Bella Is Just Worry; Not Forbidding Weir From Riding Motorcycle To China

Bella Is Just Worry; Not Forbidding Weir From Riding Motorcycle To China

Interview: April 9, 2013

Bella Ranee never forbids Weir Sukollawat from riding his motorcycle to China. She believes the safety is excellent because he went with a team. Bella admits she is concerned about him yet still holding back on the relationship, wanting more time to study each other.

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot is using 15 days to ride his motorcycle with his gang to cross over to China. Many people are concern instead of the actress waiting for him in Thailand, Bella Ranee Campen. How does this close sister feel that her special brother is risking his life to that extent? This is what Bella has to say regarding that.

“I didn’t follow along because I have to do my work. He went with many people. I can’t go with him. As for the safety issue, I believe it’s safe because they have a high quality team that went with him and another thing if it’s not safe he wouldn’t go as well. He has work. He has unfinished work that he still have to come back and finish. Before he went he did tell me about it. I asked him, you’re going to China? He explained to me that it’s a trip that happens every year. There is no problem because there is a self-service car that follows along so I tell him if that’s the case then go. I am only concerned but I didn’t forbid him or anything – it’s his right. He made his decision already.”

When ask if the relationship has developed to the point of being able to call boyfriend/girlfriend the actress says to her the relationship didn’t decline but to develop to what point she can’t answer yet.

“We have the chance to talk continuously but because of works we don’t get to see each other much. If we’re free we do go out to eat together but we usually don’t get to go alone together. There will be friends that come along as well. For me, the way I see it, I want to let it go like this, continuously is better. We’re not in a rush. Slowly study each other – it’s better. To be honest we never discuss with each other as to what status are we talking to each other right now so I don’t know what to call it,” says Bella to end the interview.


P.S. Finally she admits to them studying each other. Lol In the world of celebrities studying is pretty much dating. Perhaps the news of Boy leaving it up to the future for a relationship with her may have cracked Bella since she doesn’t want her good brother to misunderstand. And she definitely doesn’t want to have news with Boy. 5555

As for Bella’s concern – no worry because Mr. Daredevil has made it to China already. That’s one long ride. I can’t believe he rode his motorcycle all the way to China. To me riding a car that long is already tiring, riding a motorcycle is much worse. In this picture he’s probably thinking yep I made it…I am the man. Lol



  1. Sreymao · · Reply

    Wier looking all sauve lol.. Bella so adorable. I’m starting to adore her. Hmm.. Studying each other huh. Thanks kimberly

  2. Bella seems mature, probably why Weir is into her.

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Bella don’t want to have news with boy 555555 laugh to die. Mmm Bella have ask weir about this trip too oohh and weir explain to her.

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Can someone translate the link above? Thanks.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hi there, Oh. I only know that W delivered foods from his restaurant to the set for Bella

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