Weir Along With His New Hairstyle Reveals His Motorcycle Trip To China

Weir Together With His New Hairstyle Reveals His Motorcycle Trip To China

Interview: April 1, 2012

A style transformation for Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, who went to cut his hair, this may be because he has too much works or because the weather is hot. We see Weir at the event, “Nung Yuh, Hom Yuh (Wear More, Cover More)” at Tesco Lotus and he tell us, “The weather is hot. I have nothing at all, right now my dramas are already closing production. Production will be opened again at the end of April. I am going to a motorcycle trip abroad, place that is not developed as much, I don’t want to take care of my hair as a result it’s better to cut it.”

Nak Soo closed production already?
“Nak Soo (production) will be opened again on April 28. There are about 10 queues left then we’re done. Toward the end the male lead can have any hairstyle.”

Where are you going?

“I am going to China to ride my motorcycle…going with a big group of friends, around 30 motorcycles. I will be going for a long time as well, almost a month.”

Today Tangmo posted a picture on her instragram saying she is pregnant. Do you know about this news?
“She revealed it already. I am not that surprised because I know her well. We’re close.”

Do you think her joke is too harsh?
“Tangmo, no one believes her. (laugh) It was too funny. She likes to joke. She’s joking. She’s playful.”

Right now what project do you have?
“I have the drama, “Nak Soo Maha Gaan” that will probably air in mid-May. We’re almost done with filming. I am at ease,there is no rush, good to have (dramas in) stock.”

Were you tired?
“A little tiring, because the drama that just ended couldn’t film in time, it has to be aired while filming. But after that one they will let me rest for a month. Thank you.”

Talk about your contract with Ae Supachai.
“Between P’Ae and I, there is no contract, it’s a heart contract since the beginning. I will continue to stay because I don’t have anything as much, worry-free.”

Do you think there will be problem?
“I don’t think there will be a problem because I don’t have anything. As for accepting works, there’s a manager that P’Ae hired to look after me, screening works for me.”

There’s news of you becoming a producer.
“Who told you? Not yet. They’re just joking because I played with P’Ott for 7 dramas already, it’s the most that anyone has done. When he became a producer people are suspicious why P’Ott as the producer and I am always his lead actor, am I a shareholder? (laugh) It’s not true.”

Channel 7 are accepting new producer.
“Yes. Right now there are very few producers at Channel 7. But I am not ready yet. I think being an actor is more worry free.”

Is there a possibility in the future?
“In the future when I am more ready, having study more, there is a possibility. But going from an actor now to a producer I can’t do that. I think I need some knowledge. I may know from the aspect of being an actor on sets but the aspect of administrating or managing, things that dealt with producing, I have to gain more knowledge.”

Talk about your movie that is very quiet.
“The movie went quiet for a long time already. Pitupoom that I played with Mai but I think it’s in the process of evaluation. Whether the movie will be screened or not, that I don’t know at all…I don’t know what others may think but as we see everyone is well aware of it…who will be deeply affected? That I don’t know but I do want it to come out.”


P.S. I need some time to get used to his army buzz cut. LOL He looks like a young man entering the army. Anyway have fun in China and be safe Mr. Sukollawat. You deserve a good long rest. And why do they have to ask about Tangmo’s prank? Big deal. It was April Fools’ Day yesterday so clearly Mo was just joking.

I think once Weir is back La Ruk Sut Kop Fah should be able to begin production since both Nak Soo and La Ruk are under the same production team, Mummai. By the way they have changed the title from La Ruk Karm Kop Fah to La Ruk Sut Kop Fah so instead of chasing love over the horizon Weir and Min will be chasing love to the end of the horizon or chasing love to the final horizon. Either title is fun with me as long as Weir and Min are in it. 😛


  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    Wow….thanks ninja for the updates on their next lakorn together 🙂 weirmin forever 🙂 hopefully this time off will give him more energy for his upcoming lakorn with min 🙂

    1. naimee02 · · Reply

      Oh, and I don’t like his new ‘do :/

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    555+ yeah weir new hair cut is kind strange for me. I want khun yai looks on the wedding but sometime I miss him in khun yai look when he still long hair 

    I have a hope after weir come back he next open ceremony is should be la ruk sut kop fah. Woohoo so excite

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