Bella Don’t Dispute That Weir Has Delivered Fried Chickens To Her

Bella Don't Dispute That Weir Has Delivered Fried Chickens To Her

Interview: April 13, 2013

Channel 3 lead actress, Bella Ranee admits Channel 7 lead actor, Weir Sukollawat has delivered fried chickens to her drama sets. She denies that he’s making score to pursue her. She’s not hanging onto his fame and the relationship is still brother and sister.

It’s a special delivery especially for the sweet face actress, Bella Ranee Campen perhaps when there’s news of the dark actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, the owner of Decha’s Fried Chicken, delivering fried chickens to the setshimself. This attracts interest adding to the romannce news that Weir is making score to pursue the Channel 3 actress. Recently on April 10th the medias see the actress at the event, “Siam Paragon Summer Beats Festival.” The actress admits with shyness that Weir really did deliver friend chicken to her drama sets because the crew at the sets wanted to eat and the business owner wanted to promote his business only.

“Yes. (smile) He made a delivery to the sets only once. The crew workers wanted to eat them so I told P’Weir. P’Weir delivered it just once. I think it’s normal, it’s unrelated that he want to make score. I didn’t want to eat…the crew member wanted to eat them. He might want to promote his restaurant as well.”

From only one incident it seems like right now Weir has become a favorite at the sets despite being a lead actor from a different channel, “Yes…right now, he fully has the hearts of the people at the sets.”

When ask about her relationship with Weir if there’s a chance for further development, regarding this, the actress reveals the relationship is still brother and sister.

“As for the relationship with P’Weir it’s still the same. We didn’t get to talk that much. I believe that it shouldn’t be rushed because during this time I have many works to do.”

When ask about the tidings that Bella has more works now because she has romance news with Weirs as if she’s hanging onto his fame. Regarding this, the actress says with a firmed voice, it’s not according to the news.

“I want to say presently this is the period where I am more free. As for news with P’Weir, it’s unrelated because we didn’t accept work together. I didn’t work to convey that message but I am working because I got contacted to really work. I am not hanging onto his fame, if I want to hang onto his fame I would go to places with him, do something that make people see…I think very few people would think that I am famous because of the news – that’s okay, I will prove myself for them to see.”


News: April 19, 2013

Weir Sukollawat is not around, Bella take this opportunity to celebrate by taking her parents to buy household items but why did she go to the store close to his house?



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