Min Ignores Manager Making Porshe Her Koo Gine like Nadech-Yaya

Min Ignores Manager Making Porshe Her Koo Gine like Nadech-Yaya

Interview: May 8, 2013

Min Pechaya ignores personal manager making her an imaginary couple with Porshe Saran like Nadech and Yaya; confirm no fuel with the other party for sure and have never thought of hurting or stealing their works. Min reveals on her birthday she received 13 cakes and admits Porshe send happy birthday message.

Another leading couple who has many fans in the case of Channel 7 couple, Porshe Saran Sirilak and Min Pechaya Wattanamontri. Recently a magazine teased that the managers want both to become an imaginary couple for fans like that of Nadech and Yaya, leading couple from Channel 3. This causes many people to think, will both couples fuel with each other. We meet Min at an event and ask her regarding this issue. Plus we ask her regarding her birthday that passed on April 18th, other than receiving a happy birthday message from Porshe, she also received 13 cakes, shattering the record of senior actresses like Aum Patcharapa and Noon Woranuch.

Recently a magazine wrote an article to tease that your manager (and Porshe) want to make you into an imaginary couple likes Nadech and Yaya.
“Honestly, I’ve heard about this issue somewhat. But I think everyone, whether it’s myself or Porshe becoming the subject of an issue like right now is not something anyone would like or to be linked to other issue like this because we work hard and our presenter work did not overlap with anyone…any work we can accept we will accept. Personally, I don’t think of competing with anyone, staying in the entertainment circle I have to perform the best of my duty and not to trouble anyone – I think that’s enough.”

What if they want you guys as the perfect pair?
“That’s up to the fans. I can’t force anyone. And personally, I am working here, I have to give them respect because I have the fans supporting me whether in the status of a perfect pair or whatever – it can also be solo. I am happy with everything. I see it as supports for us as well.”

How do you feel being another couple in the entertainment circle that gets tease?
“Honestly, in the entertainment circle there are many perfect pairs, every drama will have a perfect pair and have leading actors and actresses, which is something normal. We are happy to be one among the perfect pairs because like I said it’s like a support for me to produce good quality works.”

Are you afraid people will link you to have a fuel with Nadech and Yaya?
“Never because really in the entertainment circle there is not only me or Yaya. Everyone wants a place to stay in the entertainment circle and we probably don’t think about hurting each other or want to steal each other works. If we have opportunities we do our works and perform the best of our duties.”

Are you not serious that people will compare you with Yaya?
“Honestly, I am not the first person. Really, many people have been linked for a long time, which is not a good issue. I think there’s probably no one who would like to be linked like this because it’s not good for our works and fames in the angle that people may misunderstand. Because each celebrity’s fanclub, each drama, also love their own celebrities.”

Since the news came out Nadech and Yaya’s fanclub have responded back.
“That I don’t know. But personally I want to show my innocent that I never have any problem. Who has a problem with who that I don’t know and I have all involvement in that at all.”

In your Instragram, did anyone make a comment?
“There isn’t any at all. Because different fanclub don’t really interfere with me and I believe each of the fanclub of the others are cute to begin with, it’s probably not a war to that extent. I perform the best of my duty just that is enough, doesn’t interfere with anyone’s duty.”

Asking about your birthday that passed, what presents have you received?
“I received cakes. Got fat (laugh).”

We saw you receiving many cakes.
“More than 13 cakes and other than that I got chocolates. I like to eat sweet.”

13 cakes, who are some of them from?
“I got cakes from my Chinese fanclub, Thai fanclub, around 2-3 cakes. I got one from Channel 7, Polyplus, and from the various productions.”

They say the cakes you received shatter the record of Aum and Noon.
“I don’t know. I never sit down to count the cakes as well but thank you. I really like to eat sweet perhaps. I like to eat chocolate. I eat well so people give me many cakes.”

We know that Porshe also send a happy birthday message to you.
“He sent a message but nothing special than the others because people sent me birthday messages, packed in my Instragram and my Facebook.”

Did Chin send you any message?
“Not at all. If asking, do I feel sulky, no, it’s still the same. If we meet we greet each other like before.”

Did you receive any special gift from someone?
“I got (gifts) from my parents and brothers and sisters who love me in the entertainment circle.”

Did you buy any gift for yourself?
“This year a camera because during this time I am crazy to take pictures so I brought a camera for myself.”

Some people buy a house or car, do you have a plan for that?
“Not any yet. At the time I am saving money. I think once I graduate I will do some type of business. I am looking at them ahead because I am a kid so I have to study them first. I am not in a rush.”

We saw in your Instragram there was a message of complaint.
“No, there isn’t. That message, I am just giving support for my friends. It has nothing to do with me or love matter at all. I have not sulking the channel either. That was a support for everyone who is more tired (than me).”

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/343440
Credit: Picture as tagged

P.S. The medias really like to ask nonsensical questions. Does it matter who receives more cakes than the others? There are plenty of people who receive more cakes than Min, are they shattering other people’s special records too? I didn’t know a cake competition exists.

As for the fanclub of other celebrities, more than one celebrity exists in the business for a reason, no one is out to destroy and steal anyone’s work or opportunity. There are plenty of works to go around and by the way when celebrities get work, they get paid not you.



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    Ahahah….I like your comment there Ninja 🙂 thanks for the interview 🙂

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    Thanks ninja and well said Min!

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