Mai Doesn’t Know About Her Fanclub Being Anti-Bella

Mai Doesn't Know About Her Fanclub Being Anti-Bella

Interview: April 17, 2013

Mai Davika Hornes doesn’t know that her fanclub and Weir Sukollawat Kanarot’s fanclub are displeased that there’s news of the male side dating Bella Ranee Campen. Mai refuses to express an opinion that will allude to the third party.

Mai has turned herself into the 300 million bahts leading actress because right now her movie, Pee Mak Prakanong has become the movie that make the most money for GTH. Recently there’s tiding of Mai and Weir’s fanclub being displeased because the male side make news with the new actress from Channel 3, Bella Ranee. We see the actress and have to ask her regarding this issue.

“The issue of my fanclub and P’Weir’s fanclub being displeased of Bella because she makes news with P’Weir? I just know about this as well. But regarding this issue I think it’s hard to explain because I don’t know how truthful this news is – because I think the fans who truly love me would not think of doing anything like that for sure. To conclude I can’t prohibit anyone from doing anything. And another thing P’Weir and I have worked together in many dramas now, if he likes someone I am happy for him and the fanclub should be pleased as well. To conclude regarding this issue it’s better to leave it to the individual right of the person. This is the only personal opinion I can give because I don’t want to allude to anyone…it will become a big issue again.”

Other than this issue there’s news that Min Pechaya, the actress from the same channel has swept the awards, the Best Leading Actress Performance award and Best Couple of the Year – many people are being watchful if Mai will feel resentful with this issue or not. Mai answers regarding this issue by saying she never think about the little things…because she has spirit.

“Regarding whether I get an award or not I never feel resentful at all. I think Min or other actresses in the channel that received awards, I have the spirit to be happy for them. I am not the type of person who thinks too much regarding those things. As for the various awards, I think one day if my work come out good and people see my ability I believe one day I can do it,” say the actress to end the interview.


P.S. I think a personal issue like that the fans should be able to understand, feeling can’t be forced.


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