Weir Refutes Going To Bella’s Home While Intoxicated And Getting Chased Off By Her Dad

Weir Refutes Going To Bella's Home While Intoxicated And Getting Chased Off By Her Dad

Interview: July 8, 2013

Gossiped to be drinking heavily until he was drunk, Weir forged to the house of Bella Ranee, his close lady causing her dad to dislike him. We meet Weir Sukollawat Kanarot at 7 See Concert Special uniting Channel 7 excellent lakorns at The Nine Praram 9 and he quickly clear, “There isn’t. There isn’t for sure because during this time I am filming a lakorn that is airing while still filming.”

Are you confused this news came out?

“I am very confused. I used to drop her off once and met [her dad] but there’s nothing like that for sure.”

Have you gone to Bella’s house at night?
“I only dropped her off at home twice.”

Are you serious you only have this type of news?
“I am not serious because I know what I am doing. Other people probably have all kinds of thoughts. I believe the elders, my family, and people close to me know what type of person I am.”

Did you talk with Bella about this matter?

“Not at all. I come across many news like this. I am still confused as to how they resurface, since I am trying to change myself. I work out which everyone accepts the things I’ve changed. And all of a sudden accusing me of being like this. But they probably love me (smile) and want me to stay in the tidings perhaps.”

When was your most recent partying?
“I don’t remember my recent partying but it’s a normal thing. I am a human being. If I go out to meet my friend or go on a motorcycle trip there is a little [drinking] like every other normal person. I am a human being too.”

Did you have the chance to go party with Bella?

“Not at all.”

Bella came out to protect you.
“For this matter she is not protecting me – it’s the truth. I really didn’t do anything like that.”

Are you determined to transform yourself for her?
“No. Honestly for my family, for myself, and for my work. I didn’t transform myself that much. But I only reduce my partying because work is hard. If I have little sleep I won’t be able to work – the work that comes out would have no quality.”

You drink less now since working out, right?
“Since coming back to fit my body, yes, because it’s a forbidden clause of every trainer. Because alcohol causes our body digestive system to deteriorate. The muscle will go away for sure because it sucks the water from our body and make us feel energy-less to work out and therefore being unable to work out.”

After transforming yourself, how do you feel?
“It’s not to the point of transforming myself. I am not that bad or very terrible. It’s just that I’ve turned to exercise. Changing my character, to play in an action lakorn having a withered body is not right. Taking a photoshoot if I have to wear clothes and make them look nice and show muscle, I work out a little for a strong health. The body I gain [from working out] is the by product. I am happy when people say my physique is better.”

You’re changing yourself for yourself not for someone else, right?
“Everything begins with loving yourself otherwise we probably won’t be able to love another person. I try to get everyone to see that everything can change. People might say they don’t want to exercise, want to party only, that’s already happiness. But…you can buy good health so you have to take care of it a little. Go to the fitness center. Take the time to run or ride a bike, it’s good. Better than staying at home and doing nothing.”

Source: and PR Variety
Credit Picture: As tagged SWC

P.S. This is such a ridiculous gossip. Although Weir is Nak Soo Maha Gaan, it’s unlikely that he can drive his motorcycle while intoxicated and made it all the way to his destination of choice without any mishaps. If he was really drunk he’d probably crash his motorcycle somewhere.



  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I am agree with u.. If he drunk that much he cant drive his motorcycle anymore. Whose this big mouth gossip weir to this news?

  2. Why does he keep getting linked to Channel 3 actresses? Bella and Namtarn?

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