Weir Take Responsiblity For Being The Cause Of Min’s Pak Peuay

Interview – December 27, 2012

Weir is the cause of Min’s nickname, “Casanovee Pak Peuay” because of the many kiss scenes in Pin Anong. If that’s the reason for pak peuay I think every foreign actor would have that title attach to their name. The hosts from Inside News say Min’s nickname is not that bad, it’s from her fictional drama, but the worst nickname given to a celebrity is non-other than Ploy Chermarn because it’s from her real life scandal. They interview him at Channel 7 calendar signing and this is what he has to say about her nickname.

“Casanovee, really? (laugh) She’s a charming person maybe that’s why she was given the nickname “casanovee” but really she’s a cute person and has a nice personality. And the origin of “pak peuay” is from Pin Anong because people think she’s a newcomer but has many love scenes…But that’s because the drama is that way. She portrayed her character well…and very professional. People say “pak peuay” is what make the drama popular.”

And why does Weir have to do real kisses for most of his drama?

“Since my first drama because I feel like I want to move pass it quickly rather than using the camera angles. If the scene didn’t require kissing for real then I wouldn’t do it. But in scene where you have to get into the emotion of the character and the camera angles can’t help deceive it then I’ll do the kiss because I don’t feel anything…I play according to my character. I ask for permission from everyone who plays with me.”

The hosts say any actress who’s going to play with Weir must be willing because Weir doesn’t want to take (NG) too often. They also joke that his mustache is probably the cause of pak peuay. In other word, his facial hair is so bothersome that it cause the mouth of the person he kiss to become inflamed. LMAO

Source: Inside News
Credit: pookidteungkhunna2

And from Channel 7 Entertainment News Weir told Min not to worry too much about nickname and as a caring brother he’ll send her some moisturizing product for her lips. Haha

“It’s cold season…not only will only the mouth be inflamed but it will be chapped as well. During this time the weather will get colder…Hia will buy you some product to nourish your mouth,” says Weir laughing.

Pak is used interchangeably as the word for mouth and lip in Thai so Weir is basically saying he’ll buy Min a lip balm. Hia is such a thoughtful person…Lol

Credit: HelloU9289


  1. Hahahhah.. Totally damn funny when he says he wants to buy her a lip balm…
    He really takes the interview casually…

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja! ^ O ^

    After reading, Weir such a funny person, hahhahaha, meanwhile, he is a sensitive and caring man.!!!
    Well, it reminds me one thing that Weir & Min shared a lip balm when they were participated the PTT event on 4 Sep.

    1. Yes they did…it was rather cute. Lol

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Woo I noticed one point thru this interview, that is Weir regard Min as a charming person, he did not say Min is a kid as before hahha, well what does it stand for, maybe it means that Min has became a little bit mature in his eyes. Hahhahaha crazy me lol lol

  4. Thanks for the translation, Ninja & @cherry0223…you’re getting my hopes up..ha..ha…but yeah i do notice a slight different in this particular interview….fingers crossed!

  5. cherry0223 · · Reply

    @ashamb what’s different that u noticed betweem them , plzzzzzzzzzz share it with us ! hahahha
    I need energy as well hahhah

    1. Gine your hearts out ladies. Lol

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Hahaah I think our gine couple should take responsibility for being the cause of our crazy!

    2. well i think the part he said about PA kissing scenes, he’s all smiley but when he talks about his own kissing scenes in previous dramas minus Min, he’s serious……..but maybe i’m just seeing things..ha..ha..

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        ashamb I have re-watched the clip, it is exactly that u mentioned. Hehe
        Even though it is just the things, that’s pretty enough!!!~~~~~~

  6. I think Min and Weir are super cute together…they should just go out. Brother? Nah, just court her Weir! Com’on, show her your macho appeal. LOL.

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