Gif Doesn’t Know Bella; Happy To End News With Weir

Gif Doesn't Know Bella; Happy To End News With Weir

Interview: February 5, 2013

Gif Ornlene is happy Weir Sukollawat has news with a new woman, Bella Ranee ending the allegation of her being his new love. She clearly reiterates they are just siblings all along.

Many are keeping an eye on Gif not only because her of the daily improvement in her acting but people are more interested in her love rumors with muscular actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot. People have always been watching her even though she has come out to confirm that they are just siblings. Recently Gif is written off when Weir replaced her with a new woman like Bella Ranee Campen. We ask how she feels that her good brother has a new woman. This is what Gif has to say.

“I am happy. It has ended. It has ended. I’ve said all along that we’re just siblings but no one believes me. It’s unrelated to me who P’Weir made news with. All the time I thought please send someone so I can be dismissed and now there is one already (laugh). P’Weir never brought Bella to the group because our group just within the family. We don’t really bring any woman or man into the group…”

The news of her yelling at Bella for secretly going to Chiangmai with Weir is not true at all because Gif didn’t go to Chiangmai with them.

“The news that came out of me being the bad girl yelling at lead actress (laugh) really it’s probably because I made news with P’Weir before this and once someone else make news with him, people throw me in the mix as a result of that but honestly there’s nothing. I don’t know Bella at all because we’re in different channels. And another thing, P’Weir’s news are his private matters. I won’t go in and interfere with that. He already has answered regarding the issue. It’s according to what P’Weir said in his interview – I am only his sister. I am not going to do anything that cross his line,” says Gif to end the interview.


Look into those soulful eyes, has anyone fall in love with Krao Supagan yet?

Before watching Roy Lae Sanae Luang that will air soon we want to present to you the role of the dark lead actor with a body that weaken the ladies like Weir Sukollawat Kanarot with the role of Krao Supagan – the big, tall, dark, and handsome man. He come from a rich background. He’s a great businessman who’s successful, smart, and cunning. He’s a planner and a leader. He’s actually a caring and tender person but because vengeance covered his eyes – he is willing to do anything to destroy his enemies.

Credit: DaraVDO and picture as tagged

P.S. Not sure if anyone want to read Gif’s interview but I think it’s important to give all those involved a chance to explain. Best not to judge by just perception alone. I have yet to find an interview of Bella so we’ll have to wait on that. has posted the transcript to episode one of Roy Lae Sanae Luang and I have translated about 40% of the dialogues. Hopefully I’ll get more done before I sleep. My good news is that I am hoping to get the first episode subbed and up by Sunday night, if not the night after. I have read the entire transcript and I am quite excited to see how the scenes play out on Saturday. I won’t give much away but this version is quite different from the original. First episode and Krao has already fallen for the unknown woman he helped from the bad guys but as soon as he found out Nuch and her family will all be under his warth. Let’s begin the countdown to Saturday. Hehe



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja na~~~~

    Min doesnt go out with the PA group as well in my mind if I dont make some mistkaes. 🙂 hhahah

    1. Min doesn’t. She probably doesn’t want to make news.

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Maybe. but It’s a good way to reduce the unnecessary news.

  2. Thanks Ninja!

    Can I get the link to the transcript?

  3. balibabyer · · Reply

    thanks for traslating weir’s news! also glad to see you’ll sub his new lakron asap. we’ll feel wonderful for seeing eng subs on sunday or monday.thanks for your work.

    1. You’re welcome.

  4. Eeek! Thanks Ninja! I am freaking psyched for this Saturday’s first episode of Roy leh! Oh, please do spoil as much as you can lol I really want to know how this version goes and what to expect. I hope as you say, they continue adding more depth to the story/characters and changes that enhance the love story! Thanks for this!

    1. You’re welcome. The storyline change quite a bit for ex, Nuch’s sister, Orn is single here. In the previous version Orn and Pharop started out as boyfriend/girlfriend. As for Krao, it seem like he’ll be worse than in the old version.

      Sorry to break it to you that it won’t air this Saturday but next Friday instead. But I think it will be worth the wait. 🙂

      1. Whoa, worse? Really??! I thought he’d be very raeng but also show more…”feelings” and gentleness also. lol. Thanks again!

      2. I meant his filthy mouth and all of his calculative plans. Lol But secretly he’s a big softie here compared to the original.

  5. Thanks Ninja and don’t worry i definitely love to read any news or interviews related to Weir & Min.

    Gift seems nice cos i checked her ig even though i couldn’t understand thai LOL. I think she always respond to her fans on ig. Google translation is so frustrating but i think she jokes/playful with her fans.

    1. Google translation is quite hilarious. Lol

  6. I thought there was an interview with Bella already on this. I swear I thought I saw one unless I’m going crazy which could be the case too. Regardless, I am very excited for this lakorn. I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for all the updates.

    1. You’re welcome.

      Bella haven’t done an interview with any major newspapers yet according to the sources I’ve checked.

  7. I’m excited!…I can hardly for your sub. Thank you…..:)

  8. Oops!… I can hardly wait….Lol…

  9. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    Thanks for posting this up! Wier is one handsome actor!!!

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