Channel 7 Pushing Min To Be Number 1

Channel 7 Pushing Min To Be Number 1

Interview: July 15, 2013

Min Pechaya Wattamontri don’t consider comparing herself to Aum Patcharapa after news came out that Channel 7 is preparing to push her to become number 1 to replace her senior whose contract will terminate soon. Min says she does not know the detail and would like to perform the best of her duty. Everyone has something good that is different from one another. And if the channel has a rule for actors accepting event, personally, she think this can be discussed and should be given importance.

“I don’t know because personally, I don’t know the detail. I don’t think this is an issue that I should consider much. For me, perform the best of my duty. Right now…I have many responsibilities therefore don’t view that I must compete with anyone or fight with anyone. Competing with myself is the best.”

When asked if the channel is giving her more work than before or not, Min reveals that right now she is doing her best.
“From what I know, just this, I already feel that I am doing my best. Right now, I have Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae which will be out soon – next month. As for the comparison tidings, really, I am not the only one who faces this; all the juniors in the channel face this. I view this as something not important because everyone who works has a senior and junior relationship with one another…shouldn’t be compared. Everyone has something good that is different from one another. With P’Aum, I don’t think of comparing myself [to her] because we’re from different generation. I like her work, anything this is good I will keep it and do the same.”

As for the news of celebrities accepting many events causing collision with [their] lakorn queues, there’s news that the channel has come up with a strict rule when it comes to accepting event, is that true or not, Min reveals we must look at what is appropriate.

“Look at what is appropriate. We work like siblings. In the day that I have school I will request for a day, if I can give [queue] I will give as well. Like tigers depending on the forest. I think we can discuss this matter. If there’s truly a rule like this I see it as an important matter. We must give it importance. The important factor is appropriateness.”


P.S. The new rule is quite strict but I think it’s appropriate and within reason. The top priority of an actor should be filming his or her lakorns. No actor should schedule an event on same the day of his or her filming. Of course actors are allowed to make extra money but you should be able to manage your schedule well so that it doesn’t affect other people or the production that hired you. From what I know lakorn queue are given a month in advance while event is more of a recent booking, so there shouldn’t be this problem at all. And most actors only film two to three days per week anyway (if they have one lakorn). There are plenty of days left in the week to do other things.

As for school, I think the elders understand and are willing to discuss and work it out with the actors. But accepting an event on the day of filming is just unacceptable and irresponsible. Doesn’t matter if you skip the whole day of filming or leave the sets for a few hours to attend an event, your action still lacks disregard for the team you work with and the producer you work for – and mind you the production also loses money if filming doesn’t go according to schedule.

And lastly, I am not excited to see Min with Pae at all. Lol



  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    55555 @ I am not excited to see min with pae at all.

  2. I totally agree with u that no actor should schedule their film day with other event. 🙂

  3. thanks ninja & your last comment about Pae was funny.

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