Weir Denies Knowing Gif’s Secret Lover


Interview: March 21, 2012

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot quickly defends himself after Gif Orlene reveals that she is close with channel 7 new actor, Boom Piyaphun. Weir explains he does not know about this issue. He only know that Gif is happy but didn’t ask her why she is happy. Weir also denies going to party hard with actress, Bella Ranee and causing her to miss work.

Feedbacks on Roy Lae Sanae Luang.
“People say I am mean. When they see me they give a displeased look. They ask why do I always like to jape n’ek (Anuch).”

Why do you like to jape nang ek? (Mai Davika asks Weir)
“The script is like that. The response is good. People talk about Khun Krao and Anuch all the time when I see them. Thank you for following my work.”

Working with Mai again, how do you feel?
“Worry free. Mai is talented. I am hinging on her (laugh).”

Mai, what about you?
“Good. P’Weir is talented. He help me a lot.”

What does your fanclub say about this drama?
“Very good. People talk about Anuch a lot. I have to thank P’Weir for making Anuch very pitiful.”

Is this hard for you (Mai)?
“It’s hard. It’s something new. With every role I receive I get to improve myself.”

Weir, right now there’s news that Gif is close with a new actor at Channel 7.
“Really? I don’t know about this at all. I don’t know who so I will have to investigate this (laugh). I have to know.”

You really don’t know about this.
“I only know that she is happy but I didn’t ask why.”

Is Gif giving way for you and Bella?
“That’s unrelated. Why would she give way? We’re just brother and sister.”

Will you scan this man for your sister?
“She’s a grownup already. Give them the chance to study each other but I honestly don’t know who that person is.

You said you’re going to investigate that mean you’re quite worry about her.
“I should know who what that person is like because he will be joining our group. But honestly in the end everything is up to her. It has nothing to do with me.”

Will you be secretly protective of her?
“No. No. No.”

Did Gif reveal anything to the group?
“No. She didn’t say anything. We talk normally.”

What about your love life? Any progress?
“My love life? Still the same. There’s nothing. At this time I only see Mai’s face every day. We’re filming…honestly for seven days my devotion is to Roy Lae Sanae Luang or else we can’t film in time. So I don’t get to see anyone other than Mai (laugh).”

But people are more watchful of you with Bella.
“Because I am in the news with her but there’s nothing.”

Is she winning?
“Perhaps not. We talk normally. We get to talk more but when we have work we don’t get to talk.”

Do you speak to her every day?

Does Bella visit you at the sets?
“No. No such thing. Most of time I’m with the rest of the actors. No one came.”

You don’t follow to guard her at the sets.
“That’s inappropriate. Why would I follow to guard her? Please give me a little respect when you ask (laugh).”

Are you crossing channel to guard her?

“Honestly it’s unrelated, channel 3 and channel 7 – we’re all friends. Don’t say we’re crossing channel. We’re friends.”

There’s news of you taking Bella out to party causing her to miss work?
“Really? This news is quite harsh but no. We take responsibility in our works because we’re actors. We are quite responsible or else people wouldn’t give us works.”

At the moment do you get to see Bella?
“Sometimes. I do see her but not often because I am busy at the moment.”

Having news like this, are you worried about her?
“I think we must be able to handle the situation. Being in the entertainment business we have some good news, some bad news, some harsh news, soft news…we have to live with it because it comes with the territory.”

Are you closest with Bella?
“No. I’m close with many people.”

For this event Pancake should here today but when she find out you’re going to be here she cancelled.
“Oh…I don’t know. I don’t follow her news. I don’t know how she is doing. We didn’t contact each other for a long time already so I don’t know anything.”

If there’s work, are you welcome to work with her?
“I’m a chill person. I think nothing. I am worry free. Very worry free.”

Bella has an event earlier, did you train her how to answer some of the questions?
“Why would I train her? We don’t talk about work. We meet each other normally. We don’t interfere with each other works. She never called to bother…we talk like normal. We meet each other once in a long while.”

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Bella Denies Partying Too Much With Weir

Interview: March 20, 2012

There’s news that new rising actress, Bella Ranee Campen has a picture taken of her partying with actor from another channel, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, plus rumor of her being a party girl. We ask her regarding her picture with Weir where she was partying hard until she got drunk. Bella reveals the red patches on her body are due to an allergic reaction to some insect. She denies Weir taking her out to party, drinking too much alcohol until she develop those red patches and can’t film her drama. The actress says, we only went out to eat together, because that place doesn’t only sell liquors but it’s a restaurant as well.

“Many people went, we ate together like normal. There’s nothing to it but because the news came out, I admits I don’t go there (anymore), personally I don’t really party (much), I do go out to eat with my friends occasionally. But right now I am worry because I am concern about the feeling of the elders and my fanclub…”


P.S. Joint interview is quite funny at times, the reporters had Mai standing there holding the mic for Weir. LOL

There are actors who love to announce his closeness with another actress whether it’s in the status of a possible romance, close colleague, or close friend, and then there are actors who are hush hush hush about their relationships. Weir is the latter if there were no pictures of him and Bella in Chiangmai no one would know about them.



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja! : )

    Honestly, I prefer to read ur P.S more than the interview itself sometimes. heheh

    In addition, I hope the WM’s chemistry will not be affected by the other things when they filming the second lackorn. 5555

    1. My P.S? Lol I didn’t think anyone care for my opinion.

      Of course not,no doubt in my mind that their chemistry will be alive and well. Plus they get to film oversea. Hehe And I have great trust in P’Ott, the director/producer and his crews.

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Yes, ur P.S or personal opinions, which including some meaningful….. hheheheh

        It would be best for our viewers if they still keeping their chemistry or even beyond the PA times.  As for the Moom Mai production team, I trust them as well to a great extent. And then it is said that the drama probably will be filmed in Japan; I’m not very sure for this information. ^ o ^ ****

      2. Japan? Mmm…a friend told me it will be China. Lol I guess we’ll found out soon.

  2. Thanks Ninja. Yep…i’m with Cherry on your P.S….it’s the best.

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    @Ninja, Japan or China, I think we’ll get the answeer soon like u mentioned. hehhe

    The second cooperation of WM already make me feel happy and excited. hahah so it’s ok wherever they go.

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