Weir Sukollawat: Finding His Next Step

Weir Sukollawat

GM Interview: January 2013

I didn’t translate the entire interview. Some of the parts are repeated questions regarding his businesses and stuffs. I think from reading his past interviews we all know how much of a workaholic he is and how hard he is working to establish and build security not just for himself and his parents but also for the future Mrs. Kanarot and his children. He wants his family to live comfortably and not have to worry about money, everything they wants he will provide. The future Mrs. Kanarot, whoever that is, will be one very lucky woman. Now seriously, where can I turn in my application? LOL

He also reveals about his desire to become a director in the near future but he wants to gain more experiences and learns more about directing before going behind the scene. In the meantime he’s helping the production out by giving suggestions on filming location, what place he thinks is beautiful and can be suitable for filming, and what angle the director should film from that will give him the best picture outcome. Watch out because we have a new hot director in the making. I think Weir will be an awesome director one day because he’s the type of person who pay attention to little details, has a great vision, and give it 200% in everything he does.

Weir explains the secret to longevity in the entertainment world is to be yourself. Celebrities are humans too. You can’t expect them to look happy and be camera ready all the time. There are moments where celebrities just don’t want to be bothered and fans these days understand that.

“At first the audiences like the characters I played but after a while they will look at the real me – what am I like? Is the real Weir Sukollawat that awesome? Can he make people love him like in his dramas? If I make myself a cute person, down to earth, and not arrogant but sometimes have a frown face or have some conceited moment the fanclub can accept that. They will love and will always follow my work.”


Apart from the secrets in maintaining forever lead actor status, you have to constantly improve your acting and maintain your good image all the time. How do you take care of yourself in order to stay forever?

“I can’t be careless. We all get older according to our ages, in a few months I will be 28 years old. And once I hit number 3 it’s quite scary. I have to take care of myself to look good always, my appearance and face.”

You’re a man who takes very good care of your appearance observing from your body figure that has strangely gotten better than when you first cmme into the entertainment circle. Can you give advice for those wanting to take care of their bodies on how they too can stay in good shape?

“I go to the fitness 2-3 times a week. I also play golf but not often. Usually I go play some rounds with my actor friends, sometimes I go with friends who does business with me. Other than that, I play basketball and football (soccer) as well.”

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In the news Weir is currently having a fling with an actress from the same channel. Weir keeps making news with the ladies we can’t even read all of them to keep up but he confirms they’re just close.

“The woman you see in the news might not to be the woman I’m about to date. Sometimes, I can trick you as well.”

Right now Weir hasn’t made a decision to turn any woman into his girlfriend but he admits there is a woman that he is talking with as his heart adviser. They go out to eat together and ask about each other well-beings many times. The channel 7 actor say being a celebrity has no effect in dating someone.

“The fact that I am not willing to open up about my girlfriend or get marry yet is not because I am afraid of losing my rating or afraid that my fanclub will anti my girlfriend. I think some of the fans will think like that but majority of them will understand. Everyone has to get marry and have children one day. I am 28 years old already. It’s a normal thing if I do get marry. As of right now lead actors with children…they still have people who love them and producers still continue to give them work.”


Weir tells me most of his friends at the same age have gotten married already and he went to more than 10 wedding but most importantly he does not envy them.

“My friends and I are in different line of work. Supposed I were to get marry with someone in the entertainment circle like myself, it might not be appropriate if we were to marry and have children – it may have an effect on her work. She has to stop accepting work even though my wife may be at the peak of her career (deep thought). One day if everything is ready I will have to get marry, probably in the next 2-3 years because my parents have retired early they should have time to look after their grandchildren.”

Apart from family life Weir also reveals his future plan to work in front of the scene along with opening his restaurants and doing businesses. As for going behind the scene he has to increase his life asset first.

“If I were to go work behind the scene I have to go learn more. If I truly want to do real estate business or do something with the engineering degree that I’ve studied I have to go study more at a higher level.”

Do you agree with us that Weir Sukollawat Kanarot is a celebrity with a business oriented mind and a great planner?

Today not only are you his fans you might also become regular customers at his restaurants as well.


Source: GM Magazine
Credit: Cherryw and original scanner (s)

P.S. Great planner and a successful businessman…no wonder they gave him the role of Krao Supagan. Lol

As for his heart adviser if I have to guess it’s probably Bella but to my wishful thinking it’s Min. Hehe


  1. Weir has grown up so much since him and Pan have broken up, he’s no longer Pan’s puppet. He’s very goal oriented and determine to reach it. I wish him continue success in all that he does.

  2. ahaha…I would like to agree with you on that one Ninja ;D I still have hopes for our WeirMin in the near future, since they still talk to one another. Hopefully, overtime Weir will see Min as someone he can truly love and take as his future wife ;D hehe ;D

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja. ^ o ^

    It will be the first time to know Weir wants to be a director. It seems that he has set a lot of goals for his life; in the meantime it shows that he is good at planning and time management. I hope all of his aims can come true thru his efforts. hehe

    BTW he also is great at playing sports—golf, basketball and football. Hahahaha 🙂

    1. I know right. He’s great at sports and can blend right in with her sporty family. Hehe

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Hehehe…. Yep. 🙂

  4. Thanks for ur hard work.. Wish may all the successful come to weir / khun yai and all his bussiness is going well and well in the future.
    Pray he will reach he dream on director soon, But when u reach ur dream plz don’t go to much on behind the scene cuz we will miss u onscreen too anyway susu 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. I hope his dream come true as well.

  5. Thanks Ninja, i do hope and wish that Weir would give Min a chance and i definitely looking forward for Weir to direct lakorns in future.

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