Min Pechaya Ignores Being Compared To Mai Davika

Min Pechaya Ignores Being Compared To Mai Davika

Interview: July 1, 2013

Min Pechaya ignores being compared with Mai Davika for Channel 7’s number 1 nang’ek; says she doesn’t think of competing with anyone. Min is not afraid of having bickering news and praises the other party as cute. She reveals her contract is still with Channel 7 for many years, not moving channel for sure. She is happy if Channel 7 has new actresses coming in and discloses new lakorn with Weir.

There’s tidings comparing you with Mai Davika again.

“Why? Why do you look at the world so negatively? (laugh) There is nothing. Like I’ve assured [everyone] since entering the entertainment circle – I don’t think of competing with anyone. Anyone who has something good [success] I am happy for them as well.”

Many people see you and Mai as the channel’s top nang’ek.

“Don’t look at it that way. We help each other doing work. I am happy to stay with Mai at Channel 7. I don’t think of competing with her. I am happy for her in all the steps she takes.”

Personally, how close are you with Mai?

“I did see Mai during the time she has news – I had the chance to meet her at Polyplus. I gave her moral support, told her to fight. I didn’t say much. We don’t have the chance to meet each other that often. She’s always cute.”

Regarding the case that people said you’re the channel’s number 1 nang’ek.
“I think they’re giving quite a lot of respect but I want to perform my duty – don’t want to be compared with anyone. I considered everyone as an employee of Channel 7, we’re all one of the employee who work together to make Channel 7 an important organization. Therefore everyone is performing their duties – don’t look at it as a comparison with anyone.”

How many years do you have left of your contract with Channel 7?
“Enough. No need to ask. I am not moving channel.”

Do you accept being the number 1 nang’ek?

“I don’t look at it as an issue. I am here to perform my duty. Be happy. No need to compete with anyone. Anyone who has something good [success] I am happy for them as well.”

How do you feel that during this time many new actresses are being born?

“Good, good. I am happy for everyone. I am not competing with anyone. I am performing my duty. That’s enough. Fix in my study and work.”

Compete with yourself?
“Yes. I compete with myself. Every day that I enter into the entertainment circle I always tell myself that my life..lifespan in the entertainment has a time limit therefore if you want to do something you must give it my all. Don’t stop improving yourself. And waking up you must give it all everyday and you will be happy. If we meet anyone – if our heart is sincere, doing everything with sincerity we will be happy.”

With Mai, you’re not afraid of having bickering news with her?

“I’m not afraid. She is very cute.”

Is it because of P’Weir? People gine Weir-Min, Weir-Mai.
“It’s unrelated at all. P’Weir is a beloved hia to everyone. He’s a Pa.”

Recently, we see that you will have a new lakorn with Weir.
“Yes. You’ll have to wait and watch.”

Weir has news with many actresses from different channel, did you tease him?
“No…We call and talk with each other about work. We stay in contact. We’re still cute siblings – if there’s anything, we still help each other out like before. P’Weir is a senior. He’s the guardian of all actors and actresses at Channel 7.”

Many people who have news with Weir will be linked to have bickering news, are you afraid?
“No. I’m not serious. Worry-free.”

Source: http://www.newsplus.co.th/5429

P.S. Min handled this interview well, as usual.

It’s getting old now, years after years. Why does the media always do this? It’s beyond me. I find it very annoying. If there’s no romance news linking this person to that person then there’s competition news followed by a feud because somewhere somehow there will always be friction insinuated either by the fans or the media for the sake of news. And if you’re a Channel 7 actress there’s always that question about your contract – how many years left and will you move to the competitor channel? And Min renewed her contract just last year – do some homework before asking stupid question okay?

I miss the good old days when many of actors and actresses were free-agents and therefore free to work with any production companies they want. With the age of the internet I find it very annoying to come across stupid and ridiculous fandom wars. I don’t like voicing my opinion on this matter much but the arrogant of certain fans can be a bit too much especially those who insult other people for what they choose to watch. A channel is just a logo. Television channels don’t produce lakorns just like movie theaters don’t produce movies. They’re just a medium to project onto the screen the creative work of a particular movie or production company.

There are good and not so good companies at all channels. Grouping everything as a whole is just a disrespect and discredit to the producers who’ve worked hard to produce great works but are being labeled blindly under a big blanket. Not all companies produce the same type of work, everyone has their own style, except for Channel 5 because there’s only one production, Exact. There are some production that I refuse to watch and Exact is one of them. I don’t like their style. I don’t like how overly dramatic their lakorns are, and often the acting or lack of acting remind me too much of a Broadway show. Their lakorns used to be good but that was during the Mam and Tang era.

How many people watch a particular lakorn and know the producer, scriptwriter, director, and the author of the novel that is being produced as a lakorn? I used to be a big lakorn fans but nowadays I only watch lakorn with actors I wanna watch, productions and scriptwriters I like, and storyline I find interesting. I think Thai lakorns as a whole need to improve. Old lakorns are being recycled times again and again. Some remakes are not even classic enough to be remaked. Storylines are stagnant and most of them are so over the top and unrealistic – slap, slap, slap. And most characters are being miscast, young actors playing top executives and doctors are very unconvincing. Every lakorn nowadays are cater to fans who want idol lakorns – looks and looks only. There’s no point in talking about acting and quality because those are subjective – to each his/her own. Thai lakorn will always be named lakorn or drama for it’s repetitive and out of reality storyline. And if you don’t watch a particular channel’s lakorns then you really can’t give a fair assessment – every comment you make will come from your bias only. Okay, enough of my rant.



  1. Any news in Min still doing BanSaiTong???

    1. I don’t know. Komchadluek keep saying Min is out. But no update from Channel 7 yet.

      1. ThanX !!

  2. You worded it! I am with you on that. Also I find it unnecessary when crazy fans attacks another dara and that actor/actress have to speak behalf of their fanbase. I am just like rolling my eyes behind the computer screen. Thank you!

  3. well said ninja and thanks for the update.

  4. Weirfan · · Reply

    You’re totally right. Lakorn back then was so much better because most actors and actresses are free agent unlike now. I hated it too when biased fans claim one channel is better than the other.

  5. I TOTALLY agree with what you’ve said about the recycling of Thai lakorns! I also don’t like how they make older actors/actresses disappear into the abyss; when I say “older,” I mean 30-something year old actors/actresses. Even Ann T. is producing now and not acting so much anymore! or making my beloved Ken Theeradeth, who is in his 30s, act with newbie actresses who are young enough to play his fricking sister!

    30+ year old people are still beautiful enough to play nang’eks! and not every 19 or 20 or 21 year old actress need to be cast right away as a nang’ek! I’m so sick of that! I wish Thai lakorns would reform the way they cast actors.

    For example, watching Prin play a top CEO of a architecture company at age 19 or 20 was really laughable to me! I REALLY could not stop my incredulity EVERY TIME I watch him in the office! His baby fat did not even shed yet! I am talking about the drama with Min and Nadech where Nadech was handicapped from an accident and Min was an heiress who became an orphan. I believe it was Kon Ruk Luang Jai.

    STOP TYPE CASTING AND GIVE BACK YOUR EXPERIENCED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES THEIR JOBS! So, what if you got a new hot actress, give her a different sort of YOUNG actress role and don’t write off those young 30 year old actors/actresses as too old!

    1. I agree. Thai actors and actresses just keep getting younger and younger in contrast to the storyline written with older and more mature people in mind. I don’t mind young actors as long as the roles fit them and are within their age range.

      Thai lakorn storylines need to be broader as well like the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. so they accommodate veteran actors. I think in their mindset young actors are more marketable which it’s true but as long as the lakorn is good the viewers will watch it and could careless about who’s starring in it.

      But what irk me the most about their repetitive storyline is that I can’t stand the fact that most characters are hi-so, as if Thailand has no middle class people whatsoever. Normal everyday working people make for good storyline too.

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