Weir Defers To Mai Only; She Holds His Secret

Weir Defers To Mai Only; She Holds His Secret

Interview: March 6, 2013

I don’t get what’s wrong with the media. They’re still asking Mai about the flowers she got from fans during the hug event with Weir which was almost a month ago. Didn’t they ask that day already if Dome sent it? So what if someone saw that Dome brought a red bouquet similar to the one Mai got. I got something similar too, did Dome sent it to me? It was Valentine’s Day of course most bouquets given will be red roses. Now that Dome and his girlfriend are off from their on-off relationship the medias see this as a great opportunity to link Mai to Dome again. It’s pretty obvious that the medias are cheering for Dome and Mai, not so much the fans. And the article also neglect to mention Weir despite the fact that he was mentioned in her interview so that leave me with no choice but to write it myself. +_+

About P’Weir’s mom…she always compliment you through the medias and say she like and admire you.
“P’Weir’s mom is very cute. If you see her – she look much younger than her age. She is cute and happy all the time.”

Did she visit the sets just so she can meet you?

“No, she didn’t come to see me. She came to see P’Weir – to take care of her son.”

Did she speak to you more than the others?
“I think she speak to everyone equally. I greet her when I see her. I did see a picture of her awhile back but recently I got to meet her.”

She said through the medias that she like you. Did she tell you anything?

“No. We talk like normal. I like P’Weir’s mom. She’s cute. She has a nice personality.”

P’Weir said you’re the only person he give in to, what’s with that?
“(laugh) Really?”

Yes, in the magazine.
“Yes. He give in to me because I hold his secret (laugh).”

What’s his secret?
“I don’t know (laugh).”

About the ladies?
“I’m not telling.”

That mean it’s about that, right?
“I’m not telling (laugh).”

You’re being suspicious.
“He didn’t defer to me to that extent. I am his sister.”

Do you guys have any rule since you both hold onto each other secrets?
“No. We just look into each other eyes (laugh).”

Also at the same event F&F Fashion Show Summer Collection 2013 Mai declares she has left Ae Supachai’s management agency. Mai is no longer with Ae, all her works now directly go through her personal manager, P’Kao who managed her under Ae’s agency since she first signed with his agency. The problem has something to do with money. The netizens are having much fun discussing the situation. A situation like this always bring out the masses of haters who see it as a great time to trash and bring the people they dislike down. Yes Ae Supachai is quite powerful in the entertainment business but Mai is under Channel 7 who will keep feeding her lakorns and continue promoting her. People are saying she might have less events and endorsements due to her fallout with Ae, I doubt it.

Was it a fierce breakup?
“Not at all. It has to do with the feeling that I’ve lost. It’s not fierce. We can still work together. If P’Ae has work he can still speak with us (Mai and her manager).”

Did Ae take advantage of you?
“I ask not to speak regarding that. We parted on good terms. P’Ae is considered as someone who I am indebted to. We did part on good terms.”

Ae searched for many endorsement ads for you, since you’re no longer with him, will you lose that?
“No. I work with my heart. The clients know that I give it my all. I work with my heart, if the clients are going to continue to employ me, it’s depend on myself.”

It’s like you’re ungrateful, you got famous and you dropped him.
“It’s unrelated. I have my reason for leaving. I didn’t just unexpectedly leave. I will accept that word. But what happened I will not talk much about it.”

Are you afraid people will look at you as a bad person?

“People can look continuously.”

It’s regarding problems that has accumulated for a long time already, right?

“Yes. The problems has accumulated for a long time already.”

That something is what caused you guys to be unable to talk to each other?

“We spoke already. We cleared everything already.”

Are you afraid of having less works?
“I am not scared. We parted on good term and P’Ae can still give me works. We can depend on each other.”

Will you become less famous since P’Ae is no longer by your side?
“I think everyday that I’ve worked – I have P’Kao who keep pushing me. Every day that I am working is because P’Kao who accepted the work for me and deal with all my work.”

P’Kao came out to take care of just you?
“Yes. P’Kao will take care of me.”

Were you the person who returned the contract to P’Ae?
“There were problems so we talked.”

Can we call it you ripping the contract?

“There was no contract to rip. It was a heart contract.”

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Credit: Pictures to Davikah

P.S. I guess it’s good in a way for Ae’s assistant to break away from him. I always thought it’s unfair to see his assistants working so hard under him. They work hard to manage his kids yet he himself has so much free time to go travel anywhere he want and of course he will still get the greater share of the pie because he’s the superboss. Although I have no idea how he manage things behind the scenes but I do know that Ae play favoritism, whoever can get him the most meats will get the most of his attention. As for anyone calling her ungrateful, no one really know what happened between them, and the term “money trouble” has such a vast implication. We don’t really know the scope of their problems but it does sound like Mai (and/or P’Kao) were taken advantage of. Judging from Mai’s answer I see this situation as more of P’Kao leaving Ae and taking Mai along with her rather than Mai leaving and taking Ae’s assistant manager with her. And between Ae who take care of her from afar versus P’Kao who is there to take care of her everyday, I think it’s pretty much an easy choice for Mai. Fighting Mai!

Weir’s mom just got back from America so she came to visit him on the sets when they’re filming the wedding scene, which by the way got ruin due to poor editing. I did edit those two episode myself. Anyway Weir says his mom doesn’t have to come and take any idea from Nuch and Krao’s wedding because she has prior experience, “she got married before me and have me so she doesn’t need to take down any ideas.” The hosts also mentioned about Weir looking at Mai sweetly which I agree. At the end of the interview Weir gave Mai this lovingly sweet stare, maybe he’s still into his role, Khun Krao looking at Anuch rather than Weir looking at Mai. LOL

I guess Weir can trust Mai more now since she’s not telling anyone his secret unlike someone. But I think she has learned her lesson now and I still love her. LOL But I wonder what secret or secrets perhaps. They have great chemistry off-screen, very siblings-like relationship, it’s too cute at times. Weir some times call Mai “look” which literally translate to child but it’s more of an endearment terms from an elder to a child – kinda like saying baby, sweetie, and etc. I must say Mai and Weir look gorgeous together, it must be the height factor that make them match each other so well. I can see why Weir’s fans are divided between Mai and Min. It would be unfair of me to do a poll now, I will do one after this lakorn end, just to be fair to my bias. LOL Personally, I think this couple has great potential they just need to work with Pordeecam or Mummai to give some justice to their adorable onscreen chemistry.

Lastly episode 6 will not be up tomorrow, sorry, because I am preoccupied with other obligations tonight and tomorrow night, but I will finish the rest of that episode Friday night and into the weekends.



  1. ashamb · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja….i’m not a fan of Mai but i do believe there something wrong with P’Ae agency and i think what Mai said could probably be true….it’s due to money issue. Who knows what really going on behind the scene but now people who i think Mai non fans/haters are having a field day stating that she’s arrogant and ungrateful.

    I definitely can’t choose between Weir-Mai or Weir-Min pairing because both pairings look hot & great. I like the way Weir look at Mai during interviews…it’s like his giving her the sisterly looks, familiar & comfortable but not in a romantic way.

    with Min it’s like he’s always give that cheeky & naughty look but comfortable & caring in a weird way…i don’t know, just my opinion…..yeah you’re right she did learn her lessons about secret LOL but i still believe it was just an honest mistake…ha..ha..

    1. Well according to an insider the money issue was concerning an advertisement. Mai was offered 6 million bahts for the ads, the client divided the payment into two checks, 3 million at first then another 3 million afterward. The setup with Ae’s agency is that he take 40% while his kids take 60%. For the first check he deducted 40% off and gave Mai $1,800,000, which is correct but then once the second check come he deducted 40% off again, a total of 80% deduction which is wrong and blatantly cheating Mai off. I think if this is the cause of their money issue it make sense for Mai to say her feeling was lost because of what Ae did. Maybe it was a honest accounting mistake or maybe it was intentional causing Mai to lose her trust in him.

      Since Mai wouldn’t reveal much beside admitting the problem deal with money her haters and non-fans are out in full force to attack for being ungrateful. Mai also said herself she accept that term if that’s what people want to label her as but she will not talk about the issue in great detail except for acknowledging there was a problem and that caused her to leave the management. I agree with her decision to leave if she was taken advantage of like that. It’s unfair to her. Why she should stay and endure being taken advantage of? Just because she is indebted to Ae? I don’t think so. Ae is not Pa in Roy Lae who helped Anuch without wanting anything in return, everything in the entertainment business is a transaction, they both have a mutual relationship of dependence.

      I wouldn’t call myself a Mai’s fan but I am fond of her. I think from reading her interviews Mai is a honest and well spoken person. She has no problem admitting to her fault unlike some celebrity which is a rare quality. I feel bad for her. Some people are attacking her as if she did something unlawful or murder someone. I wonder where were these people when an unfamous actor murdered another man, with video evidence, witnesses, and everything yet this guy is still walking free in society, where were the outcry for that injustice? The guy should be behind bar fighting his case not walking free as if the case has no evidences whatsoever. People and their priorities these days are quite twisted. The people who attack her didn’t do so because they love and agree with Ae but they just want to attack Mai. I think one of reason is probably because her logo is Channel 7.

      1. If Ae is to get 40% of the 6 million than he didn’t take more than his share.

      2. It was 2 checks so he got 40% twice. That’s 80% in total.

      3. thanks ninja for the explanations….now i know much better about the whole issue….i do wish all the best for Mai. In her interviews i do see resemblances btwn Mai & Min. Both of them gave honest and well said answers but sometimes Min can be playful also..ha..ha….

        I think Mai also follow Min’s ig cos sometimes i saw her post a few comments which google translation is so ‘sigh’…..and if i’m not wrong, i read Min advice her take good care and have a rest…don’t work too much stuff like that…i think. Base on their comments so i concluded that they’re good friends as well. Mai always comment like Min’s so cute or i want to go shopping with you too….ha..ha..

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    thanks Ninja for the interview ;D I’ll choose WeirMin because they have that very special connection unlike anyone else ;D Ashamb or Ninja, can you tell me what secret(s) Mai let the world know for her to learn her lesson(s)??? If Mai is the one Weir trust the most, then definitely he won’t tell Min anything anymore because she can’t keep his secrets ;D hehehe ;D

    1. I meant Min who now must have learned her lesson not Mai. Mai didn’t tell the media anything. Lol

  3. Thanks ninja.. i’m so agreed with you..
    They need other lakorn together and not with this daravdo..

  4. Haha, I love Mai. She has grown so much in so many ways. Although, her acting isn’t super great still she gets better with time and that is what matters the most. I like that she is being more careful with her words. Some things just are good to reveal even if you aren’t at fault. I do feel bad for her with all her drama but I really do hope that if Dome really is pursuing her that she denies him. Eek, don’t hate me folks. I love Dome too but he’s so not boyfriend material. And definitely not after having denied her so many times in public. But I will support if they do get together because I do like them both.

    As for which girl I like with Weir more….I have to stick with Min. Both girls are cute and beautiful and have great chemistry with Weir but Min’s chemistry with Weir is something else. It goes beyond a p’ nong relationship. I feel like with Mai they have great chemistry because of their friendship but with Min it gives you the feeling that it can be real. Weir and Min together seems and looks more natural. But according to media, all of them are Casanovas. Haha!!

    1. Not to destroy any fans dream but Mai will never give Dome a chance. She’s too ambitious to want to get involved with him. The medias just love to give her the 3rd hand title, 1.Dome and Guzjung, 2. Gubgib and Mario, and the latest, 3. Weir and Bella. Gossipstar wrote a piece about Mai stealing Weir away from Bella. It was funny and stupid.

  5. Oh btw Ninja…curious, will you be subbing Min’s new lakorn with Pae, Cinderella Rong Tao Tae?? I’m not really a fan of Pae but I love Min so I want to support her. Just wondering. I’ll watch it regardless since I understand pretty decently but I was curious!

    1. I don’t think I will sub that one.

  6. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Huh really… All the reports they got to do at all just make trouble for Dara. If Mai really steal weir from bella 555+ I think Mai and weir already date many year ago, Not wait till these day. And They will not end up become this much close together as friend or sis and bro. they’re happy as bro and sis. About the poll it hard for me, I like both them with weir.

  7. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Man I forgot to say it, like ur new pic on the top Very cute .

    Can’t wait too see them both new lakorn. Miss khun yai and pin mak mak

  8. I love this translation! Thanks very much Ninja. I’m a huge fan of both Mai and Weir, but I’m scared for their future as co-stars: if RLSL gets low ratings because of the poor editing, and makes Mai and Weir not reunite, I shall be one very sad fan. They have a lot of chemistry that I feel is being overlooked due to the editing…Not to mention they indeed have great work/sibling relationship that enhances their chemistry onscreen.
    The media is definitely pushing for Mai to have a reputation as the third hand and it’s getting pretty old, but seems to be benefitting the anti-fans. But Mai has always come off to me as a very confident young lady (as you wrote, ambitious and well-spoken) and continues to be unfazed by all the accusations; which I admire her for. Funny, I didn’t see Mai showing THAT much interest in Dome lol but that might just be because I’m not a fan of him at all.
    Hm. A lot of Asian cultures look up to the whole “gratefulness” thing, which I understand, but come on, if you’re not being given the respect you deserve, who can blame Mai and p’Kao for distancing themselves from that kind of treatment? And the questions they asked her, calling it a “fierce breakup” sounds overly dramatic. It’s business, not a cat-fight. lol.
    Anyway, thank you once more for persevering with the subbing! It means a lot to fans like me!

  9. Oh do you have a video link to Mai and Weir’s interview that you talked about in this post? I can’t seem to find it.

    1. Here’s the link.

      1. Thanks. lol He really did call her “look,” how cute.

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