Min Is Open To Being Pursued

Min Is Open To Being Pursued

Interview: May 20, 2013

One minute they’re close, one minute they’re hiding until the fanclub got tired of cheering but recently Porshe Saran said he’s talking with Min Pechaya and she is his closest woman. We meet Min at “Visions Ahead Magenta Night Party as Siam Paragon and ask her.

Are you both admitting that you’re talking to each other?
“Of course we talk, we work together.”

As a special person?
“No. Did Porshe say that? We work together a lot. That word (closet friends), the medias make people misunderstand it greatly. We work together all the time, a year already. We work at the same channel so we can’t deny that we’re not friends. But for the relationship to be more than friends, it’s better not to think that.”

Porshe is not moving forward, right?
“We’re friends. We hardly have the time to do anything at all, other than working, filming drama, and studying.”

How do you feel that people think you guys are dating?
“(laugh) You make many people feel that. We always say there is nothing; you may have gossiped that there is something.”

People are cheering for Porshe. Chin has been dropped.
“That’s not related. It’s more like you teasing continually so it has turned into a funny teasing tiding.”

Right now, is the possibility that low?
“We’re really just friends. We’re really working together. We have the chance to work together unlike before. Before we acted in a drama together, right now events all the time but there is nothing special. We’re friends.”

But soon you guys will have ads together?
“Yes. You’ll see it soon. There are many ads as well.”

Now you guys are accepting works as a packet couple.
“We can’t refuse, the clients requested it. When we have opportunity we work our best, that’s all.”

When you guys work together as a pair, is it troubling because people are being watchful?
“I am very used to it. Comfortable, we’re friends. The koo gine matter is following the tiding of our drama, beside that there is nothing at all.”

That means other men have the chance, right?
“(laugh) They do, I don’t have an owner.”

When you have news with Porshe, everyone think it’s must be for sure. Are men brave enough to pursue you?
“I’m not serious. It’s good. So I won’t have news with someone else.”

Porshe also says he’s hiding you as well.
“No, he’s a playful person. It can’t be telling whether he’s joking or saying the truth.”

Do you have men pursuing you?
“Continually, I didn’t close myself.”

Mostly, is it men in the industry or outside?
“I am not focusing on anyone, meaning I have the chance to choose, that’s right. I am a woman, my reputation can be damaged. If I have someone I may be ready to be with that person.”

You’re not choosing anyone yet because is hard to choose, too many to choose?
“I am picky (smile). Honestly, I am not focusing on this matter, I haven’t chosen anything.”

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/345929
Credit: Picture as tagged

P.S. Reading Min’s interview is always on the contrary with Porshe, one person is very clear while the other person is always insinuating something. 5555 There is nothing special, just good friends working together, okay! In a way Porshe is like her bodyguard from other men. Lol

Seriously, why is the medias so hell bent on Min having a romance? LOL If she is not ready then there’s no point in creating this and that. It must be tiring for her or anyone to answer the same questions over and over again.

As for update on La Ruk Sut Kop Fah, filming is said to start mid-June. 🙂



  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Ur p.s I agree mak. Yeah one is very clear and one is look like keep making it to look like a secret for Find alot work lol.. Don’t try to be famous by under girl like this it’s not men 5555555555

    Can’t wait for la ruk Sut kop fah

  2. ashamb · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja…well said Min…I simply can’t wait for LRSKF!

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    I don’t know but I would court her too =D

  4. I think that b/c she cute and sweet, u just gotta love her.

  5. naimee02 · · Reply

    wow…thanks for the interview Ninja ;D I really don’t mind them dating, they’re actually cute together ;D but, I would like for her to wait on the romance with any men until after they finish filming the lakorn LRSKF ;D I can’t wait ;D

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