Weir Is Open To Talking With Bella; Not Closing Himself


Interview: February 19, 2013

Weir accepts he’s a single man therefore he can talk with anyone he wants. There is no reason to close myself say Weir and he is not talking with Bella as a girlfriend. He has been single for a long time now but the muscular actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot never fails to make news with the ladies since he became single. Weir has news with a different woman every time and recently he made news with the new actress from channel 3, Bella Ranee Campen after people saw the two at the a trip in Chiangmai together. Plus Bella also rode on his motorcycle which both came out to admit that the news is true. This make people think that Bella is the new girlfriend of Weir therefore we have to ask him what’s the truth.

“First of all, I am single, and the privilege that every single person has, that many couple has regret – a single person can talk with anyone. It’s not something wrong because I am single. And because I am single there is no worry that talking to this and that person will be wrong for I don’t have a girlfriend. I have the right to talk with anyone that I feel good with – this is the privilege of a single person. Do I want to be single? I don’t want to be single but right now I don’t have anyone as my girlfriend so I can talk with everyone. I am not the type of person who dates many people at a time. I am the type of person who dates only person at a time.”

We ask further about how Weir feels that people are saying Bella is not his ideal type because she is not Chinese or a model, the actor spread his wings to protect by saying he can talk with anyone, it’s irrelevant that she has to be Chinese or a model.

“The reason that I talk with someone is up to whether we understand each other or not and I have no reason to not talk to her (Bella).”

People are not cheering for Bella because you’re having a drama with Mai Davika at the moment.

“With Mai, people have been cheering since we first worked together in Ngao Kammathep. There are groups of people that like Mai and me as a couple and are cheering for us all the time. Right now we returned to star together again. I am happy if people want us to be a couple because people are into our drama. I am glad,” says Weir to end the interview.

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  1. I am agree with weir, he is single so he can talk with everyone like he say , it not wrong his is still not someone own. Pretend If he don’t has any news with girl there will be news saying he don’t have someone to dating.

  2. I gree with weir but i would like p’weir and p’Mai are couple.

  3. Love the way Weir answered. I totally agree with him.

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