Weir Denies Returning To Kat; Shy About Sexy Billboard

 Weir Denies Returning To Kat; Shy About Sexy Billboard

Interview: June 19, 2013

Before this there’s tidings that Weir Sukollawat Kanarot will return to Kat because someone saw the two going to the beach in Pattaya together. Recently we heard from vague voices that Kat is single as well. People therefore suspect that Kat is Weir’s real girl. Plus there’s news that Weir withdrew from being the lead actor in “Prom Daen Hua Jai.” Many people think the reason may be because Pancake Khemanit is taking the role of lead actress in the drama series. Most recently we don’t know what inspire Weir to shoot an extremly spicy fashion for his jeans brand by showing his butt. Even though fans only get to see the side but after seeing the picture they get to see how white Weir’s butt is. We meet Weir at the opening of A Land with the other presenters of Catalog Friday at Central World which he frankly reveals, “No. There is no talking. There may be a following of her Instragram somewhat, but we don’t talk anymore. As for the news of going to the beach, there isn’t. Since then we don’t really get to contact each other. I am doing working.”

We heard she broke up with her boyfriend already.
“They probably broke up a long time ago. To be honest, almost a year. We don’t really talk.”

Did she seek your advice regarding her breakup?

“No. She didn’t seek advice on the matter of breaking up with her boyfriend at all.”

Many people say this person is your real girl.

“No. I am still working and enjoying life like normal. I don’t have a real person or a fake person at all.”

Kat is not your real girl for sure, right?
“No, for sure.”

Many people think because she broke up with her boyfriend, there is a chance for you to go forward with the relationship.
“No. I walk forward…Doing my job more during the moment. I am doing various works so it’s better I use my time with this matter. And my drama series also increase continuously. There are not that many juniors in Channel 7 therefore I am rushing my drama more. So other matters, love or whatever are steady.”

Or because you have news with Namtarn, the actress from the opposite channel.
“Where are you going with this? (laugh) There isn’t. Right now I am still chill chill. I am not doing anything.”

Do you know Namtarn?

“I know from watching her drama but I never met her in person. Yesterday watching her drama, I wondered why is her face really similar to the actress from our channel. I watched both channels, watching “Dome Tong” I see N’Praew then I switched channel to watch P’Ken I also see…I’m confused. What channel did I really turn on? That’s all. I never met her.”

Right now you can say your heart is still vacant, right?

“Yes. I will continue with my walk. It’s up to the moment more. If there is a moment I want to stop and talk with someone I will let it happen naturally.”

Are you still talking to Bella?
“I am talking if there’s a chance to talk. I am working so I don’t want to be too serious. I think if everything is slower, it’s good. Like the businesses I am doing, because if I rush it too much it will be stressful. Continuously. I just know that love needs a lot of time as well. Before when I was a teenager I rushed things. Right now being siblings and friends first, it should work out more.”

Are you afraid because of your past love?
“No. I am never afraid of love. It’s something that is exciting all the time for me.”

You’ve grown.
“I’ve grown perhaps but not old. So it made me think a lot if I were to be in love or have someone I will have to start to be serious because my friends are all married and have kids already. But a career like us don’t need to be rushed. I work first. If I meet a woman I don’t have to rush myself because I am only 28 years old. If I meet a 21 years old girlfriend, I can’t rush her…It’s better if I go forward ceaselessly, around 32, then I can consider.”

Your type is still younger girls, right?

“Yes. Having a younger girlfriend is a good medicine. They told me.”

Regarding “Prom Daen Hua Jai,” we heard there’s a change of lead actor.
“Honestly no. I am not in the plan of that drama since the very beginning because I acted in many series for Mummai. And I already have continuous project, “La Ruk Karm Kop Fah” and I am still filming “Nak Soo Maha Gaan.” Therefore if I act in that drama for P’Ott it will be three (continuous) dramas. It’s like, why not let me play somewhere else?”

It is unrelated that Pancake is the leading actress, right?

“It’s unrelated. If we encounter each other in the next project, we can work together because there’s nothing anymore. We are brother and sister. If there is a chance to work together I think it’s good.”

Weir the white butt man. 555

We saw the picture of your fashion, showing your butt. Very saucy.
“Oh, oh, oh everyone get to see…I am excited as well. We talked that there will be a new promo with me wearing my jeans. And I went to shoot a fashion with P’Tuk, “Volume.” We shoot the jeans set that I wore, there are some boxers and T-shirts. And the picture that everyone saw is also in that sets. The P’Sow who is the director of Misteen and Friday told me, we should take this jean and advertise it a little. But I didn’t think it would be this picture. I am totally embarrassed. Coming to this event everyone I meet is teasing me that my butt is white.”

But the feedbacks are good.
“Really? I don’t see it as being too indecent. I am the type of person who wears tall waist jeans therefore my butt don’t really get sun exposure, in which that real picture is not really my butt. It’s from my waist down, don’t view it as my butt.”

The giant billboard that caused people to stare incessantly while driving in the freeway. Weir’s sexiness has caused a car crash there already. 555 Not really, that freeway is accident prone to begin with.

What are people saying?
“They said they park their cars and took pictures. I told them, no, please don’t. Chane, my friend is the first person to post on his Instragram and he tagged me. I told Chane, “Thank you so much. Don’t need to help me, it’s okay. I am embarrassed.” Well it’s quite funny. Please try purchasing it. I’m giving it my all with this jeans brand. Whatever I can wear I will wear it but it’s not indecent. It’s a little, little, little.”


P.S. The media should stop mentioning Kat since she’s not a celebrity. And seriously there is no boyfriend who would stay with a girlfriend who two-time him with an actor. Of course that relationship failed. Move on please. Anywhere lately in interviews, Weir and Bella are singing the same tunes. Work come first, no time for a serious relationship, just talking as siblings.

And Weir is quite blind to see Praew and Namtarn as the same person. They don’t even look alike. He must be very tired. Lol



  1. Haha, he mentioned 21 years old. Who’s 21? Mai Davika. Haha

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    I’m so glad to hear he move forward,yeah weir my handsome and lovely man plz walk forward she don’t event match with u at all and she still not tell u that she already it look she cheat on her bf. for example if oneday she dating with u maybe she will doing the same for u like she did for her bf. keep walking as far as far u can from this bitch woman. Also can the media stop pick up this woman to connect with weir again lets it be the last time. I believe that… if u on the sun to much u can Chang as white to dark. I just look at my sis on summer time she change a lot as white to milk chocolater now. One of the reason why I’m not going outside on summer,but my mom alway told me to outside cuz there have some little bit air so I alway no way to her lol

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Ummm ninja do u know what is weir spicy award for? I meant like what kind of the win he get.

  4. That is NOT a seXy photo. that’s nasty! Lol..

  5. naimee02 · · Reply

    Ahahah…..that billboard is huge. They should’ve added some tone to his neck and butt to even out with his bodyz then it would’ve been a better billboard to look at πŸ™‚ ahha…..but Weir looks good there though πŸ™‚ thanks NinjaKKN πŸ™‚ gosh, I can’t wait for his next lakorn with Min πŸ™‚

  6. The comparison of Namtarn and Praew came off so wrong in my point of view. It was like he was trying to say too many of those young actresses are getting the same cosmetic surgery looks; Hahaha. No matter what Bella and Weir says, they’re obviously dating. Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    I wish pancake and weir to be success

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