Weir Return To Slap-Kiss Mai Again

Weir Return To Slap-Kiss Mai Again

The most bankable, handsome, and muscular lead actor from Channel 7, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, no matter what he does people are keeping watchful eyes on him at all times especially with his latest work, an intensely full of flavors drama, “Roy Lae Sanae Luang,” from the production of DaraVDO. Weir has the opportunity to work with the hottest actress, Mai Davika Horne again after not pairing up for a long time. The return this time around produce some color to the koo gine, let’s create a wave a little – in this drama if Weir get upset with Mai he will kiss and kiss her only. This is what Weir has to say.

“In here I play the part of Krao, a wealthy young man, the owner of a construction business – he is a charming and inviting man and he uses his charm to seduce the ladies to come into the traps he set up for them especially the ladies in the Vichawayt family. But everything he did – he did it only to close the vengeful account that his family has suffered under the Vichawayt family. Just from reading the story I have to admit I feel that this man is very scary. He is someone who can do anything for his satisfaction without a care for anyone’s feeling at all. I act as the character yet I hate myself. But because of this reason I agreed to accept the role. The role has a charm that persuades me to follow and it challenges my ability (acting). Plus I get to return and play with Mai Davika again after having worked together in the drama, Ngao Kammathep, which was a long time ago already. Returning this time I can see the acting performance of Mai that has improved greatly plus the determination and responsibility that she fully possessed. She is still cute as before making it enjoyable to work together. I like to tease and poke her because she can’t cognize my jokes – it nicely create colors on sets. For this drama, Mai and I are always in quarrel scenes together and I like to use violence to intimidate her. When things doesn’t go as I intended I will kiss and kiss her all the times. Because we’re close when we act in these types of love scenes we don’t really become tense or get too shy. We considered it as the duty that we must perform as actors in order for it to comes out the best which I have great respect for Mai’s spirit. It makes me happy to work with her. I guarantees this drama is truly rich and entertaining.”

Roy Lae Sanae Luang created from the novel, Nangfah Gub Satan will air at 8:25 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday beginning with the first episode on February 15th of this week.



Coming back to work with Davika Horne again in this year drama, “Roy Lae Sanae Luang” via Channel 7, lead actor, Weir Sukollawat is delighted plus he get to change character. “I am very happy. It has been a long time since “Phor Nu Bpen Superstar.” This production is like my first acting family. They taught me everything. They made me into who I am today. It’s always warm to come back and work together again. I am very devoted to this drama because it’s charming and inviting. It’s flavorful and very fun. I take on the role of “Krao,” a wealthy man who uses his charm to seduce the ladies to come into the traps he set up for them and he did it to close the vengeful account that his family has suffered under the lead actress’s family. I am the hero and the bad guy, all in one. I act as the character yet I hate myself. It’s very challenging. In the beginning, I got confused with my character but luckily, P’Lui Siam and P’Kai helped and advised me to play smoothly as a good person but to emphasize on expressing evilness via the eyes more.”




  1. I’m so ready for this Friday.

  2. Friday, get here faster!
    lol with the “whenever things don’t go my way I just kiss her”
    that’s so Thai p’ek…555

  3. Omg I’m ready to watch this. when I ready to the part it say when weir get upset with Mai he will kiss and kiss her aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Sound so good to watch. It is kind remind me of khun yai and pin 🙂

  4. Ninja are u going to do weir and Mai interview from the mag? Hope u do it,they pic seem cute and funny in there and very want to know what are they saying for each other.

    1. I don’t know. I’m too preoccupied with getting myself ready to sub this lakorn. We’ll see.

  5. Ninjakkn can’t wait for you to sub this

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