The Air Date Of Roy Lae Sanae Luang: February 9th

The Air Date Of Roy Lae Sanae Luang

As of today it has been officially confirmed by Channel 7 (Weir and Mai as well) that Roy Lae Sanae Luang will air on February 9th after Suer Saming for sure. It has taken them forever just to confirm the air date of the next weekends slot but it’s common of them though because they usually like to withhold the confirmation of the weekends schedule until the last minute. But wow Suer Saming has a total of 24 episodes, first it was scheduled to end at 14 episodes because the production already set their eyes on part 2 but considering this 24 episodes saga, will they still have part 2? I have no idea since I didn’t watch it. Lol I think Channel 7 just tell Suer Saming to keep filming so it can buy some time for Roy Lae Sanae Luang to have more scenes filmed and for DaraVDO to have more of the episodes edited as much as possible since they will have to film and air at the same time with only approximately 50% of filming done so far. By the way Manager listed this drama as having a total of 15 episodes but of course that can always change. I’m fine with long drama because I’m used to watching long Chinese series and American TV shows that go on for years, but the storyline must make sense and by the finale episode every issue must be resolved and all questions must be answered, no cliff-hanger, no new plot, or what the heck just happened moment. Something like Pin Anong where every character has a conclusion and the storyline run smoothly. With that said I am so ready for Krao and Nuch.



  1. Thank you Ninja for the update. Do you know if manager will post the story like they did for Pin Anong?

    1. Yes they will and Thairath as well but Manager is quicker.

  2. Thanks Ninja!!! Best news of the day; bring on Nuch and Krao’s battlefield! But keep Lalita’s affair with Krao to a minimum lol whoot so excited for this!

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Oh wow 15 epi hahaha I hope they make it up to 20 or 21 epi. Hope this time the air date will not change again

    1. I don’t think it will end at 15 if the lakorn is a hit it will probably be 19 or 20 episodes. No, the air date won’t change because channel 7 confirmed this date so it’s set in stone.

  4. Thanks ninja….it’s gonna be a hit drama.

  5. Thank you, ninja. Looking forward to watch your sub xox…

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