Weir and Tangmo on Positive Feedback of Nak Soo Maha Gaan

Weir and Tangmo on Positive Feedback of Nak Soo Maha Gaan

Interview: July 8, 2013

Weir: “The feedback is good. The fans like it. It’s a new type, action sci-fi. Thank you for following our lakorn.”

The rating is good since the first day it aired.

Tangmo: “The rating is better than expected according to me. When we film we do it without the CG, once the CG is put in, wow, it’s like a Western movie. I think the viewers probably like something like this.”

Is filming done?

Weir: “Not yet. We’re still filming. We filmed for a year already, there’s probably another 2 months left.”
Tangmo: “If the feedback is good we might add [more episodes] a little. And modify the script and make it current with the situation right now.”

Where are you at right now?
Weir: “Right now we’re still at 18 [episodes].”

Why does filming take so long?
Weir: “Like Mo said we have to put in the CG and there’s also action. One day we film 4 to 5 scenes. It’s somewhat hard so it takes a long time to film. And during one time I was filming a lakorn [Roy Lae Sanae Luang] that has to air while still filming so we stop for about two months.”

More is added to the script?

Weir: “There is some sweet love scenes added. So people can gine, not just action only.”

P’Weir, your accident?
Weir: “I recovered. Thank you.”

Entrust your lakorn.
Weir: “Mo.”
Tangmo: “For me it’s an action lakorn that is hard and it’s something new for me. I am determined. The production team is much more tired than us. I want everyone to give support for the actors and the production team. And right now the story is getting richer; please continue to follow to see what will happen next. Please give us support.”

Source: PRVariety

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  1. Oh! my, the plan is up to 18 episodes and yet, they are considering to extend it! I understand they’re receiving good feedback and MoomMai production is good but hopefully this extension plan of theirs won’t ruin the whole concept of this lakorn or we’ll be watching a dragging lakorn. Thank you!

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