Hot Actors Of The Year 2012

Hot Actors of the year 2012

News – December 30, 2012

The important component of any drama is the person who get to play lead character such as the leading actor and leading actress who must tell the story in a way that make the audiences sitting in front of the TV screens to become glue to them from beginning to end. It is a tough task for them to hold the interest of the viewer, selecting a superstar to take the role is also not easy. Therefore any superstar who got chosen to play the lead character have something in them that make the producer or director think they can carry the burden by selecting them. In the year of 2012 many dramas along with the lead actors who have competed with one another showing us their acting ability, no one gave in to each other.

Siamdara conclude from various famous dramas and select the actors with acting ability that caught our eyes. The 10 superstars who have the acting style that make people feel their characters and those who have strong development in their performance that can be stopped making them the hot actors of 2012.

10. Peter Corp Dyrendal

9. Um Atichart

8. Weir Sukollawat
From the drama, Pin Anong and his role as Khun Yai who have 2 characters for us to watch, a man with long hair and handsome man with stylish short hair. There’s a sense of rawness in his character but it make the audiences especially the gays and some women really into him and called him only Khun Yai. Plus Weir also does real kisses with his leading lady, Min Pechaya causing the audiences to have various imagination.

7. Dome Pakorn Lum

6. Mark Prin

5. Por Nattawut

4. Ken Theeradeth

3. Porshe Saran

2. Nadech Kugimiya

1. Ken Phupoom

This is such a bias list…well they did say from their eyes. I would agree with the list a little if they didn’t mention anything about ranking these actors by acting ability and just go by hotness and rising popularity. Who knew the new Ken has a better acting ability than the original Ken? Haha I think Ken Phupoom might get best actor award this year just for having a hit drama, after all awards these days does have a popularity bias.




  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    All of the ten pics, which only Weir hugs Min, the others nine pics just showed the actor himself. Hahahahahahh

  2. Dome is cute but I don’t like the way he wears his lips. I think it makes him look kinna funny looking because it does not seems natural when he smiles. Anyways…big thanks to Ninja for the translations.

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