Min Explains Reason For Chin’s Distance

Min Explains Reason For Chin's Distance

Interview: April 3, 2013

Min reiterates status of Porshe Saran is just a close friend, denies he went to guard her at the sets, and reveals reason Chin Chinwaut distance himself is because of work.

People are keeping watchful eyes on the heart of the hottest actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri because recently it looks like the man who is winning is Porshe Saran Sirilak, causing competitor like Chin Chinawut Indracusin to give way. We meet Min so we ask her regarding this issue.

“The relationship between Porshe and I are still the same. We are friends talking to each other with sincerity and I affirm that everyone I made news with in the past, all of them, there is nothing at all. In the past every side tried to interpret things themselves in various ways. We don’t have anything since the beginning.”

The reporter ask regarding the news leaking out that Porshe used to say no matter what Chin won’t be able pursued Min successfully for sure. Plus the issue of right now that Chin distance himself which the actress answers don’t make it into an issue again because she believes Porshe is merely teasing.

“Don’t take this issue and link them. I think it’s unrelated. It may be a saying with a hint of humor because Porshe and I are somewhat very close. We can talk to each other about many things and he know many information about me therefore it’s not strange if he say it like that. As for the issue of Chin beginning to distance himself, that is true but I see it as unrelated to successful pursuit or not…”

Other than that regarding the news of Porshe following to guard Min at the sets, Min explains she and Porshe went to work at locations that are not far from each other and they have an appointment for a joint interview.

“Actually with this issue Porshe have answered already. I will say the reporters wrote articles to make it an issue. That day we have work close by plus that day we have an appointment for a joint interview together and Porshe stopped by to play with the crew only. He did not follow me to that extent.”

Source: http://www.komchadluek.net


Interview: April 5, 2013

Chin disheartens to pursue Min, sick and tired of scandalous news, and denies giving way for Porshe.

You’re meek to pursue Min.
“I used to say this since the beginning but since then the news has been linked together. Both sides are tired.

Are you tired of the news or what?
“Regarding the news, sometimes I feel why some news has to be linked together and make into an issue even though there is nothing. I said since the beginning the person damage by the news is not me.”

You’re not tired of the issue of competing with anyone for Min?
“It’s like there has been rivals since the beginning but I don’t think they’re my rivals…Am I tired? No because I have said already that I am not competing with anyone. To snatch her, well she’s not a thing to be snatched.”

It’s hard to win Min’s heart.

“..She is a good person. We’re good friends to each other since the beginning although I like her more than a friend. Therefore if one day I don’t get to be her boyfriend but being friends is okay. She’s a good friend. The future is the future that can’t be determined.”

Do you still talk with her?
“We don’t get to talk much because we’re both busy. When we have this issue it’s tiring for both of us. I don’t want our friendship to be lost because of these types of issues. Whatever we say it will make news so I think being friends like this is better.

Are you downhearted?
“I am not sick and tired because I know that the news will get linked to become an issue…although we answer that there’s nothing but in the end the news will say there is.”

Are you annoyed with the news?

“I am a little annoyed. I have feeling and emotion. Sometimes what I’ve said doesn’t come out like what I’ve said…I am an open person and I answer frankly.”

Do you feel it’s a waste of time?
“I don’t feel that’s a waste of time. The fact that we get to know someone…get to know what type of person she is…I don’t regret it or feel it’s a waste of time.”

Is it because Min came out to say there’s chance for development with Porshe that’s why you’re taking a step back?
“She said like that about me too. Something can be further developed. It’s a word that everyone say. Let’s just say this. I never think of outcompeting anyone…I want to win Min over this is what I think all the time. The things I tried to say have been changed into winning over someone else. In the end the person who’s most affected is Min. I don’t want it to be like that. Trying to make Porshe and I have problems with each other…recently we went to an event together we talk like normal. There’s nothing at all.”

Source: http://www.tnews.co.th

P.S. I’m quite behind on Min’s news. The news of two guys fight over one girl is just stupid to me. Min’s article is referring to the time when Porshe went to the sets of Wan Wan Young Wan Yoo. Min sounds like she’s getting agitated of all these news of men liking her and fighting over her. As for Chin, I think his answers are good. He doesn’t like the fact that the media are linking him to Porshe and fabricating a fight between them when there is nothing wrong with their relationship at all. He doesn’t want to further damage Min’s reputation as well. And he did apologize for being too upfront about pursuing Min and causing her all this trouble because like he say the person most affected by this is Min. She has to answer the medias regarding this issue even if she doesn’t want to because it involved her. He gave quite a manly interview. And finally the Min-Chin saga end. Good luck in your future pursuit Chin. 😀



  1. Very manly of Chin to answer the way he did. Best of luck to you Chin.

  2. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    The news reporter are so irritating! Chin is such a sweetie ^_^ I feel bad for Min, with all of these rumors and tons of guys liking her.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Chin is pretty cute looking guy!….

  4. He’s cute…. Pick meeh , pick me Chin !!
    AlThough I do feel bad for him, he amites that he likes her MORE than a friend. Awe… sweet. ^o^

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