Weir Refutes Gif Throwing a Fit; Admits Bella Rode On His Bike But Mum About Pursuing Her

Weir Refutes Gif Throwing a Fit; Admits Bella Rode On His Bike But Mum About Pursuing Her

Interview: January 31, 2013

Weir admits Bella Ranee rode on his bike at Chiangmai but only by chance they got to meet each other there. He admits talking to her but just brother and sister, not pursuing her yet, chance of further development or not we have to keep watching. He also denies Gif Orlene throwing a fit because they didn’t get to go on the trip together, repeats just brother and sister.

He used to say his trip to Chiangmai only has male friends but lastly the Channel 7 lead actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot has pictures of a female riding behind him on his motorcycle and that female is not just anyone but the actress from Channel 3, Bella Ranee Campen. Other than that there’s news of the Thai-Chinese actress, Gif Orlene Sohttiwanwong throwing a fit for not being able to go on the trip at Chiangmai with Weir. So many gossips but once we meet Weir at the opening of the newer generation of Triumph motorcycles at Central Mall we ask him regarding these issues.

Right now how many motorcycles do you have?
“I have two, I only ride motorcycles.” Which one did you used to ride to Chiangmai? “I didn’t ride it to Chiangmai. I have a big bike over there already.”

How was the trip at Chiangmai?
“It was good. I went there for many days. I went with Chane, Pa Gik, and my school friends. We rode in motorcycles in the cold weather for fun.”

But you have a passenger on your bike.
“There were some but it depended on the day. They’re all my juniors.”

From pictures Bella went to Chiangmai with you, did she get to ride on your bike?
“Bella had at Chiangmai. She went to travel with her friends and I went on my own and by chance we saw each other over there. We know the owner of Triumph at the branch in Chiangmai so we went as a big gang.”

Did she get to ride on your bike?
“Honestly I went with many people. I went with Chane and my friends. Bella went with 3 to 4 of her friends.”

How come it was Bella who got to ride with you?
“Honestly, we took turns alternating. Normally we sometimes talk since the days we filmed the movie already but not often.”

Is it true that you’re pursing her?
“It’s not to the extent of pursuing her. We’re just talking. She has a nice personality. She is cute.”

Can you say you’re at the point of studying each other?
“Not to that level. Before we chatted online sometimes, it was during the time we were filming a movie, Pitupoom.”

Is there a chance for further development beyond brother and sister?
“Right now not yet. We’ll continue talking, if we have time we’ll talk but we don’t much time.”


Bella said she doesn’t want to open up much.
“I don’t know. But I did have a chance to meet her sometimes and we got to talk. You want me to be open like Hia Sok dragging my clutch a little? (laugh). Not yet. We’re slowly talking. We’re not to the point dating. It’s better to continue talking because we’re not in a rush.”

Are you afraid if you admit to pursuing her other problems will follow?
“No. No problems. We’ll just keep going.”

Knowing each other this long, what do you like about her personality?
“Before we didn’t get to talk to each other much. We’re in the same management but it’s a huge separation because I came in early so I didn’t get to talk to the juniors much. But once we filmed a movie together we got to talk. She’s a good kid. Lately I got to see her more but not too often.”

Does she fit your ideal type?
“Everyone know my ideal type, right? So people might say how can it be Bella. No, honestly if we have an okay communication then there’s no need for ideal types. I can talk with anyone, no need to pressure myself for it to be this and that way. There’s no problem talking with her because we haven’t talked deeply into things as much. We talk about normal things maybe that’s why it’s easy going.”

Are you going to pursue her in the future?
“Right now not yet. I’m not fully pursing her yet. Ask what’s stopping me, nothing is stopping me but it’s better to slowly talk with each other.”

Bella said she’s not confident because you’re talking to many women.
“Really? I don’t have many women but I just have many news (smile).”

Is Bella the only person you’re talking to?
“No. I talk with many juniors but I just made news with Bella so people are being observant if Bella is the only person I’m talking with or not but we’re siblings, continue talking, no need to rush it.”

Is she more special than the others?
“Just wait and see. I don’t want to confirm because if something go wrong I might get it again.”

There’s news of Gif throwing a fit because she didn’t get to go on the New Year trip.
“Gif is not that type of person. With Gif, we’re truly brother and sister. She has a nice personality. Cute. We talk more about searching for foods, traveling trip more; we don’t talk about private matter.”

With Gif there’s no chance for anything further beyond brother and sister?
“Since the beginning already but we made news all the time but truthfully there’s nothing.”

With Bella, there’s a greater chance?
“I don’t want to confirm in case there’s news again with someone else I don’t even know.”

After Chiangmai, have you invited her to eat out with you again?
“Sometimes, we meet somewhat but not often.”

You sound serious (about her)?
“You truly want to make me sound serious? (laugh) Let’s just say it’s better to keep watching.”

Credit picture to Weir19 as Sukollawatclub as tagged.

P.S. I have no idea who Hia Sok is but I guess a trending figure in Thailand. LMAO Weir’s too funny in this interview. I am going to sub the interview but not tonight. I will update this tomorrow to include the English subbed video interview.



  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    ahah….I agree with you Ninja ;D he’s just testing the water to see which one fits him most, like he says, “I talk with many juniors but I just made news with Bella” ;D haha ;D I do believe he likes someone who is mature, responsible, and diligent ;D Hopefully, in 3 years, Min will be more mature and responsible, so Weir can give his heart to her ;D hehe ;D

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    thanks Ninja ;D

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks na ^ o ^ haha
    But it’s too bad the YTB cannot be watched > < 😦

    anyway, I found there is a funny point, Weir said that "We talk more about searching for foods, traveling trip more; we don’t talk about private matter.” but Gif has been said we talk about everthing ! 555555

    1. I don’t think Weir open up about his private matter to anyone except his truly close friends of many years.

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Ninja ja, may I get the YTB link? Thanks na ~~~~

      2. What is a YTB link?

  4. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja ja, may I ask how about Weir’s GM MAGZ INTERVIEW? hehe 🙂

    1. I would love to but the scan is too small to read. I tried but I can only read a little here and there. Sorry. 😦

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Never mind ja 🙂
        and thanks as well.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    @ninja sorry, I mean the English subbed video interview’s YTB link. hehe bocz the YTB video can not be watched in here, so I need the external links. Thanks.

    1. Oh…my bad. Here’s the link.

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