Mai Tearful That Ae Sent Her A Notice

Mai Is Tearful That Ae Sent Her Notice; Mom and Kao Reveal They Have Evidences Ready

Interview: March 22, 2013

Constantly in the news for Mai Davika Hornes that alluded as the third hand between Mario and Gubgib although before this Mario have said Mai is not related to his breakup with Gubgib but he admitted he is closest with Mai. Plus the news with Ae Supachai of which Mai have walked out of his management agency. Recently there’s news of Ae sending a notice to Mai and her mom and Kao, Mai’s manager to stop alluding to him or else he will sue. We sees Mai at the event, “MC Jeans Fit For All,” and ask her regarding these issues. Mai reveals, “With P’Oh, we haven’t talked for a while now. I have yet to contact him back but not that I won’t talk to him because soon we have to promote “Pee Mak” together. I am still the same in everything. He’s a brother that I’ve worked with, my feeling did not change.”

Have you asked Mario about the news?
“I did. I did ask…why is the news like this? I don’t know what to say for people to believe me because this does have an affect on me. I asked why? Honestly at first I was chill. I thought it will pass just like many of the issues but in actuality it’s continuing to escalate so I say I want it to be clear.”

You still haven’t talked with him (recently)?
“We haven’t talked yet. I have yet to contact him back but it’s not that I won’t talk to him because soon we’ll have to promote “Pee Mak” together. We’re still colleagues.”

Do you speak to him every day?

“No. Not everyday.”

Does Mario have any implication to pursue you?
“P’Oh is a person like that. Nothing has change since we’ve worked together.”

Mario said he’s closest with you, are you closest with him?
“No. Because I haven’t talked with P’Oh at all.”

Are you not afraid he’ll be sensitive with your comment?
“Right now I have to safe myself somewhat because I don’t want to have news of being the third hand. How will the future be, I don’t know, but right now I want to clear that I have no involvement in his issue at all.”

Are you saying this because you have someone else already?
“There isn’t. Right now I am with my work only. Very single.”

People might say you’re being tight lipped regarding Mario.
“P’Oh’s a cute person. But I love myself. I don’t want to be accused, I have this type of news often, it doesn’t look good. Not that I don’t want to talk but we didn’t get to talk at all. P’Oh didn’t sent (any message) and I didn’t return any. During the time we worked together, you can ask the crews we work hard. We both work very hard so there’s nothing at all.”

Have you seen tidings of Guzjung and Gubgib posting messages hinting at you?
“I don’t feel nothing at all. This I know nothing about. I just find out (about it). I tries not to take in too much of these type of news, don’t read, don’t stress. I want to perform my duty as an actor to the best of my ability. Like P’Kao have taught me, we must perform our duties to the best of our abilities, how we work on the first day, today we must work the same. I don’t take in stressful news because I want to enjoy working.”

Personally have you spoken to Gubgib?
“We didn’t talk at all. I think if we meet we will get to talk. I am not close with her. Lately we didn’t get to talk at all but earlier at first when she came to the set we did talk somewhat. We met each other at events.”

Do you have to clear with Gubgib?

“Honestly it’s untrue therefore I don’t want to clear because I don’t know what to clear.”

There’s tiding that Ae Supachai sent a notice to your mom and Kao to stop alluding to him or else he will sue, is this true?

“Because I am a kid I work hard only, these issues I leave them up to the elders, mom and P’Kao. My mom is very worry about me. She doesn’t want me to get involved with these issues. Like what I said during the first day, right now it’s still the same, there’s nothing to more to say. I don’t know what to say because I want this issue to end. Right now I ask for time for everything to get better in order to prove myself.”

That mean the notice was sent, is that true?

Does it make you sadder? Are you okay?

“I’m okay. He’s the person who has done favors for me. We ended well but I don’t know why the news came out like this.”

How does it impact you?
“My feeling is the first since everything has happened. The path that I chosen to walk I thought that I considered it carefully already. I thought it was best. I used my heart as a guideline. I didn’t other things as guidelines.”

Do you want to say anything to people who follow and support you?
“I thank you for every support. Thank you everyone for giving me support. Thank you to the fanclub. Thank you everyone. I want to say I am okay. I am still good because I know what I am doing. I am doing the right thing. I don’t want to have problem with anyone.”

But you didn’t allude to him, right?
“I didn’t allude for sure. I didn’t allude to him because he’s an elder and I am a kid.”

Have you cleared with him?
“At the moment I have yet to speak with him because at first when we ended we discussed things at a restaurant – we ended on good term.”


Despite the negative news lately Mai does have many supporters including a supportive message from big brother, Weir to Mai on his IG: “Live happily, laugh, and smile more.” He also said on WWYWY that Mai is the number n’ek in his heart before going off on how big her skull is. LOL

And support from Baifern who is a friend and has the same manager as Mai. Fern says she didn’t talk with Mai regarding this issue. As for herself, she doesn’t have any issue with Ae but she doesn’t have contract with him, her only contract is the 7 years contract she has with Channel 7, and her manager is P’Kao.

They’re so adorable together on WWYWY…

“Most of the time when I get to see Mai we don’t really talk about this issue because I believe that people have asked Mai about this a lot. I give her support more and as for myself, I am with P’Kao, but if P’Ae find work for me I do give him some percentage. I am with P’Kao. You ask why at this time I quiet, it’s good that way. Sometimes having too much news is tiring.”

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P.S. That’s Mai’s interview but there’s also an interview of her mom and manager regarding the issue with Ae Supachai. But I didn’t translate it since it’s too long and I don’t know if anyone want to read it. However, if there’s a request for it then I may update their interview. Personally, I think Ae is making this into a big issue by threatening to sue them. It’s like watching an entertainment mafia going after a kid that disobey him for having the audacity to leave his empire. If this issue does go to court so many people are going to be effected especially those within Ae’s management. They should just resolve this behind the scene and end things amicably.

With all the news relating to this issue, all I can think about is can Channel 7 please put Weir, Mai, and Baifern in a lakorn together. LOL Unlikely that they will but I do want to see Weir in a lakorn with Baifern, hopefully soon.

FYI: I have noticed many times now that Rakdara, the article source tend to piece everything together not according to the actual interview so I add things from the video interview as well, thank goodness for video interviews these days. Usually Thairath is my main source but they have yet to write this article up yet. Thairath tend to takes their times. Their articles are longer than other sources because they include every question and every answer accordingly, very thorough, no putting things here and there to imply anything. They’re impartial which is what I like best about them.



  1. Sreymao · · Reply

    Mai and Baifern are cute together.. I seen clips of them on wwywy they need to be in action lakorn cuz both girls kick @ss lol.. Thank Kimberly.

    1. They are too cute together. Mai and Baifern are my next koo gine after Weir and Min. 555 And they do kick ass especially Baifern and her high kick that almost hit Pa. 555 I think they both will make great female action heroes.

      Welcome 😀

  2. hope Mai & wier pair again , but in polyplusgroup .

  3. Thanks ninja…Weir is so funny about the big skull’s so him..teasing!

  4. Ninja, I am curious about Mai’s mom and her manager’s interview. I will like to read it but since you said it’s a long interview, can you summarize it then? 🙂 Thanks for translating these articles.
    The suing part is kind of shocking to me.

  5. I like Mai Davika and Baifern because they are my favorite thai actress. And also I like to watch their lakorn.

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