Celebrity Imaginary Couples Of 2012


News – December 29, 2012

This year “celebrity gine couples” are still going strong. Koo gine has been a hit phase among the netizens. Koo is the word for couple in Thai. And the word gine is shorten from the word “imagine” which fans used to call celebrities who are best friends or entertainment siblings who are so noticeably close that many people secretly cheer for them. These are the gine couples we see throughout the year, the 7 best gine couples of this year.

Nadech – Yaya
Nadech - Yaya

Cheer – Kan
Cheer - Kan

Dome – Mai
Dome - Mai

Weir – Ken

This one is funny. It’s funny how fans these days choose to express their imaginations. This couple is another couple in the heart of fans for Weir Sukollawat and Ken Phupoom, the fitness brothers belonging in the same super-strength gang. They have events together often as well as meeting up at the fitness club. And especially the picture of them snuggling in the airplane…OH…they make us gine but no matter what it’s impossible because both of them are constantly making news with so many ladies this year we can’t even count…Man for sure.

Mario – New
Mario - New

Margie – Mike
Margie - Mike

Kangsom – Hunz
Kangsom - Hunz

Source: http://news.sanook.com/1161485/

P.S. No Pin and Khun Yai, something is utterly wrong with this brokeback mountain list. 😛



  1. lol Weir and Ken couple was my favorite from the article. Too cute.

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    LOLOL WEIR AND KEN-P !!! Thanks Ninja

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