Min Smiles Her Fate Regarding Work Is Good; Ignores Prediction About Love

Min Smiles Her Fate Regarding Work Is Good; Ignores Prediction About Love

Interview – January 6, 2012

Min Pechaya is not afraid of prediction about her love because right now she’s not thinking about it but she like that the prediction on her work is good. Personally, she believes individual action is what determines everything. Her prophecy on love will fall but she will become a long lasting star. We meet Min Pechaya Wattanamontri at the Channel 7 Studio during the calendar signing and had to ask her how she feels regarding this issue.

“It won’t fall (smile). Maybe it’s not something that I am thinking about right now…maybe I am not aware of what it is, but in the future I don’t know what I will think about it. One day I might have someone to take care of…nowadays I am just happy with work that came out good.”

Are you startled by the prediction about your love this year?
“If love will fall but work will be good I am satisfy.”

According to your destiny whoever you date will be a disappointment every time.
“No. Right now I am not thinking about that and I also haven’t dated anyone. I think it is something in the future. And another thing I haven’t felt it for real yet. I am not serious. My emphasis is on my work more.”

But if you date someone you guys will be a bad karmic couple.
“I think our destiny is always changing.”

Other than this we also ask her how much does she believes in destiny, the actress nicknamed casanovee pak peuay say, “Actually I’ve have never disparaged it, if there’s anything warning me I do listen but the portion that is already good I will keep it but if we become too worry it won’t make our life any better. Everything we must make on our own…make it from our action.”

Have you ever checked your destiny?
“I used too just for fun but I don’t remember. If it’s regarding my health I will listen because I work hard. Plus the truth and using more of my own judgment because these days people can say anything, as for the people who are really good I respect them.”

With work, you’ll be a forever star.
“I am happy. If it does come true I will be happy because I will always have good work.”

Source: http://www.komchadluek.net/detail/20130106/148770/

P.S. I agree with her there are plenty of fake fortune tellers out there especially those telling you to spend huge sum of money on something just so you can get rid of your bad luck.



  1. Thanks Ninja and again well said Min. I like the part that she says worrying too much on the predictions won’t make your life any better. I think she’s the type of person who believes in doing good things hence good karma.

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja!

    Truly, everything can be changed; at the same time, it’s good that Min has positive thinking to the issue. I’m admire what her said.

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