Chin Raises White Flag; Quit Pursuing Min

Chin Hangs White Flag; Quit Pursuing Min

Interview: March 28, 2013

After announcing his determination to pursue channel 7 actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri, lastly singer, Chinawut Indracusin is giving up. Gossips say Chin can’t fight the tiding of actor from the same like Porshe Saran Sirilak. Recently we see Min at the press conference to introduce Thai Delicious Center at Siam Paragon Mall and ask her regarding this issue.

Recently Chin says he withdrawing himself from pursuing you because he can’t fight with Porshe.
“He said he can’t fight Porshe? Are you’re the one saying that? (laugh)

Really. Really.
“Honestly, we’re good friends, always and we’re still friends.”

He stopped greeting you.
“Yes. And at this moment there’s no greeting but when we meet each other we will greet like normal.”

Did you ask him why?
“I didn’t ask him at all because we’re still the same to each other.”

Chin is aware that you’re refusing to open your heart.
“No. Honestly, Chin is a cute person. I don’t want you to say anything that makes him look bad to that extend.”

He clearly said all the time that he will pursue you.
“Yes. I have to thank Chin because he always gives me respect. Therefore it’s my time to give him some respect.”

Did he tell you that he’s withdrawing?
“Honestly if we meet we can speak to each other like before. It’s not a big issue. Not a national issue to that extent.”

He withdrew himself, are you somewhat giddy?
“It’s a natural thing but we are still good friend to each other.”

So at the moment Porshe can smile knowing that he has no contender now.
“It’s still the same. I don’t have the chance to meet both of them. But Porshe, I do meet him somewhat at events. We still work together often. When we meet we don’t talk about issues like this much. We mostly talk about work.”

That mean you’re letting him (Chin) go, not holding him back.
“We’re good friends to each other all along. Chin is cute to me therefore its innocent…cute friends. I don’t want people to look at it negatively regarding Chin and myself.

Many people see this as, you’re not opening your heart to Chin because he’s a just singer but Porshe is a leading actor.
“I think if we’re going to love someone it has nothing to do with who he is or his career. It depend on if the person is right. Today, I am probably not ready on many factors. It’s not that this and that person is not good. It’s up to whether timing is right – Is the timing appropriate or not?”

Is Porshe considered as the right person?
“Honestly, Porshe is a cute friend to me all along. He gives me respect and that’s enough for me today. Still the same.”

It seem like news with Porshe is a way to create tidings for your drama.
“Yes. Yok Leurd Mongkorn has ended for a while already but there continue to be tidings online which it’s normal for a drama that has ended.”

Is there a possibility for Porshe to have a chance?
“It’s something I can’t answer yet. I have many duties to do. Both of our works are going well. Right now there is no reason to rush. Porshe is having fun with his work and life – me too therefore it’s good. Everyone is cute to each other.”

Right now, are you talking with Porshe the most?
“We have the chance to meet each other a lot because we have many works together.”

As a friend, right?
“Yes. Of course. Our managers will look for works (for us.) And people request for us to go to events together which is work related. My latest drama is with Porshe.”

Is there a chance for development?
“It can’t be answered. Really, it can be developed but for today this is enough.”

Is Porshe a player?
“I don’t know. I don’t follow his life so you’ll have to ask him. For me, he is a cute friend. He has anything he will tell me so I feel that he’s another guy that seeks advice from a friend.”

Will you be wavered if he pursues you?
“As of today there is nothing.”

There’s picture in your instragram that you posted and wrote “Ai baa.” And it’s a heart picture so people connect it to the MV Porshe played.
“No. It was my fanclub that talk with each other. Ai Baa (stupid idiot) is more of the fanclub issue.”

You said you’re not ready for love. Do you set a goal for yourself? How old? When?
“No but like I said once I am ready, such as my study…And many thing that should be more ready than this. Once I’m ready there will be opportunity.”

Even though you’re not ready you have still many news with men.
“I want to wait for a while. Right now my dad is closely taking care of me. And I am considerate of my dad on many issues.”

Right now, if we say you’re studying Porshe, that’s a no, right?
“It’s no. Studying what? (laugh) Studying what because we work together that’s all.”


P.S. My goodness most of these reporters are such liars, always making things up to provoke a response so they can have something juicier to write about. Chin never said he can’t fight with Porshe. Lol And of course this article does not include the last few questions. Because why should the media end it with Min saying no – they have to leave it open for more articles to come. 5555

Personally I think it’s good thing that Chin has given up because there’s no point in pining for someone that refuse to give you a chance whether it’s today or tomorrow. I’m sure there are plenty of ladies out there who want him but it just happened to be that Min is not of them. Best of luck to him. He seems like a nice and very straight forward guy.

Min is giving the same answers to everyone. Personally, I think she’s just being considerate to all the guys. If she says it’s not possible the medias will write that the person is not good enough for her. Therefore many of these celebrities tend to stick with the safest answer, it’s up to the future, which many of them have used the saying so often that it pretty much amount to nothing, another coworker, another news, another same answers, the cycle continue unless they admit to studying each other. And unless there are paparazzi pictures of them together then there’s no escaping, well not really, because most of them have stubborn mouths. 5555 But honestly it’s their private lives so they have every right to be tight lipped about it. Some people are open, some people are not. I can never become a celebrity, I value my privacy so much, too much even to those who are close to me. 😛

And by the way “Ai baa” has many meaning depending on the tone and the situation. If people watch my English subbed of RLSL you’ll notice that I constantly changed the translation of that word. It can mean stupid idiot, son of a bitch, or crazy son of a bitch, depending on the tone and context.



  1. Thanks Ninja….i feel so bad for Chin but then again….who knows he could try again in a couple of years..ha..ha…and i do love Min’s answers.

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    thanks Ninja ;D I always look forward to your interviews ;D So do you think, Min and Porshe are just friends?? ;D

    1. Regardless of what Porshe think about Min, in my opinion Min only sees him as a friend. Not to be mean but I think Porshe is putting up a show for publicity because during Yok Luerd Mongkorn he has no inkling of interest for Min whatsoever but then after the success of their drama everything just change. It gives me the same vibe when he was with Chat. He said the same thing, he’s closest with Chat, she’s cute, a close friend, but the future is the future, and joke it off like what’s he doing right now.

      I think if Min is going to date someone he has to be older than her and possess qualities like that of her dad. If I have to compare between Min and Porshe’s interviews – Porshe speaks his age, joking around, and all while Min is more serious and mature. Min would probably want to be with someone who can give her advices not someone who seek from her. That’s my impression of Min judging from her interviews and personality. She like responsible men who’s caring and can like a brother and father to her at the same time not someone who’s younger and more immature than her.

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        As for Min’s life partner in the future, I agree with ur points Ninja, I think that person should be mature and responsibility for her and their future family.

        BTW Ninja may I ask Min and Porshe do have the same manager? ?

  3. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    These reporters are so annoying!

  4. I feel bad that Min always gets the negative feedback for this stuff. I just think this girl is not ready for a relationship but these men make it harder for her since some of them are fairly open about wanting to pursue her. I feel bad for Chin since he’s liked her for a long time but I’m glad he’s finally given up. Besides we all know that the only person for Min is Weir…LOL 555555. If only that could come true, maybe on this next project it can. Yahoo!!

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