Weir’s Heart Is Still Vacant; Not Rushing To Find Love


Interview: February 15, 2013

We see that lead actor, Weir Sukollawat make news with the ladies non-stop and recently he’s in the news with Bella Ranee, the new actress from Channel 3. Weir says nothing has progress yet. We see him at the hug marathon for charity, “Siam Center In Love” therefore we got to ask him regarding his love life.

What is your view on love?
“My view on love? I think it’s something beautiful. Love is the motivation that keep us alive and give us moral support when working – perhaps the love come from the people we love like our moms, dads, relatives, friends, lovers, fanclubs, or supporters (people who follow our works). They’re something good that make us happy and give us moral support in the works do. Love is something that keep us alive.”

Then when will you have a lover?
“The love of Sukollawat? I’m not in a hurry (laugh). Just keep going. I’m not being too picky but when it comes that will be the day.”

With Bella, as of right now is she still a sister?
“We talk like normal but not to the extent of studying each other. I talk to her like I talk to Mai. Because I don’t even have the time. Right now I have “Roy Lae Sanae Luang” that’s about to air. I don’t even have the time to give to myself therefore I’m not ready to give hope to anyone. Once we wrap up production, we can talk about it then.”

After being in the news with Bella, did you get to speak with her?
“No. We didn’t talk because it’s nothing serious. I am always in the news with the ladies. With my juniors I also have news all the time. It’s something that I am quite at ease with because there’s nothing to it.”

Bella made news with you so many people are keeping watchful eyes on her.
“It’s normal for an actress that made news with me to be questioned because people want to know what’s going on. There’s nothing. Bella is just beginning to have project and she just came into the entertainment circle so people are paying attention to her. I don’t think there’s anything much to it.”

With Bella, does she stand a chance?
“I see the medias cheering me with everyone. You see for some people cheering work and for some it doesn’t work. Right now it’s up to the future. I can’t really answer.”

The news said you’re pursuing and getting to know her, is that true?
“Most of the time I speak to everyone like normal when I have the chance. But if one day I have the feeling, is this person the right one? – Right now my answer is no.”

Do you have someone that make you feel like that yet?
“As for right now, no. Because in the past I made decisions that were too quick. Right now I’m letting nature takes it course. I’m not rushing it or making myself lonely. I have many works. Filming a drama is tiring already. I want my individual time to be more relaxing. It’s better to be clear.”

When you say too quick, is it regarding the fact that people find out about you too quick?
“No. After I do something, just one day later people already know about it, right? Because I am in a bright spot whatever I do the next day there will be someone who know about it, that’s the case every time. I feel that it’s not a big deal because I am not doing anything secretively. I live my life like normal. If there’s anything then let it be because I am innocent and if anything is true I will tell you. If there’s someone I truly love and want to marry I will tell you myself.”

Right now your drama, Roy Lae Sanae Luang is about to air already, soon there will be a “koo gine” wave?
“Of course but if you ask if there’s a chance to be lover like in the drama or not, right now is a no because we’re still brother and sister. But in another ten to twenty years, who knows? I might be dating with someone around this vicinity, I can’t say yet (smile).”

Credit: Picture to Khasod

P.S. I finished watching the first episode earlier. I knew it would be a fast pace drama but they took out quite a few scenes so everything is happening way too fast. But it’s a good start. Can’t wait for the next episode. I’m going to start subbing a little of it now.

For those who ask where this drama can be watched online before then. I did a little research. I think this person will probably upload this drama along with other Thai drama on his/her youku.



  1. SkinyWinky · · Reply

    I wouldn’t blame him for not rushing into a relationship after what Pancake did to him. By the way thanks for the link, it worked n I just finish watching though I had no idea what they said. It however helped me with my Weir addiction 😀

  2. thanks Ninja for the interview ;D He sounded like he’s into Mai……or talking to Mai., like he said, “I might be dating with someone around this vicinity, I can’t say yet (smile)” Q.”With Bella, as of right now is she still a sister?” “We talk like normal but not to the extent of studying each other. I talk to her like I talk to Mai.” His typical gal is out of the picture ;D

    1. Lol…I think he’s just messing with the reporters with that comment. He can be quite sarcastic sometimes.

  3. thanks for the link! First episode so much happened! Not sure how the character development will go but at this point I’m just happy to get to watch it!

  4. Ninja, have you read up to the 5th “episode” on manager yet?

    1. No. I have yet to read it.

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