Gif Admits Picture Of Her Embracing Weir Is Normal

Gif Admits Picture Of Her Embracing Weir Is Normal

Interview – January 17, 2012

Gif Ornlene admits to seeing the picture with Weir already, says it’s a normal thing we do within the gang, there’s no spark because the relationship is just sibling, admits to feeling uneasy that people are keeping an eye on the relationship.

After there were picture that slipped out of Weir Sukollawat Kanarot and Gif Ornlene Sohttiwanwong embracing each other from the back causing the love tale between the two to erupt again. The heart status of both are single or we don’t know if they spark with each other or not because they used to make news together when they were in the drama, Pin Anong. Komchadluek directly contract her and this is what she has to say.

“I saw the picture already, there is nothing. That day we went together…we went to talk with our gang. And that picture was when we walked out of the bathroom and we didn’t go there alone. Five of us were there, P’Nam (Rapeepat), P’A (Arucha), and another person, a junior of P’Weir who’s in his motorcycle gang. We just went there around this past Saturday or Sunday and the next day the picture came out. Honestly, I am not shock when the picture came out that everyone would be suspicious. In the picture we were embracing each other, that is normal, everyone in the gang does that but this picture make something that’s normal in our gang into something that’s abnormal. There’s nothing between us, we are truly just brother and sister,” say Gif.

We further ask when the news come out it make people keep a more watchful eye on the relationship, and really have the two been maintaining a hidden fling for a long time now, this is what the actress say, there is no hidden fling and no spark with each other for sure.

“There is no hidden fling with P’Weir for sure. We didn’t spark with each other for sure, go spark someone else instead.” Weir or you? “I don’t know but we didn’t spark with each other for sure (laugh). Ask if I spoke with P’Weir regarding this news or not, no, we didn’t talk because we know what is what, and I am not stress by this issue because there is nothing more to us than a brother and a sister. But sometimes I do feel a little uneasy. I understand that I am a public figure but sometimes when people try to make something that is normal into something that is abnormal or try to push a relationship that is nothing into something that is real, it make me feel a little uneasy that’s all. Once this picture got released everyone told me to be more careful, I think from now on I will be careful but I will still be my normal self.”


P.S. It’s normal to wrap your arm around a friend after coming out of the bathroom?! Oh okay! I wonder who initiated this friendliness. :S



  1. If it was up to Gif I think she probably would have it plaster on a billboard that she’s dating Weir, Weir on the other hand I think wants to keep it a hush hush.

    1. Haha But this make her look bad because most Thai and most Asian people are conservative when it come to stuff like this, well they’re not really that conservative but they give off that impression in order to maintain their prim and proper culture. And once the relationship become distance people are still going to label her as his fling, that’s not good for her image unless they at least admit to talking as brother and sister instead of saying there’s nothing to their relationship.

      I’m confuse by their relationship. LOL Because prior to New Year I heard Weir was talking to someone outside of the entertainment business.

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    wow…I’m happy to hear this ;D thanks ninja ;D you just made my night ;D hehe ;D

  3. Thanks Ninja. I think her answers weird because if there is nothing going on in the first place, why can’t she just said they’re just hung out as friends when she was first contacted by the press rather than saying it’s inconvenient to talk/confirm about their relationship yet.

    Whereas Min, she made it clear that Big is her junior, same agency, hung out in a group of friends and even asked the press to support him…end of story.

    Now all we need is Weir’s answers….lol

    1. Actually she was at the opening of her movie with Ananda I believe. She only answered questions regarding the movie and dispelled rumor that Donut call her to stop messing with Ananda since they will have many love scenes together in the movie. Gif said Donut didn’t call her and everyone is professional, work is work so Donut shouldn’t have to worry about anything happening off-screen between her and Ananda.

      When asked about Weir she said it’s inconvenient because all questions should be pertaining to the movie. Lol

      1. I didn’t translate that interview that’s all.

  4. I think these two ARE dating but just don’t want to make it public

    1. cherry0223 · · Reply

      Do u think so that?
      I hope not = =

    2. cherry0223 · · Reply

      I still remember Weir’s words which he said Gif is similary to his ex, so he won’t in to her when he was asked by the press; I hope he keeps this in his mind.

  5. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja, ur P.S made me LOL, but it is so true.
    Thanks na ja! ~~~~~

    Gif’s words changed so much from the beginning during the filming of PA to now when she was interviewed by the press. LOL LOL

    1. She wasn’t single during Pin Anong that’s why and neither was Weir (remember Kat the cat woman) LOL

      Anyway in his GM interview he said something along the line that the person in the news might not be the person he’s dating because sometimes it can be staged to deceive people. It’s like he’s admitting to staging everything so the medias couldn’t get to his real girlfriend. LMAO The print was so small so it wasn’t clear to me. He also said something about marrying someone in the entertainment business and how it might affect his wife’s work if her career is at the highest peak but she end up marrying and having kids with him. But he said it’s okay because his parents who retired early can take care of their grandkids while the parents are at work. It sound like an interesting interview but too bad the scans were not enlarged so I have a hard time reading. 😦

  6. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Both Gif and Cat are CONFIDENT person. LOL

    For the scans, I’m sorry to hear that na ja. I have checked out the pics as well, it was not very clearly to read if I enlarged it. T T  

    What does he want to imply for us according to the GM interview? Thinking it hahahhha

    Well. At least this interview especially some contents, such as the part of marriage reminds me the other one from Min’s, which is
    MIN: she wants to get marry at the age of 32, but it is not fixed to that extent, if the person is the one and proposes to her. And then if she got married she wants to make time to spend with children & husband.
    WEIR: he intends to get marry with someone in the ET, but it could be influence on his wife’s work if her career is in the golden period of development because of marrying him and children.

    Ohhhh crazy crazy ^_^ O(∩_∩)O O(∩_∩)O ~~~~~

    1. @cherry, so that means……..

      @ninja, thanks for the clarification on Gif interviews because i really don’t want to comment on her harshly. I keep telling myself to respect other fans who ship her & Weir.

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        I’m not sure what’s meaning of….. hahhahah

  7. gaahhhhh…….these two are driving me crazy thinking are they or aren’t they? i meant Weir & Min ha..ha..

  8. Thanks for sharing. I wish Weir would come out and say that the girl in his heart is MIN. 🙂

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