Weir Reveals He’d Love To Visit Bella’s Dad

Weir Reveals If There's An Opportunity He'd Love To Visit Bella's Dad

Interview: June 27, 2013

There is nothing to be afraid of because Weir is sincere and says if there is an opportunity he would love to visit Bella’s dad at home. Weir is not afraid of being viewed as a casanova, at the moment he doesn’t have anyone and is not ready to get serious.

Close to the point that Weir Sukollawat took Channel 3 rising actress, Bella Ranee to ride on his motorcycle during their trip to Chiangmai together and now the dad of the female side would like to meet the Channel 7 actor.

“He [Bella’s dad] probably saw me on TV. Or he probably saw the news. Well, if I am a dad I would be like that too – who is she having news with, I would search on Google. Bella has told me about it as well. But there’s nothing. ”

Are you afraid of her dad?

“I am not afraid. I am the type of person who’s not afraid of elders. Why would I be afraid when I am a straightforward person…I have to practice meeting the elders.”

Will you find the time to get to know him?

“Really…he probably knows who I am because I used to meet him 2-3 times. If there’s a chance I will probably go to his house because I know his daughter. I am a brother/friend. We meet up sometimes. Leave it up to timing. If I am free I’ll go.”

Did Bella tell her dad who P’Weir is?
“I think her dad knows. He probably speaks Thai…he stays here long. He probably understands. He probably knows who I am.”

Who are you now?
“I am Weir Sukollawat. I am Nak Soo Maha Gaan.”

You have news with many ladies such as Bella Ranee, Gif Orlene, and Namtarn Pichukkana, are you afraid of being viewed as a casanova?
“No. I am not afraid of people viewing me as a casanova. And I am indifferent with this news. It’s normal. I’ve been here [entertainment industry] long.”

Are you afraid your real person will misunderstand?
“Who is the real person? No. I don’t know.”

You haven’t decided for sure who.
“Yes. I am not in a rush. Something like this takes time. At first I thought it would be quick…but sometimes readiness…and there are many chapters to love. There’s not only liking then…Everyone might see the matter as, if the two of us like each other, nothing can’t destroy us. I think it’s too much of a fairytale (laugh).”

Is it also because of the unmatched timing?

“No. It’s unrelated. It’s up to us…work is work. It’s just an excuse. But it may play a part somewhat.”

Right now people think Bella is finishing first, is that right?
“Umm…probably not right yet. But I’m talking to not that many persons (smile)…oops. No, I’m just kidding.”

Are you talking to just one person?

“No. It’s psychology. I have to divert the attention to other target first. Reporters can’t catch up with me (smile).”

When will you open someone?
“Open? Really, I am opening every day.”

In the news you have many persons.

“Many persons are the news. But I don’t have many persons and I don’t have anyone that is serious yet but I do have the opportunity to get to know and talk [to someone]. ”

Is there someone you’re talking with that the reporters don’t know about?

“Oh, there isn’t. There isn’t. And those I made news with there’s probably isn’t as well. I might come up with a trick to make the reporters misunderstand. But the real person might be somewhere else.”

You’re still finding her.
“Yes. I can’t find her. Hard to find. Something like this it’s up to timing.”

Are you setting your ideal type too high?
“Anything is fine.”

What must she be like? Her personality?

“Generous. Generous is hard because woman sometimes don’t like to understand.”

Have to be younger?
“Have to be younger. Women grow old quickly. How old are you? (smile) Younger than me by a little.”

University girl is okay?
“I cannot.”

Weir reveals during this time his health is not that good because he had to concentrate on filming his lakorn. Plus he had to be in the rain because of riding his motorcycle but he feels better after Nak Soo Maha Gaan has good feedback.

“With the tidings of the lakorn…it’s good. I am happy because I was anticipating as well. It was supposed to air countless times but it kept being postponed. The various details (CG) are hard to do therefore it wasn’t ready to air during that time. Recently we’re ready as a result it went on air. Right now there are three episodes already therefore it’s okay. As for the viewers, the feedback is good. It’s a lakorn that tell the story quickly…many characters are interesting. The story is easy to understand – not complicated. It [positive feedback] makes the production crews feel invigorated.”

Some people say certain scenes are too violent. They’re afraid the kids might imitate them.
“Lakorn has rules…forbidding too much blood and prohibiting to point guns at each other’s head. Forbid to speak vulgar language…something like that which we have to see if it’s okay or not. Every time the episode air it has been censored already. I think advisory is important. It’s difficult. If children watch…parents should advise that it’s just acting.”

Source: and TVPool

P.S. What does Weir have against university girls? Lol



  1. Thanks for translation

  2. Lol, I love how he fools around with his answers. They’re asking the same questions over and over and yet, trying to trick him into answering deeper questions. Again, it’s obvious he’s with Bella. However, who knows it might just be a public stunt and he’s actually committed to someone that the public is not aware of. Thank you!

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