Weir Had 7 Stitches; Bella Is Worry And Giving Support

Weir Got 7 Stitches; Bella Is Worry And Giving Support

Interview: May 30, 2013

Weir Sukollawat had an accident while shooting for his drama, “Nak Soo Maha Gaan” via Channel 7, his right big toe is deeply cut and had to get 7 stitches. Weir reveals the production had to hire a stunt to film his fighting scene because his drama is airing soon and admits Bella Ranee is worry and keep asking about his cut.

“I’m better. Really, it’s not that bad. In the scene we filmed that day for Nak Soo Maha Gaan I don’t have to wear shoes and we were shooting in a storage room so there were many boxes. I have to fight and kick backward but I didn’t look. My legs are too long so my right big toe hit the steel in the box.”

Did you have to put a break on fight scene?

“No. The production has a technique. They hired a stunt that has a similar figure to me, to run in the back, walk, and fight for me without seeing his face because the drama is airing soon. We don’t want to lose work so we use this method. Tomorrow, I have to go and continue filming. But they already have a meeting and they have called and asked me, how much can I do, can I walk…I told them I am still limping but standing, sitting, talking, or sleeping that I can do. They said okay they will handle it.”

How many stitches?

“Seven stitches.”

Will it be long before you’re back to normal?

“Normally even if it’s not seven days completely they still have to cut it. I’ll have to wait and see if I can walk; if I can then I’m back to normal. There shouldn’t be anything because I take medicine all the time.”

Did the doctor tell you to stop anything?

“The doctor forbids drinking alcohol, eating sour foods, and eating too much protein. And try not to walk too much, don’t utilize the toes much. At the moment I have to lift my toe high in order for the blood to get to it more, for it will swell.”

Is there a personal nurse to take care of you?
“No (laugh). I have to take care of myself.”

What support did Bella give you?
“She only asked if the cut is okay. I told her the cut is somewhat large and deep. She probably saw the pictures from Instragram or from the news but it’s nothing. It’s a normal matter because accident can happen. She asked if I am okay. I said I am okay, relaxed.”

Are you pleading (like a child)?

“No. When it happened I immediately called my mom because my mom’s a nurse. I want to know if I will get stitched because I am afraid of needle. But the cut is not too deep but in the end I still have to get stitched.”

We saw that day, Kie Rattakon went to give you support.
“Yes. We film together. She is my very close friend. Complain…why Kie stayed with me all the time but no news stating that my friend is taking care of me (smile).”

Weir takes it upon himself in his Instragram to acknowledge his best friend for helping him out during the accident since the media only cares if Bella will be taking care of him or not. Lol

“Have a loved friend taking care without a distant, if she can carry me to shoot a scene, she’d carry already 55555 Because Kie is what you call a reaching out friend 5555 @charleeboots stay since getting stitched, drove me, this is what I called a true friend, you’re awesome, my tears will shed.”

And here Natcha taking care of the injured Rit. Awww…how’s cute.

Credit: Picture as tagged, Weir19, Mummai

And here’s Bella responding to the media regarding Weir’s accident.

“Seeing his cut, it does look worrisome…like oh ho seven stitches. But I asked him and he said he’s okay, didn’t say anything much. Not to the point of taking care and nursing him because it’s like he’s still working like normal.”

Are you going to help change his bandage?
“No way. Not brave. I’m scared (smile).

Did he call to plead that he’s hurting?

“There isn’t…when I heard the news of his accident someone else told me that he got into an accident at the sets, something like that. Once I know I didn’t call him. I only asked how are you.”

Are you worried?
“I am worried but worry like normal. Oh ho…He’s hurt to that extent.”

Did you get to take care of him closely yet?
“I didn’t go take care of him (shy smile). He continues to work afterward. He probably can take care of himself.”

Will you send him medication or go visit him?

There’s news that Weir introduce you to the elders at Channel 7.

“No but I know some people in Channel 7, that I met when we eat out together. I greet them like normal…”


P.S. Bella is a weirdo, Lol, I didn’t call him but only ask him about his condition. Don’t you have to call someone first in order to ask them, how they’re doing? I don’t know, when it comes to interviews Bella always make it sounds like she’s very prim and proper.



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    “Once I know I didn’t call him. I only asked how are you.” ROFL ROFL

    Thanks Ninja ! ^ o^ 

  2. Ewwww.. I would never touch my husband/ boyfriend feet at all !!

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    The ig pic about kie, weir say to much it make me laught, the part weir say if she can carry me to shoot a scene she’d carry already 555555 so funny. And I agree kie is alway with weir but there no news for this two, anyway no news it good for them.

  4. I highly doubt Bella is prim and proper. I can’t image any of Weir’s gf prim and proper.

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