Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Mai & Weir: Get Ready To Kiss, Gine, & Fin


Interview: February 2013

Finally you guys get to meet again.

Mai: “I am happy to work with P’Weir since our last time was a very long time ago. P’Weir is cute like before. He advise all the times. Before filming he’ll recite his lines – he work very diligently and most importantly he is very manly…a 100% man so the ladies are all enchanted by him. His physique is great and he is perfect. All that compliments came after P’Weir paid me 20 bahts (turning to face Weir).”

Weir: “You love to compliment me I didn’t even pay you (laugh). I am happy to come back and work together again after Ngao Kammathep which was 2 years ago. Working together this time, I am glad…Mai is older, more beautiful, and more excellent in acting. Everything improves with time and according to the numbers of year she has been working. Working together is easy. Before I was teased as the Pa who pushes her to fame in the drama where we first met but now Mai is a superstar already. I am just a regular lead actor. Please help push me, Mai.”

Mai: “P’Weir is being over. I have to learn more…still very far from the word superstar. Working may be more easy than before because I now have some experiences but I still need more help from P’Weir. P’Weir communicates his emotions to me really well and always tell me about the camera angles. Anything to advise he will always tell me…he is very befitting to be the true Pa who pushes me.”

Oh!…complimenting each other.

Mai: “Normally it’s not like this, some compliment alternate with some teasing. P’Weir always make me lose my confident.”

Weir: “Mai has a nickname “bean sprout.” We stopped working for a week and once we returned to filming Mai has gotten very thin. The crews asked, how skinny will go get Mai? Small body but big head maybe because her skull is big but her face is small. I am trying to get her to go work out. I want her to have some muscle so she can be fit and firm.”

Mai: “P’Weir recommend something to me every day…P’Weir is healthy so what he recommend must be good for sure. Honestly, I eat foods and sweets like others but no matter how much I eat my head has always been big and my weight doesn’t go up. Maybe because I work a lot. Once I’m done filming I go home and I just want to sleep more.”

This is what Mai remind people of…credit Moddylove.

Weir teases that you like to work but don’t like to eat foods.

Mai: “Right now I ate a lot already, as for the issue of working I don’t deny that. I want to work. I want to meet people. I choose to do the things I love and I get to meet people all the times. I am very happy. I am not tired. Since going into the New Years I haven’t stopped working. To stay still at home…I don’t know what to do. When I go outside and come to work I get little rest but I feel more valuable. Working in a drama, modeling, or shooting fashion – I don’t mind as long as I get to work.”

Mai teases that P’Weir is also crazy about work, not any different from her.

Weir: “I keep finding things to do. But mostly the things I like…the restaurants are making it, like Soi Taew Tim that just opened this past year, the result is quite good but I want more people to come. I wanted to have a business at a pretty young age because with career as actors…we can’t stay as the leads forever. I find something else to do so when I am full (acting career is over) I still have income. We should open a business while we’re still famous. It’s better than starting a business when we’re no longer famous. I am not above the others. I just think it’s good to do something before someone else…to have a second career to support in the future after my acting career. But being an actor is still my main career for sure, that won’t change any time soon.”

Are you not interested in becoming a director Weir?

Weir: “I am interested. At the present I am trying to search for colors in directing as well as helping the production out sometimes…if I can do anything I will do it but to really direct I want to have more knowledge than this. Right now I only know the acting angle.”

The roles you both receive in this drama, how inviting it is for people to gine?

Weir: “Buy a pillow in advance, there are scenes the audiences are waiting to see for sure.”

Mai: “The lead characters in this drama do not get along since the first scene but there are many cute love scenes, why?”

Weir: “We are confident that the audiences will “fin” for sure (sweet smiles from both).”


Source: TV Inside Magazine
Credit: Sukollawatclub for scans

P.S. This is not the entire interview, the last page was just regarding their drama and future projects, I was just too tired and didn’t feel like translating all of it.

And here are the official definitions of the slang terms according to Kapook. Thai people keep coming up with slangs using the English words so I had to google it for I have no idea what they mean by fin. “Fin” come from the word, “finale.” Finale is the perfect ending of a story, drama, etc. therefore fin is used to express the feeling of extreme happiness, the greatest peak of one’s feeling. Make no sense to me but go figure.

And I’m not sure if I explain this already but “in” is short from the word, “inner.” “In” is use to express the feeling that you experience along with someone, like how actors can make you truly feel their characters, you get into it.

And the infamous, “gine” short from the word “imagine.” “Gine” is use when you like a non-dating celebrity couple and you want them to be like what you think and wish. Use your imagination to gine your imaginary couple after all it’s free and harmless. 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Thank for the subbing it na ka..they look on the last pic cute. Did U got hose pic from swc right how do u get it? I try to save they pic like two or three day already but it so hard to get. The loading is take so long and only done by half of the pic it’s not complet 

    1. No I got it from pantip but I’ll give you the link. I have to get ready for work now.

      1. Oh ok…

  2. Thanks for the article Ninja! Mai and Weir will make me “fin” for sure lol

  3. Thanks ninja.. They really likes to tease each other. lol

  4. thanks ninja for the interview ;D the photo is cute and playful ;D

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    weir is sooo cute:0 i love him!

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