, I very very want to know what’s going on on this. I’m so proud of u weir, hope u wil reach ur dream as producer soon na. And think it not too hard for u cuz u good enough for this 555

  2. I’m happy for him!

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