Min and Porshe: Koo Gine Of The Year – True Love Or Deceptive Love?

Min Pechaya and Porshe Saran: Imaginary Couple Of The Year - True Love Or Deceptive Love

Interview: February 8, 2013

We’re in the month of February…everyone say this is the month of love. The atmosphere is shower with the smell of love. Lovers are sweet even sugars are calling them brother or even imaginary couples in the entertainment business are sweet without any care for the medias to the point there are waves cheering for them to love on screen and off screen. Imaginary couple fever doesn’t go pass hot actor, Porshe Saran Sirilak and charming actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri, the lead couple from Yok Luerd Mongkorn. Even though the drama ended the fans are still into them, no stopping them so our entertainment reporter snatch Porshe-Min to open their hearts. Famous people sitting down for an interview…the more they talk the more we know about both of their life and how much they know each other…to call it easily just looking at the eyes they already know what each other what will say.

How do you feel people are keeping an eye on you as an imaginary couple from channel 7?

Porshe: I feel good that the people following our drama are into us and are cheering for us.

Min: Yes. I am very happy the fans watch the drama and say we have good chemistry. We at least have people following us and giving us support.

Do you like it that people are keeping an eye on as an imaginary couple?

Min: I am happy. I like it. I feel that it’s better than not having people interested in our work at all.

Porshe: Yes. It’s good. They watch and are into us that mean when we act together they believe we love each other.

Are you stress that people cheer for you guys to love each other?

Min: I’m not stress. We’re around the same age so it’s fun to talk. We play with each other like friends. I’m happy when I film a scene with him because Porshe is the type of man who respect a woman. He apologized every time we played love scenes together.

Porshe: (laugh) Aiya..the best.

Did people close to you ask a lot of question about this?

Min: Some people ask but it’s the wave from the drama. They will ask regarding the drama a lot. You should break up with Yok. He is not nice. He’s a player. Don’t get involve with him. (Min say to Porshe putting in her emotion). People are into the drama a lot.

The love scenes are very in, do you feel any spark with each other?

Min: No.

Porshe: She is great and she always asked where is her camera.

Min: You’re gossiping.

Porshe: Like in the love scene I try to act well, one take only because for the first take I can be more in than Min. And other thing I won’t have to sully my body and reputation too much.

Are there shyness?

Min: If I look at it as work I don’t feel shy but there are some. It’s normal.

Do you feel that your reputation is sully?

Min: There are some. I only feel it a little. I see it as work but I don’t want to offend Papa. He tell me to decrease it a little.

Porshe: No wonder Pa like to come to the sets. He came so often. (Min laugh)

Nickname Casanova and Casanovee.

Min turns her face to tease Porshe.

Min: Milk teeth casanova (laugh). Really we got them at the same time but mine is negative so it sound more harsh (laugh). The first time I heard it I thought it was harsh but if I look at it in a positive way they’re just teasing me.

Porshe: We shouldn’t think too much. They’re interested in us. (Porshe turns to tease Min) Think of it in another angle Min drool in her sleep so her mouth got inflamed (laugh). As for my nickname I feel very indifferent.

Min got the nickname Casanova Pak Peuay, do you feel bad Porshe because you’re one of them?

Porshe put on a still face.

Porshe: I feel bad but the name come from the drama. To tell a story and make people in we have to kiss for real.

Did Min tease you about your women?

Porshe: I don’t have any. Ask Min. I don’t have any (high pitch voice).

Min: On the sets he doesn’t have any but outside of the sets I don’t know (smile).

Does Min have anyone Porshe?

Porshe: I only see in the news but in reality I don’t see any. She told me she hasn’t met the one yet, studying and working she is not free.

This year you will have a girlfriend.

Porshe: This year I went to have my fortune done and my destiny said woman support. They say her skin is white and she is good looking.

Does Min qualify Porshe?

Porshe raises his voice loud and clear.

Porshe: Black (laugh).

Min looks at his face and defend herself.

Min: I have olive skin but I am still whiter than Porshe.

Porshe refuses to lose. He counters.

Porshe: Min’s skin is tan (laugh).

Is there a chance if people want you guys to be lover for real?

Porshe: Her men are too many already.

Min: Enough already, don’t create more news. I don’t have anyone. It’s just news. News is just something amusing. There’s nothing but people still gossip.

Porshe gave an interview that’s up to him if he will pursue you.

Min answer indiscreetly.

Min: Handsome can choose.

Porshe: We’re friends.

You said you’re confident you can compete with all of men of Min.

Both of them become shy. They are being suspicious or do they stand a chance. Porshe put on a confused face.

Porshe: Who said that? Me? I didn’t say that.

Min: I saw the headline already but inside there was something along the line Porshe is confident he has the right to compete with the others, it’s up to whether he’ll go ahead and pursue or not. If he go for it his qualification is not less than the others.

Porshe makes a lost face.

Porshe: Really? Are you my fanclub? You follow my news.

Min defend herself immediately.

Min: No. My name was in the news so I had to read it.

Celebrity couples become lovers because they are at the same drama sets.

Porshe: Lady first.

Min: Very very manly. Is there a chance? I don’t know. I can’t answer it. It’s something I can’t talk about right now but as of right now there is nothing. We are friends. I am happy we got to work together. (Porshe inserts “extremely stylish”). People like to say we have chemistry when I play drama with Porshe it’s very fun. We can talk. We play in a scene together so often until he know how I will act.

Porshe: Like her attaching the birds it was very funny. If her face is not done yet I will turn her to face the camera. Right now we’re close but once the drama ended she defriend me (laugh).

Min: No. I didn’t defriend you. It’s damaging when you say it like that. That day we worked together we got to talk. We met each other and asked how are things going. We talked about Porshe’s birthday. Someone brought a cake to happy birthday him. I asked Porshe, do you know on your birthday someone will surprise you? He said I know. I said I know as well, no one has ever been able to surprise me. I don’t want to offend other people so I will say, really? – Because I don’t want them to feel bad. I like to surprise people so I say I don’t have any (smile).

If we were to anticipate from koo gine (imaginary couple) to koo jing (real couple).

Min think calmly.

Porshe: We’re still friends. She is studying hard. I have to work as well. I don’t think to that extent. We’re close as friends. It’s better to start from friends.

Min: I feel that it’s something that is hard to answer therefore it’s better that today we stay with the present. At the present I am happy with this moment. If something is to happen, set it to free according to that. No need to be serious. Not in a rush.

Both have many people coming in, is that an obstacle?

Min: I don’t have anyone.

Like Chin, he’s still engrossed in you.

Min: With Chin, there is nothing. We’re friends. We never worked together. We saw each other at events sometimes. I respect everyone that I know. He is a good person but today I am staying with the present and that’s enough already.

Porshe, you also have news with Jui.

Porshe: Long time ago already. There’s nothing. We still talk. Honestly I never defriend anyone, once the drama ended Jui, Chat, and Gunjaesal – we still talk.

Min: I didn’t stop talking with anyone. I still talk with P’Weir, P’Tle…I still talk with everyone that I used to play with.

What are each of your ideal type?

Porshe: To answer truthfully, do I like people by their looks? There are some. She must have a cute face. I am not too serious with the ideal. I only ask for someone who’s charming when she speak, has her own character and identity. I like people who are charming.

Like Min, does she qualify?

Porshe: Min like to dig her nails. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. It’s her character (Min laughs). Min has her own identity.

And Min?

Min: I’m afraid if I say it I won’t get what I wanted. I don’t like guys who are excellent students (get good grades).

Porshe: I am very dumb (laugh).

Min: Actually I have Papa as my idol. The person who want to spend his life with me has to be like Pa. I like guys who are funny, friendly, and great at playing sports because my family and I like to play sports.

Porshe: I am an athlete (laugh).

Min: Honestly I feel indifferent with guys who are excellent students. I am afraid of guys like that – afraid they won’t listen to what I have to say. That’s all my foundation. Charming but I don’t have an ideal type in term of look.

Porshe wants to get marry quick.

Porshe: No. I got my fortune done and they said I will marry quick, if not 26 years old then older than 30. Honestly, I am not serious with marriage. Let’s just say if I feel I am ready then it’s better to have a family.


Min: My target is 32 years old. I want to work. I am a workaholic. Marriage is giving life to my new own family but I want to take care of my parents. I want to stay with them for a long time. I want to snuggle my mom and dad for a while first. I want many of those type of memories before having my own family. By then Pa probably want a grandchild.

Min, do you like romantic men?

Min: I very like them because I am a romantic person.

Porshe makes a disbelieved face.

Porshe: Doesn’t have to be romantic. I think if a guy come to surprise her for real Min will probably make a puzzled face (Min laugh). Then he has to explain for her to understand that he’s doing a surprise then she will be very happy. I know. I know it has to be like that for sure.

Min smiles.

Min: Not true.

These two, do we have a chance for koo gine to transform into koo jing?

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/325426

P.S. Obvious promotion much? LOL Yet the couple they don’t care to promote get the most love and attention from fans. Let’s do a poll shall we. The outcome better be what I expected or else get out of my blog. 😛 Just kidding.



  1. I go for weir… I think weir and min have the best chemistry with each other but the people just dont promote them as couple. For me I think back on time when pin naong still on air I think if weirmin is in ch3 I believe they already become a hot couple or new couple talk of the town and already alot lakorn one by one like other couple in ch3. This is just my opinion cuz I feel like ch3 they look like a crazy promote or over promote they pranang and lakorn.

    1. I don’t want over-promotion. Lol I think one lakorn together a year is good enough. If three lakorns together in a year I will probably get frustrated.

  2. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    Yeah, Wier is leading 😀

    1. He pretty bag this but if I were to do a Mai vs. Min poll I think the percentages will probably be much closer.

  3. ahah…thanks Ninja for this lovely interview ;D Min and Porshe are very funny and cute ;D I like how they interact with each other ;D

    Min and Weir had the most admirable chemistry to me ;D although Min and Porshe are cute together, but I prefer WeirMin ;D hehe ;D

  4. cherry0223 · · Reply

    For me definitely is Weir&Min. V5 O(∩_∩)O :) :)

  5. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja after reading this article there is a ques. for me, that is Min said “ I’m afraid if I say it I won’t get what I wanted”. When she was asked the ideal type, I wonder why she did say it like that. Can u plz talk about ur opinions about this. Thanks. hehe

    1. Min doesn’t want to jinx herself by revealing her ideal types because people don’t really end up with their ideal types. But I think she has already revealed some of it during Pin Anong. Lol

  6. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Aiya I got it. Lol Thanks na ~~~

  7. Thanks ninja. Based on the interview, i really felt that Min and Porshe are just being best friends and they’re funny too. However i feel that their chemistry aren’t the same par as Min and Weir.

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