Min Stopped Gossips, Denies Asking James Ji For Line

Min Stopped Gossips, Denies Asking James Ji For Line

Interview: July 12, 2013

Min Pechaya is trouble again because recently there’s gossip circulating that she went to sprinkle her charm on Supstar, James Jirayu at an event of NBTC by walking to him and telling him, “I like you so much. My family watches your lakorn all the time.” Not only that Min also asked for his number and exchange lines. Oh god, is this true?

“I have yet to speak with James Ji at all. That day I did meet him but it’s on the contrary [of the gossip]. I spoke with Taew [Nattapon] all day that day. I also never stood next to James Ji at all. Nonsense.”

But that day you went with Bomb, right?
“Yes, I study at the most university as Bomb.”

You didn’t ask for his number and James Ji didn’t ask for yours, right?
“No. We never talked at all. We didn’t talk. I didn’t ask. Very nonsensical. I have yet to know him at all.”

Source: TV Pool Buffet

P.S. The source of this gossip came from a TV Pool reporter named Tao who is a devotee of James Ji. He claimed Min ran over to the actor asking him for his number but he didn’t give her his number. What an irony for TV Pool to interview Min about this, while they’re at it, they should print a written apology to Min on their magazine for damaging her reputation. That reporter made it seemed as if Jame Ji is the hottest thing on this planet that every girl must lust after him. The event was a brief government event and no media were allowed so what eyes did this person used to witness the event?

That’s how the Thai Entertainment works – reporters are not really reporters. If they don’t like you they’ll make up negative news about you. And if they like you they will praise you like a god or goddess and often times they will cover up for you even when they witness you doing something bad – they shield their favorites from negative press and attack their non-favorites with negative press. They have no journalism ethic and nowadays their interview questions are bedroom personal – it’s no longer entertainment journalism but instead they have become cheap tabloids.



  1. ThanX for all the update. 🙂

  2. Indeed, really unlikely from the Hollywood Entertainment. In Thai Entertainment, it can also be seen celebrities befriends with certain tabloids or groups. There it involves favoritism playing a big part of continuously feeding the public truths and false information. Shame shame shame. Thank you!

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