Summary: Nak Soo Maha Gaan

The Great Fighter

Drama: Nak Soo Maha Gaan (The Great Fighter)
Novelist: Naput Susi
Scriptwriter: Naput Susi
Director: Ott Theerasak Promngern
Producer: Mummai Company Limited
Broadcast Channel: Channel 7 (BBTV)

Sukollawat Kanarot (Weir) as Rit Rawi and Thomas Liu
Pattaratida Patcharaweerapong (Tangmo) as Natcha
Rattakon Sathiraboot (Kie) as Irene
Kullanat Preeyawat (Namfon) as Madam Liu
Natida Patchanchai (Fon) as Sophia
Pathit Pisitkul (Pai) as Gon
Chatchadaporn Tananta (Tai) as Aimee
Kanya Rattanapetch (Tarn) as Jaitip
Karakot Thanabat as Mawin
Chusee Chernyim as Maitri
Lueafuea Jokmok as Preeda
Chalee Gansoot as Yak
Worapot Chaem as Joe
Nitiphong Phukeokasem as Wat

Rit Rawi, a military office and an expert in all format of combats abandoned the killing in order to spend his life with his lover in his hometown of Chon Buri. Rit opened a school to teach martial arts to protect the residents from international thugs that have extended their authority to Pattaya. Even though this created problems with the various mafia gangs but with his great skill no one can stop Rit.

Later Rit has been contacted by Gon, his military friend to participate in a secret mission to attack a plant of an illegal drug organization outside of the Thai’s border. Rit accepted the mission because he wanted to serve his country and thought of using the money he’ll receive from the mission to develop and support the orphanage that is taken care of by his girlfriend, Jaitip. But the secret mission has a hidden agenda when Rit found out the plant he has attacked is actually a lab that deals with the research of biological weapons. Plus the governor who hired Gon is not doing the operation on behalf of the Thai government but is a bad person named Praiphikhat whose purpose is to steal ” Namtah Matjurat (God of Death’s Tears),” a powerful biological weapon from the lab.

Rit tried to stop Gon and his fellow combatants but got badly injured and tortured by Gon who thinks he can successfully overthrow his good friend. In a near death condition Rit decided to press the switch that hides explosives in order to completely destroy all the chemicals stored in the lab before he passed away. Gon and his crew have to escape death. Gon can only bring along with him the chemical that is used in the pre-production of Namtah Matjurat.

No one knows that Namtah Matjurat has been volatilized from the lab seeped into the body of Rit via his open wound. The chemical caused the resurrection of Rit and gave him the power of speed and strength that is more than a natural human being. Rit quickly traveled back to Pattaya because he’s worry about lover but it was too late when Gon hired the mafia, Rit’s old opponent to rob and assassinate Jaitip. With rage Rit followed to kill the mafias at their nest before discovering the truth that Gon and Praiphikhat’s organization were behind everything. Rit returned to Bangkok again to revenge by camouflaging himself into an illegal fighting ring to search for a team member of Gon.

Meanwhile Madam Liu, a billionaire who has share in an oil drilling company sent her people to help Rit during a critical moment because she too has vengeful toward Praiphikhat’s organization for murdering her family and for being the cause of her disability, all because she refused to cooperate with them. In the past Madam Liu has always prepared a plan to get even with them. Madam Liu see the qualifications of Rit that make him suitable to perform her duty therefore she assigned Sophia, her close assistant to remove Rit’s history before introducing him at a banquet as Mr. Thomas, her adopted nephew. During the day Rit has to disguise himself as a playboy in order to search for the information of Praiphikhat’s organization that has many members in high society. But at night he put on a black mask to obstruct all their plans including the assassination of their top members by using the alias Payakmahagaan.

The appearance of Mr. Thomas and Payakmahagaan has been publicized in the front page news daily. Irene, the famous actress and daughter of an influential politician became suspicious of Rit aka Mr. Thomas after meeting each other at a charity banquet by chance. At the banquet Mawin, a young mafia who’s obsessed with Irene came in to bully her into signing a contract with his movie production company. Irene refused because she found out that Mawin’s company is actually a money laundering business. After the banquet Mawin send his henchman to kidnap Irene at the parking lot but luckily Rit came to protect her and he became her close friend. This has given Rit a chance to get close to Sir Namchai, an individual that Madam Liu suspected to be the backbone member of Praiphikhat’s organization. But before Rit can probe into his secret Namchai got arrested by Chief Natcha, a female chief officer who is the friend and fighting instructor of Irene. Rit pretended to be acquainted with Irene’s family for information.

Natcha obstructed Rit from getting close to Irene causing the two to quarrel with each other many times. Natcha decided to end her problem with Rin for once and all by challenging him in all areas from combat, driving a car, to various sports that she is good at – on one condition that the loser must stop his/her involvement with Irene. Rit was able to triumph over Natcha and he even saved her life from an accident from their third race. Natcha admitted to her defeat but assigned Sergeant Maitri and Officer Preeda, her close friends to investigate Rit instead of herself. Both officers were tricked by Chan, the cheeky chauffeur of Rit and were unable to follow Rit at all because Chan is not an ordinary chauffeur but he’s a black belt hitman that Madam Liu hired as the personal bodyguard of Rit.

Audacity mix with stubbornness of Natcha caused Rit to become interested in her. He investigated her history until he found out that her family got murdered leading her to become a police in order to bring the bad guys to justice. Because she grew up in an orphanage and has to take care of herself Natcha does not have many friends except for Irene who graduated from the same university as her. Touched by her history Rit therefore he hardly harasses her and even feels sad when she comes near him because she has a behavior that resembles Jaitip, his lover that passed away. Madam Liu does not want Natcha to spoil her operation therefore report the conduct of Natcha to Inspector Ramet, the policeman who is the commander of Natcha. Inspector Ramet has to come in and clear the problem.

Rit have great admiration for Inspector Ramet because apart from being an honest policeman he also has a skill comparable to Rit. Likewise for Captain Natcha who after her closeness to Rit aka Mr. Thomas found that he is not a playboy like she understood but is actually a gentleman and a believer in true love. Rit and Captain Natcha started to have feeling for each other but both are not brave enough to express it due to Irene’s feeling for Rit and Inspector Ramet pursuing Natcha.

Irene invited everyone to her vacation house in order to reward everyone for protecting her during the shooting of her movie but no one know that Win who wanted to revenge her would showed up and attacked Irene. But Natcha protected Irene and got injured instead. Rit intended to disguise himself as Payakmahagaan in order to attack Win but Praiphikhat’s organization send someone before he can do anything. Mawin was hunted until he had to surrender himself to Inspector Ramet to save his life. Praiphikhat’s organization still sent someone to harm Mawin at the safe house and put him in a coma for the rest of his life. The matter of Mawin caused Madam Liu to be confident that Sir Namchai is definitely involved with Praiphikhat’s organization. She ordered Rit as Payakmahagaan to go assassinate Sir Namchai at his house but Irene and Natcha got in the way so Rit’s plan failed.

At that time Gon appear as the new bodyguard of Sir Namchai, which Rit nearly kill Gon as soon as he sees Gon but Madam Liu warn him that he must continue pretending to be Mr. Thomas so the other party doesn’t become alert. As for Gon, he pretended not to know Rit as well because he has a big duty he must resolved, since before this, the boss of Praiphikhat in Thailand informed him that they were able to successfully extract Namtah Matjurat from the chemical Gon has stolen and its strength is comparable to the real one. But the downside is that the person receiving the chemical will be severely addicted and can die if the person goes without the chemical for more than 24 hours. The truth is that Namtah Matjurat is a chemical substance extracted from a particular drug. It is very effective in stimulating cells in the nervous system. The person who receives this chemical into the body will not only have strength beyond ordinary human beings but also has the ability to heal a thousand times quicker than normal people. It was discovered by the military institute abroad and was further advance to create an immortal army before it was stolen by Gon and Praiphikhat’s organization.

Subsequently later Gon tested Namtah Matjurat on Mawin who’s in a coma at the hospital. This caused Mawin to resurrect and become his slave because of the addictiveness of the drug. Gon sent Mawin out to kill many enemies of the Praiphikhat’s organization including Rit whom he believed to be Payakmahagaan. Rit nearly couldn’t escape for he didn’t think Mawin can wake up and be violent to this extent, if Chan didn’t help him, Payakmahagaan may have died that night. Gon is satisfied with Mawin’s works but not for long because he forgets that in the past a mafia boss like Mawin has never bowed his head down to anyone. Mawin attacked personnel in the lab and completely stole all Namtah Matjura that was kept in the storehouse; no one was able to stop Mawin. The superhuman strength of Mawin plus the potency of the drug caused him to be wild in the most insane way. He caused trouble by robbing and killing daily plus he also abducted Irene, the woman he’s infatuated with. Inspector Ramet and Natcha had to hunt him down. Rit was also very anxious because he is worry about Irene but Madam Liu told him if Sir Namchai is involved with Praiphikhat’s organization he will surely help Irene, his daughter.

Everything went according to Madam Liu’s words when Praiphikhat sent people to help Irene who has been imprisoned in the nest of Mawin but they were all killed by the super strength of Mawin. Rit in the form of Payakmahagaan followed them and fought with Mawin in a fierce battle. His plan was to lure Mawin out of his hiding place so Inspector Ramet can go in and help Irene out. Everything went as planned as Rit was able to kill Mawin but what he didn’t expect it to be captured by Gon because a highly respected police officer is actually the boss of Praiphikhat’s organization in Thailand while Sir Namchai is just a puppet that they forced to work for them.

Rit was delivered to the lab’s room of Praiphikhat in order to manufacture the real Namtah Matjurat and studied the power that was never unrecorded causing Rit to be severely tortured. Irene wanted to help Rit. Irene betrayed her father by sending the news to Madam Liu who sent Sophia and Chan to help Rit out but she didn’t think that Gon will set a trap causing the death of a highly trained hitman like Chan, who died in order to let Sophia and Rit escape. Natcha begin to question the matter that happened to Irene and tried to investigate but Gon pretended to inject tranquillizer to make Irene looks like a crazy person. Gon lied to Captain Natcha that Irene has been addicted to drug, Sir Namchai was afraid to obstruct because the organization threaten to expose his corruption. But lastly Sir Namchai couldn’t endure it, he pities his daughter so he sent the news to Captain Natcha to come and help take Irene out while he sacrificed his life.

Captain Natcha brought Irene to the Crime Suppression Department hoping to disclose the background of a top police officer who really was a member of Praiphikhat camouflaged as a policeman for many years. But the table turned and Natcha was instead accused of kidnapping Irene for ransom and killing Sir Namchai, leading Natcha and Irene to be hunted down by the polices and had to go into hiding at the mansion of Madam Liu. They met up with Rit who stay there but unluckily Gon and his people were able to find clues and went to destroy the mansion of Madam Liu. Even though the mansion has many mechanisms to protect it from danger and have very tight security guards but it can’t resist the immortal army of Gon. Madam Liu, Sophia, Natcha, and Irene tried to fight them in order to protect Rit who is still injured but was unable to withstand the power of the other party.

Madam told the three ladies to take Rit away. They took Rit to hide in a nearby place close to people. It was not long the power from Namtah Matjurat helped Rit to completely recover from his injuries. During that period there was news that Gon has created a small army of his own by feeding every combatant the chemical from Namtah Matjurat for immortal power. Gon wanted to test their capability by sending his army to rob and kill at various places with the backing of a top police officer who’s a member of Praiphikhat knowing all about the plan, causing the country to be in a state of frantic.

Rit and the three ladies decided to return to Bangkok in order to stop Gon and reveal the background of the top police officer with the help of Sergeant Maitri and Officer Preeda. Rit was able to capture the police officer who was a mole. Rit forced him to bring him to the military base of Praiphikhat where a fierce battle broke out between Rit and Gon and his minions. Meanwhile Natcha, Irene, and Sophia helped each other to close the gateway of the military base and bombed the place causing members of Praiphikhat’s organization to die in the flames.

During the explosion of the last bomb, Gon who was severely injured from fighting with Rit disappeared. He reappeared again under the condition of a monster by overdosing on Namtah Matjurat. He tried to kill Natcha and Irene but Rit reemerged to impede him. Rit told the ladies to quickly escape. Gon wanted to press the button to explode the entire military base of Praiphikhat and died as a result of the strong explosiveness of the bomb while Rit was able to miraculously escape. Rit believed his good karma has protected him from harm ways. After that no one heard about Praiphikhat’s organization again. As for Payakmahagaan, he went missing as well but not for long, whenever there’s danger invading the country Rit Rawi will return once again. Coming soon in June 2013!




  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Thanx for the summary.. I’m confused their name and fight but I don’t care lol. I only care natcha and rit. They love is like a ruk sam Sao

  2. balibabyer · · Reply

    would you like to sub this lakorn into eng when it is on air?The story seems well to watch.

    1. I don’t think I will, too much work since I’ve already decided to sub Maya See Mook. I think his Chinese fanclub will probably sub it.

  3. Thanks for the summary!

  4. balibabyer · · Reply

    vee chinese fanclub also have subbed maya see mook. well I prefer to watch weir’s new lakron. This kind of lakron always more difficult to sub
    than love stories. maybe weir’s chinese fanclub also hope someone can sub this new…Anyway,thanks for your hardwork to sub thai lakron.Have a nice day!*^_^*

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