Push Back To February 15th For Roy Lae Sanae Luang

Push Back To February 15th

News: February 6, 2012

According to DaraVDO this drama will now air on February 15th next Friday, one day after Valentine. I sure hope it can sweeten things up. I have no idea why they keep pushing it back and Suer Saming just keep rolling. Jakajaan just got back from her shopping spree in Hong Kong. She gave an interview that she has to go back into the forest to work again because they added more episodes. I hope it finally end this weekend for sure or else I’ll be too tired of waiting and I might run into the forest of Suer Saming and kill the freaking tiger off for once and all on my own. I had a feeling they would add 2 more episodes because the fans at pantip didn’t think the storyline can be resolved in just the one episode. I guess Suer Saming’s plot is that complicated, of course that’s the case because they keep adding more to the plot. It has now turn into a 26 episodes marathon of Suer Saming, the longest Thai drama of the past years. Fingers crossed for the drama to end this weekend.

I sure got my hope up for nothing but next week is next week as long as it air for sure. On the bright side of waiting I’ll be all set translating the transcript for episode 1 and hopefully Manager will have episode 2 up soon so I’ll be set to go when the time finally come as well. They have transcripts of up to 5 episodes for some other drama that hasn’t even air yet so they mind as well post more transcripts for Roy Lae Sanae Luang, right?

As I am reading episode 1 I feel bad for Krao but at same time I just want to smack him silly for being such a conniving little bitch, excuse my language but pun intended. The guy is charming his ways into everyone but not with good intention. Bad bad Krao but why do you have to be so charming? Too charming to hate sometimes.

The lovely and strong Anuch, how can Krao not fall for her?

Now it’s time for us to introduce you to Anuch Vichawayt, this role is play by Mai Davika Horne. Anuch is a graduate from London. She is the youngest of her siblings. She is cute, cheerful, kind, diligent, and has great endurance. She come from a rich background but is down to earth, easily to make friends with, and not conceited. She may look weak from the outside but inside she is very strong. She is smart and love her family more than anything even herself.

Source: DaraVDO
Credit picture to davikah and as tagged



  1. No……….. Is Suer Sa Ming that good!? Ninja. lets go hunt a tiger!

  2. balibabyer · · Reply

    im also hope daravdo can show more transcripts of weir new lakorn. hope the slot will be better than the old one.waiting for airing.

  3. Tam mai na ka???? I don’t want to wait anymore. Why must they tease us so bad? I was really looking forward to my weekend this weekend for this to air. Well, it better be worth all the hype and anticipation then. I have never seen any of the other versions so I have absolutely nothing to compare it to. This is kind of off topic but will you be subbing Talay Fai as well since that is set to star Min and Weir?? Just curious. I am so stoked for that one too! Eeeeekkkk!!

    1. I will have to see about that but I think it’s more of a yes than no since I love them.

  4. Ninja, if they do release the other episodes’ scripts on manager can you post those links as well please? Thanks!

  5. Kidtueng · · Reply

    555+ I have to agree what u say ninja yeah lets go in there and kill the tiger to hurry die.

  6. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    I’m excited!

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