Lead Couples Of The Year; High Rating Grabbers And The Top Profiteers

News – December 30, 2012

Many new lead couples have been born in the entertainment world but how many of them has the ability to rake in the money and rating for their channel. Those who can do that without fading are considered rare because for some couples only the female or male sides stand out. But “Ban Terng Bam Meuang” will conclude for you the couples who made money for their channels plus they have voices cheering for them to be the perfect pairing together for many of their future dramas.

Porshe Saran and Chat Pariyachat – The Complete Perfect Couple

Porshe-Chat have the chance to work together in Fai Marn on Channel 7, originally they both stand out on their own but once they got paired up they’re the couple who can produce smiles for so many people. Porshe and Chat becomes a couple that is very complete. Other than being the couple fans want to date for real both of them made news together, in the beginning of the year when there were rumors of Porshe calling his perfect leading actress, Chat “tee rak (darling)” it made everyone question their relationship. But Porshe came out to confirm that they’re just friends, as for calling her darling Porshe says he’s just calling her that, but there’s nothing to it because many people he is close with he would call them darling as well. Their dating rumor ended until Fai Marn air again and the buzz came back. However this time either is going to date or anything like that, reason being it’s better for them to be good colleagues who produce successful project together.

Mark Prin and Kimberly – The Suitable Age Lover

Dome Pakorn and Mai Davika – The Different Age Gine Couple

Weir Sukollawat and Min Pechaya – The Perfect Sticky Rice Couple

This past mid-year Weir and Min worked together in the drama, Pin Anong – the dark horse drama which for a long time has conquered the hearts of fans. In the drama Weir played as a low maintenance guy with a hint of unlawfulness while Min played as the pitiful lead actress, the love begin there instantly. Plus in reality both of them are from Khon Kaen which make it easy to work together because from the same home…the same language.

The hotter their drama got the more people pay attention to them…this made Weir and Min into the couple people wanted to fall in love outside of the television screen. This led many reporters to interview the female side if Weir is her type or not. Min answered with confident that Weir is her ideal man because he’s handsome, cute, warm, and has big muscles. The popularity of the drama then increased because people cheer for them.

After Pin Anong ended, news of their relationship fade away but we heard that the production, Mum Mai is preparing for Weir and Min to be their lead couple again because at the moment there still are fans waiting for the two to play in a drama together again.

Nadech and Yaya – The Everlasting Perfect Couple

Source: http://www.banmuang.co.th/2012/12/

P.S. Sorry I didn’t translate for the other couples but this is a specific blog for Weir and Min. As for Porshe and Chat I admit I have a little thing for them. Hehe



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    1. You’re welcome. I see, you can speak Chinese. Nice to know that. I’ll definitely seek your help if needed. Hehe

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  2. Ahaa, the perfect sticky rice couple.lol.. What a weird nickname they give.

  3. Thank you xox…happy New Year’s Eve, Ninja 🙂

  4. Thanks Ninja. I think the nickname sticky rice couple is cute and i hope it will lead them to be a real life couple….ha…ha…you know a blessing in disguise.

    1. You’re welcome.

      The name sticky rice couple is the fact that they’re both from Khon Kaen, a province in the South of Thailand. People there are called Esan and most of them like to eat sticky rice hence the same. Lol

  5. Min is Esan? I never knew that.

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