Min on Baan Kong Rao

Min on Bang Kong Rao

Interview – January 16, 2013

A new talk-show will have Min Pechaya on the show and it will be broadcasted on January 21 via channel 7. Baan Kong Rao (Our Home) is a talk-show produced and will be hosted by Thongchai Phasongsanti, the same man who produced and directed Yok Luerd Mongkorn. I read from Thairath that the first episode was Porshe, followed by Green, and now Min. Porshe talked about his childhood life and how his parents owned six consecutive homes in the same neighborhood but then one by one the houses started to disappear. He never realized his family was having financial difficulty until the family was down to one house and his grandmother had to leave her house to come lived with him and his parents. And then it became clearer to him when the debt collectors started knocking on the house’s door and demanded his parents to repay their debts. His dad had to file for bankruptcy, they moved to their countryside home, and his family started rebuilding their business from there. His dad was able purchased back the main house they once lived in.

The purpose of the show is to give viewers’ insights into how each family handle their problem and how they were able to pull through by working together and giving each other support. The word home consists of everybody living under the same roof therefore a family shouldn’t be afraid to talk things out and communicate with each other in order to resolve any issue within the household.

Min Pechaya is deeply touched by her morning breakfast, the battered fried egg from her dad give her strength to fight and get pass her hardest exam.

“Since I came into the entertainment I worked almost daily but at the same time I have to study at my university as well, therefore I have to allocate my time carefully. This one time during my exam period (final exams) I have to take three exams (for 3 subjects) from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon which I felt was very hard because the next day I also have to work. Plus there was a math exam that I felt was hard as well. That night I intended to hit the books in full force and my dad sat near me giving me moral support until 1AM. I turned around and saw my dad napping so I told him to go to bed because I felt very sorry that he had to torture himself like that and I studied until 3 AM then at 6AM my dad came to wake me up. I hurried downstairs to review a little, while I was studying I heard noises coming from the kitchen, once I finished reading I rushed to take a shower and when I came down I saw the food on the table, fried rice on a dish, which the condition of the fried rice was still quadrilateral (I think she meant it look uncooked) like the ones from the box and next to it was fried eggs, the condition was battered, but I was very touched because my dad attempted to prepare breakfast for me although he doesn’t know how to cook at all. Normally, my dad is a stern businessman but because he wanted to give his daughter moral support he began to prepare breakfast on his own. He said, this is the fried eggs of the century. Afterward I went to take my exams, once I got to my third exam I felt very tired, I almost didn’t make it but when I thought of what my dad did for me in the morning it gave me energy until I finally finished my exam. This is the story that I am deeply touched by my dad and want to share this story.”

Source: http://www.ryt9.com/s/prg/1569702

P.S. Awww…her Pa is too cute.


  1. Thank you….she has a very warm and loving family 🙂

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    awe, her story made me all teary up ;/ thanks ninja for this article ;D Where can I watch this show?? I have an account with obizgo, and I couldn’t find it ;/

    1. I don’t have access to the show either but you can try searching for the show in Thai, บ้านของ​เรา

  3. Thanks Ninja….i really hope you can post the video here.

  4. cherry0223 · · Reply

    My eyes were full of tear when I read this article. T T

    Never thought Porshe and Min have similar situation of family, that is, their family has been suffered from bankrupt, but their parents rebuilt their business.

    1. What kind of business does Porshe’s family own? 🙂

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Sorry naimee, i’m not clear that for Porshe’s family business. hehe

      2. I’m not sure what business Porshe’s family does but most likely their financial woes occurred during the Asian financial crisis in the 1990s, 1997 to be specific where the stock market crashed and many Asian countries were affected and Thailand was among the most affected by the crisis. Many businesses in Thailand collapsed and many workers were left without jobs. If I have to guess I think his family business were either in the financial investment or real estate industries because those companies were hit the hardest.

        Chain, the bad guy in Yok Luerd Mongkorn also faced the same problem, when his dad’s investment company filed for bankruptcy and at that time his parents didn’t let him know about it either, he was still asking money from his mom like a rich kid but the market didn’t get better, he later found out from his mom that the company was in liquidation and they have no choice but to file for bankruptcy and start all over again.

        And Min’s dad does real estate so his business went down as well and he too had to file for bankruptcy.

        There are other Thai celebrities who went through the same thing as well…wealth is not something stable just like everything else in life.

  5. naimee02 · · Reply

    wow…that’s amazing that they all went through the same kind of situation, and was able to lift themselves back up by rebuilding ;D and they became famous (the kids that is) thanks so much Ninja ;D Do you know, where I can find to watch this show, Ninja?? ;D

  6. naimee02 · · Reply

    oops, just found the post up there ;D sorry for a repeat ;D thank you, I will try it in Thai ;D

  7. naimee02 · · Reply

    Ninja, I tried looking up under the Thai words including Min’s name, but nothing came up with the show, only articles ;/ thanks though ;D

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