Sexiest Women Of The Year 2012

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News – December 29, 2012

There’s news of hot actress, Aum Patcharapa suspending her sexiness title which cause many men to feel worry that the sexiness in Thailand will quiet down for they won’t be able to see her hot bosom. Aum is not suspending her bosom but she only wanted to give way for newcomers to have a chance at the title instead of her. Thairath can assure you that the bosom show will still be active because the mother of sexiness has back off giving opportunity for her children. Whoever want to be the real thing must be brave enough to shift her bra and show some in order to get the sexy star title in place of Aum.

Many stars are born this year with their sexy fashions and these are the top 6 who made the list.

1. Poo Praiya

Sexiest star is non other than Poo Praiya for the second year now. She also received the sexiest woman title from FHM this year.

2. Noey and Jam

Second place is the miracle twin duo from Neko Jump who lost their clothes in order to take swimming suit fashions for Sudsapda.

3. Noey Chotika

The sexy star at number 3 is Noey Chotika, from her MARS Magazine shoot I believe her sexiness will continue in the long run.

4. Benz Ponchita

The fourth spot is Benz Ponchita because her Women’s Health Magazine shoot was done with class, sexy but not indecent.

5. Kratae Supaksorn

Kratae came to take her title back after being prohibited by her boyfriend but after the breakup her uncomfortably covered breast came out so her male fans can stop missing them in her Rush Magazine shoot.

6. Min Pechaya

Closing the vote with Min Pechaya Wattanamontri, the actress from channel 7 that many men from the entertainment want to give their hearts to and conquer her because she’s a rising actress who can easily reach the top. She has the eyes, the smile, and the straightforwardness. Her hot fashion shoot from In Magazine doesn’t have to be indecent but I believe many Thai men see Min as a woman who’s overloaded with the charm of sexiness, the sexiness that she hasn’t shown us yet. Don’t believe go ask Weir Sukollawat, Boy Pakorn, Mark Prin, Chinawut, Porshe Saran, and many more…they’ll cheer Min sexy for sure.


P.S. A woman can be sexy without showing off her cleavage. The guy who wrote the article sound so perverted, he probably had so much fun injecting his true feeling into this article. Haha


  1. thanks ninja, by the sound of it, i think the writer is probably smitten by Min as well.

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja!
    Speechless !!!!

  3. Yes, she really has that sexy appeal especially her

  4. Love min.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Love min she is so cool……..

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