Bella Admits Weir Picked Her Up; Still Just A Good Brother

Bella Admits Weir Went To Pick Her Up; Still Just A Good Brother

Interview: March 1, 2013

How’s the relationship with Weir right now?
“Continuously, we talk sometimes. We’re close to a certain extent.”

Is there a chance to further develop into boyfriend and girlfriend?
“As of right now, not yet. It’s up to the future. (laugh) Right now I am working only.”

Is Weir cute?
“P’Weir is cute. He’s a nice person.”

You uploaded the same movie picture on your IG as Weir, did you go see the movie with him?
“We didn’t go together. We watched it separately. I like the actress in that movie. I was touched (by the movie) so I uploaded the picture.”

That mean you advised Weir to go see the movie.
“No. P’Weir was the person who advised that it was a good movie so I went to watch it.”

With Weir, can you call it “studying each other”?
“Not to that extent. He’s an extremely nice brother.”

Bella admits it’s true that Weir picked her up at the post production party for Porn Phrom Olaweng.

“That day I didn’t bring my car. And it was nighttime so P’Weir offered to pick me up.”

P’Weir went to pick you up and drop you off at home at night that mean your parents trust P’Weir.
“I told my mom beforehand. I asked her. My mom said okay.”

That mean P’Weir make it pass your parents?
“I didn’t set it.”

Is P’Weir your special brother?
“I didn’t put a rank on it like that. It’s still the same.”

Were you afraid that people will see? He was in a disguise, wearing glasses and hat.
“No disguise. It was dark so people couldn’t see clearly.”

Source: and Dao Kra Jai

P.S. I didn’t translate the entire interview, only selective ones about Weir. Her answers are so odd and incomplete. I have no idea what she meant by not setting it. And why does Weir have to pick her up? Can’t she ask Boy Pakorn, her lead co-star or anyone at the party to drop her off? It was at night and Weir offered to pick her up is such a weak excuse. Plus how does Weir know that she was at the party and needed a ride? LOL



  1. Sreymao · · Reply

    Bella is so into weir lol.. Thanks ninja. Bella is cute. She is growing on me for ch 3 newbie. Her role as May tavee make me her fan.

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    Thanks ninja for the interview 🙂 yeah, her answers were confusing :6

  3. She and weir are probably talking to each other but they wont admit it. That’s right why couldn’t boy take her home. I have a feeling they’re both talking to each other.

  4. jjinxx · · Reply

    They’re probably talking to each other, not quite dating yet, but still. lol

  5. I think these two are talking but just don’t want to go public. After getting played a couple of times Weir is probably being extra careful before he goes public.

    1. There’s no doubt that they’re in the talking stage. And yes he’s being careful for his sake and Bella. But I don’t see Bella is the type that would play him. Lol She seem nice.

  6. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks for ur sharing, Ninja 🙂

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