Weir Denies Inviting Gif To A New Year Countdown

Weir Denies Inviting Gif To A New Year Countdown

Interview – January 2, 2013

Weir Sukollawat says this New Year he will travel with his friends to Northern Thailand and he denies inviting Gif Ornlene to go countdown together. He reiterates that he’s not shutting himself when it to come love but he’s not in a hurry. He reveals his drama is rushing to go on air and his restaurant businesses are too much making him tired but they have been successful…two years rich for sure.

People are observing him and Gif Ornlene Sohttiwanwong after making news together for some times now. When New Year arrives fans of the leading actor from Morchit (Channel 7), Weir Sukollawat, can’t help to suspect if he will take Gif to countdown together or not. We meet Weir at the calendar distribution at the Channel 7 studio so we update with him regarding this issue, as well as his dramas and how his businesses are doing for the year of 2012.


This is what Weir has to say about his plan for the New Year, “This New Year I am going to travel with my friends. We’re going to Pang Ung…to the woods. We might go to Chiang Mai first. We’re going for about 7-8 days. The weather there should be good but I am afraid I will have to sit and be envious of other people because they say going there I will see many sweet couples. They go there as couples but we’re going as gang of friends. We’re going to speed motorcycles. It (his motorcycle) has been loaded already but I won’t get to take it because I have a dealer in Chiang Mai already. I called them and told them if I go there I would like to request for one. They’re okay with it so I don’t have to take mine but with Pang Ung, I don’t know if it will be too dangerous or not.” Is there a woman riding with you? “I only have the friends whose going with me but we announced already this trip we don’t want anyone who has a girlfriend. There will only be my friends whose going because we don’t want to be envious of anyone.” Is Gif going? “She is not going. She will be in Bangkok with the Pin Anong gang. I don’t know where they will go…after New Year there might be a plan. I didn’t invite her to go with me. Most of the people going are my friends from back in school. There won’t be any celebrity friends.”

How are your works for next year? “It’s still the same. Right now there’s an order that Roy Lae Sanae Luang will air in January. I know what my future will be like, after this drama I will immediately continue with Nak Soo Maha Gaan. Most of the dramas channel 7 have will be big productions so they’re not ready to air yet. My drama is the slap and kiss and revenge genre which it’s not hard to do therefore it will be selected first. We haven’t filmed that much of Roy Lae Sanae Luang, it’s not even 30-40 percent but oh well I am ready to give it my best.” How are your businesses doing this year? “I opened so many businesses this year, so much that I get really tired. Right now I am taking a break. I want what I have now to do well first, like Decha Fried Chicken that is leading the way. I am trying to adjust so it can be even better. I spoke with my shareholders that there might be a chance for a second branch but we have to wait and see if we’re ready. We’re afraid that if we open the second branch we might not be able to handle it. Like Soi Taew Tim we already made changes, we changed it to the cool noodle instead. We’ll continue to adjust it…Cool house is doing well already; there have been monthly business party there. It’s continuing to manage on its own. Tam Lae and Pad Thai Mae Raynoo are well accepted. And I have another one…I have a pub at Khon Kaen that is doing well, students go there daily.”

How do you take care of your businesses when next year your work schedule is so tight? “I persistently call the managers and try to find time to take care of them. I try to find out about the revenues and the expenditures of every month so there won’t be any problem and any inkling when doing business. The past year has been deemed as okay…it makes me feel less tired. Work in the entertainment circle is still regarded as my main job. I work more because I wanted to try them but some restaurants still need more improvement. I will continuously try things so they can do well on their own. I have set my goal, in two years I will be rich.” You’re considered to be lucky in game but lucky in love? “No. There will continue to be love for it’s not going anywhere. Love is all around us but am I ready to open myself to take everything coming into my life. I am the type of person who hasn’t seized them much. When I meet someone that is right I will automatically know. Whenever it may be I am ready, if we talk and we’re okay then we can date. I won’t be hiding or anything, you might see us walking in the mall or eating out together but if after talking for a while and it’s not right then we can be friends and siblings. I don’t see it as something bad in life. If it’s right then she will stay for a while but if not then it will go away, that’s about it when it come to love. I don’t want to rush it or anything. I want to prepare myself to be ready for it…it’s better to wait for the right person to come along.”

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P.S. Lucky in game but not lucky in love…



  1. Thank you Ninja for the translation.

    Weir seems to be building stability for himself for when his life in the ET world ends. If all his business does well and continue to grow he will be well off and live pretty nice life style. I can’t believe this is the same Weir fro 2-3 years ago. Pan dumbing him as really been good for him. He should thank Pan for dumbing him, if it wasn’t for her he would still only be known as Pan’s BF and not Weir Sukollawat.

  2. He’s going to be set if he keeps this up. I hope he will find the right one too and not a gold digger that’s looking for a sugar daddy. Thank you, ninja.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Love is not like business . When it will come, it will come and when it comes you can not deny it. So, why don’t we let it come in a natural way????.
    I hope the true love will come to Weir in this year 2013

  4. It’s hard to wait on love the natural way. I know firsthand about the agony of the wait. I’m still waiting and definitely not a youngster by a long shot. I understand why people try to make it happen.

    Weir doesn’t have to worry. He’s a man, popular, good looking, talented, and generates a good sum of money. Being a man would be more than enough for him to find love but having all those extras pretty much guarantees that love will love him to death! So I commend him on taking his time, hanging with friends, and letting love find him. It will I assure you all.

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