Min and Porshe, Channel 7 Koo Gine That May Stand a Chance

Min and Porshe, Channel 7 Koo Gine That Stand a Chance

Interview: April 8, 2013

Channel 7 koo gine, Porshe Saran Sirilak and Min Pechaya Wattanamontri are being watched after news of Chin agreeing not to pursue Min.

Will you pursue Min yourself? “Crazy. (laugh)”
Min: “Everyone is thinking on their own.”

We heard you brought a new car to please Min. “No.”

Min: “I can assure you that Porshe drove that car since we filmed a drama together.”

Did Min get to ride in it yet? “No. (laugh)”

Chin gave an interview saying he’s giving way to you.
Porshe: “I didn’t follow it but I did hear about it. There’s nothing. I saw Chin at an event and we talk like normal.”

Min is coming your way.
Porshe: “We’re close. We’re close friends.”

How do you feel Min that Chin is backing off?
Min: “Honestly I can talk with everyone because we’re friends in the entertainment circle. I don’t have the chance to see Chin at all. Chin is still a good friend, always.”

You have another competitor Porshe. There’s news of Hunz the Star pursuing Min?
Min: “I can answer that on my own. There’s nothing for sure, 100%. I want this issue to stop and enough of it.”

Are you worried that men are competing to pursue Min?
Porshe: “I didn’t confirm anything. Why would I be worried?”

You’re not worry because you see Min often?
Porshe: “Unrelated. In conclusion Min and I are close because we work together only. We have yet to go out and eat together outside of work.”

Do you want to invite Min?
Porshe: “I work a lot. If I have time I will hang out with many of my friends.”

Min quickly teased Porshe, “So handsome. (laugh)”

It looked like you’re quite shy giving an interview with Min.
Porshe: “I am not shy but I am hot. (laugh)”

Are you worried about Min having news with many men?
Porshe: “I am worry. When there’s news it will be more damaging for the female side.”

Since you’re worry, are you going to take care of her?
Porshe: “Always linking news all the time.”

Min said, “Brewing…very, very. (laugh) Firing questions like that if not shy then it would be strange.”

Is there a chance Porshe?
Porshe: “Right now no.”

Min concluded, “Don’t anticipate yet. Don’t think far ahead on your own. I want everything to be in terms of appropriateness.”

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/337418
Credit: Picture as tagged

P.S. I’ve been so lazy. Many times I wanted to sit down and translate this article but I always seem to set it aside until now. 555


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  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    Awe, what a relief 🙂 no chances now, but who knows in the future 🙂 thanks ninja 🙂

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