Om-Min-Porshe Tagged Team To Dispute Off-screen Romances

Om-Min-Porshe Tagged Team To Dispute Off-screen Romances

Interview: February 11, 2013

Min, Om, and Porshe tagged team to refute off-screen romance news, just friends and good co-workers. They are not serious that people are keeping an eye on them. And they understand that news and celebrities are destined to be together. What do you say, Chin? Min said your relationship with her has no progress.

Because she’s an actress that is very hot at the moment, the lead actress from Channel 7, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri has been in the news with many men in the entertainment business till last year she was to obtain the nickname “casanovee pak peuay” in her possession. The nickname she received cause her to lament. Recently on Saturday, February 9, 2013 in celebration of the Chinese New Year Min courted two men who have made news with her the dark demeanor man, Om Akapan Namat and the fresh faced boy, Porshe Saran Sirilak at Thanya Shopping Park. The reporters didn’t fail to grab all three for an interview together regarding their various news starting from the two men who has to lift the dragons for the first time. How do they feel? This what the two have to say regarding that.

Porshe: “It’s fun. This is considered as the first time I have to do something like this. It’s not that hard. In the beginning it’s not that tiring but when I have to hold it up for a long time it’s tiring.”

Om: “As for me, I think it’s hard because seeing it like that once you go lift it for real it’s heavy. At first it look like it’s not heavy but it’s really heavy. I have panted. One has to be strong, practice first, and have a method.”

Min also talked about this event and said, “It’s quite thrilling. Today we’re dressed up as Chinese in the color green. It’s fun.”

The reporters then asked how the three actors feel to attend an event together and that they have all made off-screen romance news together. The three actors denied, there’s nothing and confirmed they are just colleagues.

Om: “My news was long time ago already. The new one is over there.”

Porshe: “News is called news. If you want to know anything ask me.”

Min: “There really is nothing. We can work together. We played a drama together so we’re colleagues that have worked together. News is news. We did our best. There’s nothing to really clear. We’re brother and sister who work together.”

Next the question, do they feel serious that they have this type of news coming out nonstop?

The actress said, “No. I have news with this and that person but they’re not true. Soon they’ll disappear on their own.”

Om: “I think it’s normal now that people who’ve worked together to have this and that news come out. It’s normal for people to be into them and see it that way.”

Porshe: “…acting career come with news and the medias. No matter what news is news. At least it implies that the audiences watch and are in the dramas we play.”

Then the reporters asked the actress regarding her news with Chin. The male side have announced loud and clear that as long as Min doesn’t have a boyfriend he will not retreat himself. The actress gave a short answer.

“The same. There is no progress,” said Min.


P.S. I haven’t been translating Chin’s news regarding Min for a while because it’s annoying and yes Chin did say as long as Min doesn’t have a boyfriend he still have a chance. He said even though Min refuse to give him her number he will continue to chat with her via messenger. Sometimes hints can be very obvious but some people just refuse to take them because lying to oneself is better than being hopeless.



  1. Thank you!… It’s good to see Om with Min again. :). He’s still as cute as a button….lol…

  2. thanks for the news ninja 😉 Om looks like he’d put on some weight since his last lakorn with Aump ;9

  3. Is it me or Min just look good together with everyone she paired with whether in the dramas or just news/rumors?

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