Nong Is Silent On Vee-Weir Becoming Producers

Nong Is Silent On Vee-Weir Becoming Producers

Interview: April 8, 2013

Nong Palagon reveals the three famous actresses, “Aum-Pancake-Kwan” still have contract with Channel 7, do not want to speak regarding Vee and Weir becoming producers.

“Regarding the new producers, I think everyone has their own idea but it largely has to do with the decision of the channel on whether to give everyone a chance. But we have a committee who make the next round of decisions. As for Vee and Weir, I have yet to see anything (smile). They may be in the process of preparing their works perhaps.”

What about Kaew Apiradee Pawaputanont who is about to make a drama for Channel 7?
“I think regarding this you have to go ask the lakorn production sector because we split the sectors up, there’s the lakorn production committee and the decision making committee.”

Regarding the contracts of Aum Patcharapa, Pancake Khemanit, and Kwan Usamanee.
“Aum still have contract with us. Pancake and Kwan renewed their contracts already.”


P.S. Since the beginning of 2013, having a new CEO, Nong Palagon, channel 7 has been through quite a few changes. They’re giving opportunity for new producers to come in. They also increased the investment caps for lakorns meaning producers can borrow more funding to produce their drama. Compare to Khun Dang Khun Nong is more open to new changes and new ideas from people. I didn’t know Khun Kaew aka Khun Nai in Pin Anong is considering to become a producer. That’s interesting. Eventually when the time comes both Weir and Vee will probably go behind the scene. The chance of these two leaving channel 7 is very slim and next to nothing.



  1. No……not Weir, still wait to see him on screen. Vee can go, don’t care for him much.

    1. To each his own , you don’t like Vee but others do, nobody cares whether you care or not so please keep your negative comment to yourself

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    5555 same here too, I don’t want weir to go on behind the scene still don’t get enough and will never get enough of weir.

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