Weir Discloses Progress With Bella Is Possible


Interview: May 16, 2013

Open his heart straightforwardly for the medias to interview like a man for the dark handsome leading actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, who accepts there’s an opportunity to develop his relationship with leading actress, Bella Ranee Campen. Before this the medias has interview Bella herself who said there may be no chance for progress because at this time the two really haven’t spoken to each other and may be just brother and sister. But when we get to interview Weir, who comes out strong and says wait and see further. There may be an opportunity to develop but true or not we must hear it from his mouth clearly which Weir did give an interview to the medias at the event, “Pain Killing Museum at Central Lad Phao.

There’s news that you have a photoshoot to show off your sexy body.
“There will be a photoshoot in Germany, I will show but I don’t know if it’s my lower part or upper part (laugh). I am joking. I’m going with P’Chakrit Yamnam, we’re shooting different volume of the magazine but shooting at the same place. And I will rest there as well.”

Will it causes a sensation?
“I think it won’t because Men Health is more health related. There’s no way that I will wear underwear for sure also because the weather will be cold. As for preparation, they say I don’t have to fit myself that much because I won’t have to take it off completely, only for my shoulder and muscle to be tight. I am going on the 19th to 24th of this month.”

There’s news that you’re distance from Bella Ranee during this time.
“I’m filming a drama. We talk somewhat, contact each other like normal but we don’t get to see each other much because I am filming “Nak Soo Maha Gaan.” It’s airing soon. They increase it to 18 episodes, action scenes in a day we couldn’t even film up to ten scenes. During this time for action drama I would like to put a brake on it first.”

The bodies are distance but are your relationship distance as well?
“No. We talk like normal. The status is the same, everything that was asked since the beginning is still the same.”

There’s news of Bella closing the job already because it didn’t work out.
“Wait and see.”

Is there a chance to develop further?
“There probably will be. We’ll continue talking to each other gradually but it’s up to the moment. During this moment we have works so we have to work first. We’re talking. She’s cute.”

Before this you gave interview saying the status you can give Bella is only a sister, is she hurt by that?
“There’s no such thing.”

At the moment fans are granting Bella and James Jirayu as a koo gine.
“It’s probably not different from when I play in a drama and has a koo gine as well. It’s normal, like Min (Pechaya) and Mai (Davika) which I considered as an accomplishment of the drama. That’s something that makes us happy, when we act and it didn’t touch, the viewers probably won’t watch anymore. That means Bella and James act well.”

Are you afraid being far away and the relationship won’t have any progress?

“No, we’re grown up. There’s no need to be have our bodies attached all the time. We have some chance to call each other, meet each other somewhat, that would be enough.”

You can confirm that you’re talking to Bella only.
“The only person.”

But there’s tiding of you’re not clicking with Bella so you’re returning to Gif Ornlene.
“There’s nothing. Just then I posted in Instragram, during that time there was a junior in the group that’s not Gif, who was sad so I gave her moral support. I wrote that I love her like how I love all my juniors. People interpreted it on their owns but really there’s nothing.”

Are you afraid people will misunderstand?
“Because we’re very close, there’s no worry regarding that matter.”

Recently there’s news that you got drunk and robbed in front of the hotel during your trip in China.

“There’s no such thing. If there’s a picture then show it. There isn’t any, the most we did was drinking and celebrating like normal. We traveled there – the weather was that cold…for us to just sleep…we couldn’t do that. But who would rob me? Who would be brave? Many of us went, motorcycle gangs are scary (laugh). Going on the trip that incident didn’t happen at all because we have elders taking care of everything. And another thing drinking is prohibited because we’re driving a motorcycle, if I fall I would get run over (laugh) they won’t help me. I have to take care of myself.”

We see you are very proud of this trip; it’s like you following your dream.
“Yes. Soon I will continue to travel. If any show that wants to come and follow me please tell me.”

In your plan, where will you go in your next trip?
“Vietnam…I’m going during November – December (this year).”

Cold season, are you bringing a woman to ride with you?
“This trip, not yet.”

Did you invite Bella to go with you?
“I didn’t invite her. I see that she has a drama, Look Tard.”

You know all about what she’s doing.
“I am a close brother of Ken Phupoom. Phupoom brags every day that he’s just film a boxing action scene. He thinks I have news so he’s talking at me.”

Did you ask Ken to take care of her?
“Not at all. She has someone taking care of her.”

Are you taking care of her heart?
“Do I take care of her? Sometimes…we talk like normal but she doesn’t seek advice from me much because her managers are taking good care of her. We usually talk about each other well-being, works, etc…”

You know her managers and who’s acting with her.
“I know it at all because they (managers) were with me before.”

Source: and PR Variety
Credit: Picture as tagged

P.S. Weir is very happy and lively in this interview. Lol I guess he’s more confident now while Bella seems more hush hush and has pretty much lowered the significance of their relationship according to her latest interview, probably because of her elders. But to be more hush hush Bella should stop going to Coolhouse often so there will be less fan’s accounts of these two handing hands. 555



  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    What handing hand?? I want to see pics of them holding hands…that will be my confirmation 🙂 thanks Ninja for the interview 🙂 I hope this girl will stick around for a while for his lonely sake 🙂 hehhe 🙂 ahhah 🙂

    1. Let’s tell the Thai paparazzi to go to his restaurant then. Lol

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja !

    Your P.S is to the point, like it! 🙂 🙂

  3. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    awww…he likes her ^_^

  4. I think Bella is cute! I would be happy for them if they got together.

  5. ashamb · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja…well at least he mentioned Min’s name..ha..ha..

  6. Thank you ninja for this interview. I don’t really understand thai..but bella is with that guy named ploy almost always. His IG is full of bella. The unknowledgeable me thinks they r together.

    1. Lol Ploy is a lesbian and she is Bella’s manager (the same manager as Mark P and Preaw T).

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