Min, The Fox With A Thousand Faces

Min, The Fox With A Thousand Faces

Interview – January 26, 2013

Recently just ended for the drama, Yok Luerd Mongkorn via Channel 7, with the first time pairing of Porshe Saran Sirilak and Min Pechaya Wattanamontri – it has garner many applauds from fans especially the lead actress because both of her dramas, Pin Anong and Yok Luerd Mongkorn are highly popular dramas and has conquer the hearts of fans. We have the opportunity to speak with the hot lead actress and grabbed her in for an interview.

How are the responses for Yok Luerd Mongkorn that recently ended?
“It’s good. The rating from beginning to end has been okay, it keep increasing. It’s considered as a good drama for us, who worked on the drama, Porshe and I are very happy when someone told us the rating (laugh). We have to thank the fans. Mostly, I don’t know much about the rating but I check by the various event showings because Porshe and I choose to attend event on the same day, accept work at the same time so we don’t waste time when filming. When I go to an event alone people will ask where is Yok, why didn’t Yok come, and Porshe also tell me when he go to his event people asked him as well why didn’t Gingmei come, where did you keep Gingmei, it’s a good response for the drama, wherever I go people called me Gingmei.”

Is the role of Gingmei in Yok Luerd Mongkorn the most challenging role for you?
“I can say this character is another hard role for me – I have to admit. When I accepted the role I did plenty of homework because in the story there’s a time when I have to go blind therefore it’s hard to play. I have to be careful and tried to understand the role better. I didn’t have to attend more acting class in order to take on the role of a blind person but I have to search for information on what blind people do when they don’t see, what do they think of, and how do they live their lives. I have to learn more about the background.”

Yok Luerd Mongkorn is the first time working with Porshe, tell us, how is he?
“With Porshe, we’re good colleagues, we get along very well, and working together has been comforting as well. We both give each other respect, always when working together. As people know Porshe is a playful person, at the sets he cheerfully played around, teased me, and tricked me because Porshe like to trick. We played with each other like children because we’re still children (laugh). But once we were to film a difficult drama scene I have to concentrate myself, Porshe knew that and he teased me. When Porshe is not filming he will cheerfully play around but once he’s filming he will be serious. Porshe is the type who play with limit, it makes working together great, if there’s a chance for us to work together again it will be awesome (smile).”

What is the most touching for you with this drama?
“I am touched by everything, since the first time I read the script. The script is very good. I have to thank the elders at Channel 7 for giving me the opportunity. I am touched by all the crew members because it was my first time working with the Pordeecam’s crew. And I am very touched to have the opportunity to work with P’Thong (Thongchai Prasongsanti). I’ve heard about his reputation for so long so when we got to work together P’Thong has taught me so much. P’Thong gave me the best experience. I don’t know if I didn’t get to meet P’Thong I would have to take a longer time in the entertainment to learn things. P’Thong has given me many acting techniques. P’Thong is another great teacher I have.”

Is last year the best year for you?
“I am rather lucky because I’ve been in the entertainment for about three years and I’ve always received opportunity from the elders at Channel 7. This past year is considered as another year that I’ve received good opportunities, I have to thank the elders and the fans for giving me the chance.”

If ask, between Yok Luerd Mongkorn and Pin Anong, which drama do you think make you more popular?
“It’s hard to answer because I am just an actress, I give it my all in every task I am given, to gain popularity or to garner more reputation are not something I can determine the standard for, the viewers are the one to answer that. Different viewers have different like and dislike, let’s just say for me both dramas as an actress are dramas that I am proud (smile).”

People say when Min pair up with anyone she fit in with the lead actors of her drama all the time, such as Weir Sukollawat, Porshe Saran, and Om Akapan, always end up being koo gine (imaginary couple).
“I am lucky. People used to give me the nickname, “The Fox with a Thousand Face”. I can play any character and my face will change along with the role I am given, it’s considered as my luck and another thing the lead actors I get to work with are all cute people. I can happily work with them; they are all good actors, they help make work easier, and we get through work without any trouble. I have to truly thank all of my lead actors.”

How has your life in the entertainment circle been?
“Firstly, I have to say I love this career because it’s my first career even though I haven’t finished school yet and I greatly respect my work because it’s a career I intend to do. Honestly, it’s a career that teaches a child to be an adult, before I was a tomboy but standing here I have to take care of myself – it turned me into a more feminine woman and I know how to conduct myself more because of it.”

You’re another actress who has many news, how do you handle these news?
“I don’t feel anything with the news that came out because I believe celebrity come with news. I don’t think any celebrity wants their news to be negative especially scandalous news no one to be in that type of news, but our duty is to answer the questions when there is news. I always think every time I have news I will try to make myself very clear (in interview) but I do understand some news are marketable. But what I want to ask is if there’s any news that involved me, no matter what news, I am ready to answer, my only request is don’t gossip about it beforehand because sometime when people gossip about it beforehand without knowing what’s the truth as I am a female it may have an effect on me.”

Are you tired or do you feel bad when you have negative news?
“No. I tried not to think much. I always think news come and they go especially if I truthfully answer them everyone would understand me therefore I don’t think much about the various news or get emotional with them. I take it easy with them, not to be too serious. I am not fed up or feel tired that I have news. I don’t see it that way because I know that when I’ve made the decision to stand here, anything that come with it I have to be able to accept it. I have to deal with it. I can escape. If I want to escape I can and that is to reject this career. I love this career. I don’t want to leave and if I don’t want to leave I have to be at ease and must be accepting of this career, smile with it, that’s enough.”

Do you feel that being here you have to exchange them with many things?
“Absolutely correct. I made a choice already…I must agree to exchange it for my privacy therefore whenever I say I am tired with this, that mean I don’t want to stand here anymore. But if I still want to have fame and stay in this business, I honestly can’t be serious with them (news), it’s enough already that I have given my best in my assigned duty.”

When you have news, does your family say anything?
“My family already know what I am like but when news come out my parents are somewhat worry because I am a female. My dad says to me, you can answer them more clearly because I don’t want to offend the reporters. I don’t want to offend the people who made news with me so I’ve been afraid to say anything abrasive but I have been clearer now and I have my best quote at the end of every interview (smile).”

When you have news with the guys, do you have to speak with them?
“We talked because the guys that made news with me, mostly they gave me respect. I have to say everyone who made news with me is my colleague in entertainment circle – we all know each other. Everyone is good friend with me and everyone who made news with me is worry about me. They’re afraid I’ll be serious (with the news) so they apologized to me. I tell everyone I’m okay and I’m not serious with it. I understand everything well because of my attitude – I am a fair person.”

What is your heart status?
“I have to answer upfront, right now I am working, and honestly I am a workaholic…if you ask do I feel lonely, sometime I do, during the time when I feel I don’t have anyone, but I am lucky to have my family. I have my dad who’s always encouraging me. People tell me a father and a guy coming in to take care of my heart are a different situation but right now I am really not ready to have anyone. I don’t want to put lice in my head (laugh). And this year I have been assigned duty that I must take more responsibility for… I have to be more serious. I have to focus on my work and another thing this year I intended to graduate from school. As of now just work and school have taken all my time. I want to accomplish those two things before I can think of taking care of another person’s life.”

For sure anyone who read Banterng Komchadluek is guaranteed to transparently know more about this woman.

Source: http://www.komchadluek.net/

P.S. Such a long article so I didn’t get to finish it last night…Lol

To answer Min’s question she clearly has gotten more famous from Pin Anong while Yok Luerd Mongkorn solidifies her staying power. Congratulation on the rating of Yok Luerd Mongkorn, another hit under your belt, and this year will definitely be another successful year for you. I am eagerly waiting for your new drama with Weir you know. Hehe

And Roy Lae Sanae Luang will air sometime next week but I’m not sure if it will be airing on Friday or Sunday because it depends on Suer Saming if it will end with 20 or 22 episodes. For my sake I hope it end this weekends and I’m happy Channel 7 didn’t changed their original plan.



  1. Thanks Ninja…you’re back! I keep on checking your blog…ha..ha….congrats to Min on the YLM success and i really like her answers in this interview…..she sounded mature with a hint of playfulness..ha..ha..

    1. You’re welcome. Lol Min and Weir didn’t have any news that’s why.

      Min’s answers does display her maturity, playfulness, and candidness. I think Min is always more audacious when she has a one on one interview.

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    yeah, I agree with you two ;D thanks Ninja, I, too, come in here every 2 days to check in for new things to read about ;D hehe ;D

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks na jaaa~~~

    I just feel that no news is good news sometimes. 55555

    but I like her answeres when she faced to press of interview. hehe

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