Min Pechaya: Freestyle

Min Pechaya: Freestyle

Interview: May 3, 2013

If you have free time for one day, what would you like to do for your fanclub?
“I want to invite the fanclub to play a team sport together such as tug of war, basketball, mon son pah, stepping on balloons, and Superman (laugh)…it’s play by wearing the underwear on the outside, carry ice and race each other. I have worn my underwear on the outside. Getting to do activity with the fanclub for me it’s fun…it’s like getting to release each other’s behavior, getting to rest, and getting close to the fanclub as well.”

Why do you think the fanclub like you?
“They like me for my silliness way especially when I smile cheerfully. They like it very much that they have given me the nickname, Princess Slaughter Smile…If I smile the fans’ hearts will melt and fall in love with me (smile). Something likes that but I will die because of my fanclub. They like having me do something crazy and disgusting like singing, dancing, but I will obey them all the time because I love my fanclub so I give it to them.”

People with what type of behavior do you like to stay with?
“I like someone who is good tempered and say funny things – being able to make me have fun and smile. Like a close friend that always find something to discuss all the time. Like my fanclub who are good tempered as well, make me wants to stay with them especially when they see me…will smile and laugh immediately.”

In the future if you have a boyfriend, do you think your fans can take it?
“They can take it because my fans used to say to me that “Protective but also love Min…Whoever Min loves we will love that person but if he hurt Min we are ready to fight back as well,” oh ho very admirable. I feel that they really love me as who I am…whoever I love the fanclub will love as well but right now I really don’t have anyone. Like when men come and pursue me the fans will tease, “This person is cute.” But no obstruction. I used to ask them what type they like, they answered, “Like the type that Min like,” it makes me feel warm to have my fanclub, or you can them Min’s bodyguards (smile).”

If you can get one thing from Doraemon, what do you want the most and why?
“I want Doraemon’s bag so that I can be able to get other things in the bag again, many things.”

You’re cunning. If you can take one thing out of Doraemon’s bag for the fanclub.
“I will take out my heart then (laugh).”

From Heart to Heart

Fanclub: “We’re touched by Min’s cuteness, friendliness and consistency, and importantly she never abandons her fanclub. We are worry about Min regarding her health because during this time she’s filming and studying hard. We want her to take care of herself. As for boyfriend matter, we don’t obstruct but he must be someone the fanclub pick (laugh). Joking. If to give example of what her sweetheart should be like, we can’t say, it’s a matter between two persons, it can’t be forced but whatever she does, she doesn’t hide from us.”

Min: “Fanclub for me are friends, family, bodyguards, and everything to me in the entertainment circle. If there’s no fanclub I don’t know how I can stay in the entertainment circle as well. I have everything today because I have support from my fanclub that follow my works. In my fanclub are Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese people. They are worried about my health, some have said, “you take some rest” because during this time I am filming a drama and studying hard as well. If nothing changes, around this October I will graduate from the faculty of Business-English at ABAC and wait to receive my degree around January of next year. I try to tell the leader of my fanclub in Thailand and abroad always to please take care of everyone instead of me because I don’t have the time to reach every fan but I want everyone to know that I love and want to reach every fan the most. And I would like every fan to love and work together, don’t fight, I don’t feel at ease but luckily my fanclub is cute, no problem in that area.”

Really suited as Cinderella, the fans darling, young lady. Hehe

Source: http://www.polyplus.co.th/column/freestylefriday/free_050313.html



  1. ashamb · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja. I like the part about her fanclub choosing her boyfriend and superman thingy…very funny.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Min and weir

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