Weir Has Introduced Bella To His Mom

Weir Has Introduced Bella To His Mom

Interview: June, 26, 2013

At this time you can say he makes news with leading actresses from different channel very often, when it comes to leading actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot who admitted to talking with Bella Ranee Campen. But recently there’s news that he’s pursuing new actress, Namtarn Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin as well. This is what Weir had to say to clear the issue.

“Regarding the news with Namtarn, I still have them. The other day I went to an event at Central World I got confused as to how I made news [with Namtarn]. I know her name is Namtarn. She is an actress at Channel 3 and act in a lakorn with P’Ken [Theeradeth] but I don’t know her personally. I never talked with her.”

During this period you have crossover news often.

“It’s quite good. Crossing over, crossing back.”

There’s news that Ken Phupoom is your matchmaker.
“There isn’t at all. Ken is only lifting weight daily – at this time he is fitting his body.”

Have you talked with Namtarn regarding the news?

“I never talked [with her] at all. I feel bad for her for making news with me.”

When the news came out we asked Bella and she said she will tease you.
“Really? There’s nothing. Don’t think too much.”

Is Bella sulking?

“There’s probably no one who is sulking. I am used to making news.”

Did you get to discuss this news with Bella?
“We did not talk about the news at all.”

There’s news that Bella’s dad is checking the news of the person who made news with his daughter.

“It’s a normal matter. If I am the father and mother and my daughter have news with someone I would want to check who that person is too.”

Are you worried?

“No. I am straightforward. There’s nothing worrisome.”

Bella said her dad asked via her mom what type of person this man is.
“He probably wants to know who is making news with his daughter – it’s a normal matter. If it’s me I want to know too.”

Have you met her family yet?
“I have already. Her parents didn’t talk much…smile and greet like normal.”

You introduced her to your mom already as well.
“The time when my mom came back from America and she came to visit me then we ate a meal together. They meet each other at that moment.”

Does your mom like her?

“My mom didn’t talk about this matter much. Mostly when she come to see her son she would sit with her son only. She raised her son easy-going style – doesn’t get involved with this matter much. She gives me freedom.”

With Bella, right now, can you call it studying each other?
“Right now? We’re talking. It’s okay but we haven’t decided that we must quickly talk to each other. Let nature take its course. And another thing it’s just the beginning and there are many things…I still have to work. Let nature take its course. You [media] can continue to follow it. I don’t know either.”

Studying each other?
“Yes. We’re talking. But not serious.”

Not to the stage of being a girlfriend.
“Yes. Not to that stage yet. I think being like this is good so we can talk with each other regarding every issue.”

Source: and TVPool

P.S. I think this shirt best describe his relationship status at the moment. 555 Credit Picture @SWC


As for my accident mishap, I am feeling much better now, almost 100%. Thank you for the concerns. I got feel better since last week but I took the times to catch up and sort through all the articles I’ve missed. And there were a lot to catch up on too.


  1. Hope you recover soon

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    Glad u get well.

  3. Glad to you’re doing well. Hope you’ll have speedy recovery.

    I give him props for answering the same questions over and over. Indeed, it is his job as an public figure but as a human being I will be tired of it. Hahaha. It’s good to see him sharing more of his relationship progress with Bell. Therefore, people won’t go off assuming and wondering what’s his status. Thank you!

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