Min-Porshe Accept Event Together; Didn’t Argue With Each Other

Min-Porshe Accept Event Together; Did Not Have An Argument

Interview: May 27, 2013

Another koo gine that the fans are cheering to date off-screen in the case of Porshe Saran Sirilak and Min Pechaya Wattamontri, who both attend the event, Oishi Cosplay Fantastic 7.

Min: Really, we have couple events often. This is not the first time. It’s good. The fans are supporting us and cheering.

Porshe: I accept work like normal. There is no argument. We are not fighting 100% sure.

Therefore the unfollow matter on Instragram, you didn’t do that, right?

Min: Regarding the Instragram matter, I didn’t erase (unfollow ) for sure. It’s due to a technology glitch.

There’s tiding that Porshe brought a brand name bag as a birthday gift for Min.

Porshe: Regarding the bag matter I didn’t buy it at all. Really, if I want to give to someone I have to go buy it myself, must go pick it out, why would I ask someone to buy it…

Min: Before money can come out of Saran’s pocket…each penny.

Porshe: Oh ho…harsh (laugh)…Really, I am sport. What do you want?

Min: Honestly Porshe sent a birthday message already. That’s enough, just that is enough. Just that expresses his innocence and sincerity to me. Just that is enough.

Porshe: Different…I am different.

In front of her face now, talk and sum it up, are you pursuing Min or not?
Porshe: Not to that extent.

Not to that extent, meaning there’s a chance because you’re not denying it.

Porshe: No. I can’t deny because it’s a matter of the future…who can tell.

Right now what progress are you up to.
Porshe: Still the same…try to be as close as before, there is nothing.

Working together often, don’t you get to talk more?
Porshe: Normal, general talk. Messaging each other via line a little.

Before this you said both are working separately, don’t get to meet each other much but later on accept more work together, meet each other more often, get to talk more, right?
Min: If there’s a chance to meet then we meet because soon we have a photoshoot together. We have work together more than other people.

That means cheering stand a chance, right?

Min: Continue cheering then, for entertainment.

This close, are you thinking of pursuing Min?
Porshe: Not to that extent yet. It’s a matter of the future, who can tell. Right now we’re still the same, still close like before, talk normally and message each other via line a little.

There’s tiding that a young man named Big is pursuing you?
Min: Not true, I confirm 100%. Big is a junior in my management. Right now there’s no man pursuing me at all. At the moment I would like to carry the same concept, studying and working.

Source: http://www.tnews.co.th/html/news/

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  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja for the interview 🙂 I would love to see them date 🙂 since Weir has Bella…

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