Weir Is Still Single; Nothing Has Developed With Bella Yet

Weir Is Still Single; Nothing Has Been Developed With Bella Yet

Interview: January 30, 2013

How do you feel working with Triumph?

“Good. I am a Triumph family because I have 2 Triumph bikes. I’m happy for those who like to ride motorcycles…big bikes because today we have an introduction to the newer generation of bikes. The bikes are improvement from before, changes here and there to answer the wants of the customers, who like to ride motorcycles. I’m happy for those who ride motorcycles so they can have other choices.”

Are you looking at any of the bike in particular?
“It’s enough for me. I have two bikes already and that’s it. Two is considered many. Enough.”

What projects do you have right now?
“I have Nak Soo Maha Gaan and Roy Lae Sanae Luang, which will air on February 9th. You can follow it via channel 7.”

There’s news of you going out with Bella (Ranee Campen).
“We’re brother and sister. From the news I seem there’s nothing, we met each other there. I don’t know what the news said specifically but we know each other for a while now. She’s a junior from the same management. We played a movie together. And we got to talk online somewhat…we contact each other sometimes but not all the time. But lately we saw each other so we got to talk. But it hasn’t developed to that point…we’re still talking like normal. We haven’t talked deeply with details here and there. We’re just beginning to talk like brother and sister. Nothing has been developed.”

When you said you met up with her, where?
“We met in Chiangmai like in the news.”

Are you afraid people will see you as a casanova?
“I’m not afraid. A man should have news with woman. And when I have news with a woman, it’s not like I have a girlfriend already and is trying to pursue this and that woman. I see it as a man…a man should have some news with woman.”

What is your status right now?
“My status? I still don’t have a wife or children so right now I am still single (laugh).”

You’re definitely single?
“Yes. I’m definitely single.”

Here’s the source that broke their news…Gossip Star. Is there a need to put apple and orange on their faces? Credit as tagged.


P.S. This is a translation of his one on one media interview with Newsplus but Weir also did interview with the rest of the medias together but the news haven’t been written up yet. I’ll probably get to the other news tomorrow because I’m going on a night out. But I did see some facebook feeds at work saying he denies a relationship with Gif and saying with Bella they’re talking more but he can’t confirm the future yet. Bella is half Thai and British. Whatever happen to his biracial girl is not my type. I guess that can be thrown out of the water for the right person. Haha

Actually I heard about that since around New Year from fans’ accounts. Weir was in Chiangmai with a half looking girl and she was happily riding with him on his bike. I think Bella went there as well with Chane and his girlfriend during the New Year and met up with Weir and his buddies, since they were at the same place anyway mind as well hang out together, right?

But wow he’s pretty adamant about Gif being just a sister yet when it comes to Bella he open the possibility that there might be something but the relationship haven’t progressed to that point yet. I’m pretty sure he like Bella to a certain extent because Weir has always been clear when there’s nothing or no possibility for further development at all but for Bella he’s admitting to talking with her in the early stage. Different channels and their dramas are going against each other next month, her drama air on February 8th and his will next the day after, what a coincidence. I’m sure Weir and Mai will beat Boy and Bella in term of ratings, as for Weir and Bella’s relationship, I have no idea I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but I have to admit they look pretty cute together although not as perfect as Weir and Min. Hehe

I’m happy to finally hear from him since he was so busy filming he hardly have an event to meet up with the press for an interview. He’s such a cute single man with no wife and children in this interview. 😛




  1. 555+ I’m so agree what u have say “i have to admit they look pretty cute together although not as cute as weir and min.” this is make me laugh out aloud. I think this news the way weir answer is a bit different from he other news or maybe it just me feel this way. I heard from other channel i think Weir say Something like if one day we’re click each other there no need type anymore.

    Good night ja… I going to sleep too

  2. i guess when you’re in love or really like someone a lot….so basically you tend to forget about the ideal list but like you said not as perfect as Weir & Min….totally agree..ha..ha..

    btw, who is bella? she kinda look like pancake but poor Gift, she sounded so confident.

    1. Bella is the new n’ek in ch3. Her first roles as n’ek is Pon Prom Onlawaeng with boy and the second one is in the S.J Series, Part 3: Khun Chai Puttipat with James Jirayu.

    2. Gif is not overly confident. I think the medias display her in that way. She only said she and Weir are truly just brother and sister in the various interviews I’ve read. I think people looking into the relationship and see that they’re always hanging out therefore they think there must be something more to their relationship than close siblings. I used to think that too until Gif adamantly denies and say they are truly just brother and sister. She just happen to be a modern girl and somewhat a tomboy so hanging out in groups full of men is not a big deal to her. But I do think Gif is secretly like Weir and I kinda feel bad for her because she does seem to care about Weir a lot, definitely more than as a brother but Weir always see her as just a sister. I think like Weir said, the person he tend to make news is not necessarily his real girlfriend because sometimes he has a tactic to sway the medias so they don’t get to his real girlfriend.

      As for Bella, she’s a new actress from Channel 3. She’s starring with Boy Pakorn in the new drama that’s coming out a day before Weir and Mai. She’s 23 years old (Dec. 24, 1989), the same age as Min but to me she look older than her age. I tried looking for more information but nothing much because she is still very new in the entertainment circle. But according to her fans Bella doesn’t talk much, she’s polite and has a nice personality. Here’s her IG

  3. From his interview on kan paak, I think they’re in the early stages of dating. Weir is usually very clear when he’s not interested but in this case he’s saying wait and see. I don’t think it’s a lasting relationship though. Weir likes to go for younger girls but personality wise I think he’s more into a grown up. I have a feeling he’s not going to end up with a girl as young as his ideal girl. When you meet the right person your ideal list goes to the waste side.

    1. Yep he’s no longer holding on to his ideal types. Lol

      Bella is not that young, she’s 4 years younger than him. From what I’ve heard Bella is quite a grown up in term of the way she talk and carry herself. I think personality wise Bella is kinda like Pancake. I don’t know if it will last or not but he look really happy so I’m happy for him. We will never know the future until we get there.

  4. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks na jaaaaaa ~~~~`

    I’m really in to ur P.S na. Then I have got 3 points from this interview and ur P.S haha
    1. Both Weir and Bella from the same management, and then if I’m not make some mistakes, maybe Bella is a new or an rising actress from Ch3, isn’t she, ja?
    2. They also have dramas will be aired in Feb. hehehhe then the news came out!
    3. Same here, I have no idea for their relationship right now, just wait and see!!! hehe

    On the other side, I have watched some videos, which from the Triumph event as well, I’m not very sure, he said that Gif and Mai are young sisters when he was asked by the press, and he also answered that Min is a nong but narak …. hehe So it seems that he stated it very clearly for whether has the opportunity of further development to a certain extent, right ja? haha

    Last but not the least, as for the specified standards, it is nothing when u meet the right person or in to someone I totally agree with ur this point.

  5. Thanks Kidtueng & Ninja for the info on Bella….ahhh….i see she’s same the age with Min….ha…ha…if only Weir could give Min a chance….ah well in my gine world only.

    That’s why i said poor gift..from her interviews…yes she did say they are bro/sis but umm i don’t know her face, words, body language it’s like she wish she could say yes i’m his gf or maybe i’m just seeing things…ha..ha..

    maybe Weir is leading her on or she took it the wrong way thus confusion i guess.

  6. naimee02 · · Reply

    wow…she’s only probably 1/2 in taller than Min and she’s half British. Weir is something when it comes to love, hehehe ;D I’m not giving up for him and Min. He’s just dating around until he finally give Min a chance ;D hehe ;D only my hope for their future ;D thanks Ninja for this interview ;D

    1. who knows Weir will open his eyes & mind towards Min on their second drama, you know filming far away like…..hmmm…..

  7. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The issue is an issue that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I came across this in my search for something regarding this.

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